The Void #18 – How to start your own hair salon with Shanon Van Dyne – April 3, 2022

In this episode, Shanon Van Dyne visits The Void studio to talk about her experience buying a hair salon and then adding a second location.  Her story highlights some areas of risk you might not have think of.  It also highlights some areas where she has found some success.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!

[Music] hey everybody welcome to the void um

i’m your host mitch and with me as always is david hilton um what’s up it’s it’s another day another day right it’s

another day in paradise another great guest today yeah miss shannon van dyke this is shannon van dyne miss missus i

don’t know i get confused on that [Laughter] that’s why my hair is that would be

silent that would be mrs

shannon van dyne that confuses the [ __ ] out of me it confuses everybody they’ve been trying to you know brainwash us

since like fifth grade right still people are confused except for my grandmother

you can never go wrong with ma’am that’s what i do let’s not do that let’s let’s talk about that just for a second

have you ever just went to up to a woman and called her ma’am yeah i do it because you didn’t know how old she was

i’m surprised you haven’t been punched more like if i walked up if if i walked up to shannon and called her ma’am she’d be

completely pissed i would yeah yeah that’s respect because no because i mean ma’am’s like for old women dude

yeah yeah so i do it every day no that’s why you have to know ma’am or

miss you if you don’t okay if they’re younger than you it’s miss if they’re older than you it’s ma’am i or say

always if you don’t know yeah it’s always miss when in doubt miss

it’s always miss when you’re man it’s like etiquette 101 in here so mission i went to the same high school he he doesn’t even know it does

suck ma’am he’s never proven yeah i mean i guess i take it now

because i feel old as [ __ ] lately [Laughter] it’s the in-between women and then

you’re just like oh yeah you know they’ll punch you oh yeah yeah they will yeah they will so shannon’s got a a hair

salon here in town actually two hair salons what’s the name of it salon belizio people won’t say bellagio just

because you know i said bellagio earlier that’s why she brings you totally fat yeah i heard that one i really effed it

up it’s okay simply beautiful simply beautiful salon i would love to take the name props for

it but you know yeah okay we’ll get into that here a little bit yeah it’s still yours

so uh for our newer listeners to the show um we kind of operate the show on uh six

core adversities that you’re going to want to overcome if you want to start your business um

identifying those six core adversities and putting plans in place to overcome those six core adversities will help

ensure that when you start your business you’re going to be successful those six core adversities are personal

finance preparation business finance preparation systems preparation systems prep is like

the rules that you’re going to operate from and how you’re going to do all of the little things in the business

community involvement work how well you’re going to involve yourself in the community step number five is wake up do work and

repeat because that’s literally what you have to do once you get off and running is you’ve got to wake up every day you’ve

got to do the work every day and then you’ve got to repeat that tomorrow and then the final step is evaluate

performance make adjustments and improve and that is an ongoing thing that will never ever ever go away in your business

the moment it does go away in your business you’re probably soon to be out of business so

those are the six steps they can be found in the first nine episodes of this show so no matter what platform you’re

listening to us on um whether it’s youtube or spotify or apple podcasts um

you can go back and search number one number two number three number four and all the way through nine and find all of those it would do you some good to watch

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well um those are those are some great ways to help get the message out there to people that that uh are really

wanting to get their life going in the right direction so um that was a lot of words you okay yeah

that was a whole lot of work take one deep

a lot of [ __ ] in there now that we’re past the boring part now that we’re ready to hear from shannon let’s

get into a little bit of uh this is shannon van dyne mrs shannon van nuys

yeah i know right let’s just stop with the like formal [ __ ] yeah so just shannon we’re about to change it’s not

even full name it’s just shannon we’re on a first name basis

[Laughter] so shannon um she’s got kind of a cool

story she did not start her salon from scratch she actually

bought her salon so how about you take a few minutes and you kind of tell everybody

a little bit about how all of that came to be well yeah i mean i guess yeah sure

were you a hair stylist before yeah did you work at the place that i did i worked at the place before i was work

actually working on a corporate salon for a very long time i was doing that and then i got asked to move to a

smaller salon i was there and the owner asked me to be the manager and i was a manager for seven years and

then she came to me and she was just kind of done being the owner and she said well are you ready to buy

it and i said excuse me i said what yeah and she goes well you’re already running it you’re already like doing all

the things but paying the bills and i was like oh i never wanted to be an owner like

i’m like i i mean i do fine like managing it like i mean if you were

happy doing what you were doing i was completely so you couldn’t blind like had you ever thought about it

before not really i mean like it was just like i mean it was what it was you know it was just like i was

i mean i was working completely fine side by side with the girls i was like i did do all the orders i did do all the

things like i still like i just i did everything but pay the bills so the owner was just paying the

bills she was just just paying the rent just she only she owned the whole strip mall she owned a graphic design company

and she flipped homes oh wow so she had like a whole bunch of irons in the in the box so and us she’s like she

literally was just keeping it open just for us really like because she cared about it yeah she just liked it yeah and

i mean she did it i think because her daughter went to hair school at first and then her daughter was a manager and

then her daughter saw some potential in me and she said she had three girls went to be the manager like applied to be the

manager position first and then she goes shannon needs to be the manager and i was like why do i need to be the

manager because well you you have all the skills set to be the manager and i was like my bad i do i do

my bad should i should i like bring your expectations

down or should i keep going and i said i don’t know why you see something in me that i don’t see in myself but whatever

so she said you just interesting she said like and like it was crazy because what was your first thought when she was

said hey are you ready to buy this like what did you think immediately did you panic no i

said i need to speak to my husband and then i’ll i’ll i’ll come back to you she had a calm head about it you were like oh you know what maybe i’ll think about

it and and see what happens yeah and i mean it was just like when you came to me as a manager oh the

hardest thing was the manager when three of the employees walked out yeah that was the hardest i was like

they walked out and then they came back that was pretty rough i was like damn yeah because they all applied for it ah

so when they didn’t get it they were like and i did not i’m out i didn’t they didn’t but they they still worked they still came back at work right but they

they wanted it i didn’t want it and they said you got it so obviously you said yes

well yes i’m gonna i’m gonna buy it yeah when i when i went to my husband and then she said to me will you come up

with the price i was like i don’t know what [ __ ] price to come up with yeah like like you’re really gonna just

tell me like five dollars right

hold up like so i was like like i was like wait it’s been established for this long you

know like i don’t have like you know this kind of cash flow i have a 401k you know

from the corporate you know that i had a corporate place that i worked at so i was just like i don’t know what to say

you know so yeah how did you come up with a number i just was like i was i thought about it i was like okay this

the salon’s been existing for let me think here oh good lord let’s it’s almost been

existing 20 years oh really yeah long so now the salon’s almost been existing in 20 years now so 15 years

then per se right yeah it’d be clear 13 to 15 years probably so i was like

uh 35 000. did you and did you know um

how much money they were bringing in every year did you have a good idea of that or uh yeah a thought process yeah how much was

bringing in dollar amount daily and then i was like kind of just added it up and was i knew how much like rent was like

she sat down with me and showed me how much rent was how much debt was it there wasn’t any debt in the salon so i was

like that was a good to me aha right because like i already paid like i paid like yeah i’m like the

one at the house that pays all the the stuff at the house so i was like well i know how to pay bills likely i’m not like that idiot so really the only

overhead you would have had was you pay for the business and then and then just rent i guess is all you were really well yeah i was

paying her after the 35 000. well well that was my thought and then i well i was like well how am i gonna go get a

small 35 000 loan this was like in 2000 like this was like during the crash of

like like 0.8 like everyone was like panicked no one had any money yeah he

was going to [ __ ] this was that way i took that back this was 2015 but like nobody was giving out small businesses no they still have tiny little they

didn’t start until like three years ago to start yeah no one was giving up those tiny of a loan yeah right so i was just

like get out of here right now how am i gonna they’re like oh we’ll take it off of your car i was like my car is a piece

of [ __ ] right you’re gonna take you’re gonna loan me thirty five thousand dollars on my two

i was like no no like none of this makes sense i was just like so i went to her

and i was like can you like own our finances like and i give you like ten thousand down and she was like you give me ten

thousand dollars down yes i’ll own and finance it for you for like five percent five percent on a business loan isn’t

super cheap yeah so how many how many what were the terms like how long did you have to pay she she gave me five

years and i paid it off in three kick ass and i did it through the fuel on and i didn’t like it wasn’t like through my

own money right i did it like through the salon but like 10 000 was my investment your investment right i have

a just as a question so did the so until the loan was paid up were you paying the loan amount plus rent

yeah to her for the okay not to her she didn’t own the strip mall anymore oh okay she sold the strip mall at the same time she actually she actually lost it

oh okay okay yeah we’re learning a little bit in here yeah yeah so she was like losing

the show mollins i got you so you so did you sign a new lease with the people that uh well my lease carried over

because it was gone it was on for like five years okay good like that okay really

good yeah and then like it was like the ball was in my court and i actually like a little ball the hell out of them on my lease see good for you see this is this

is why we have people on the show you because you have to know where you can

shave money right and if you were in that situation super smart like hey okay

there’s someone new coming in they obviously want the rents to stay that are there there’s only three people in

the strip mall and so yeah and they weren’t going to lose they weren’t they didn’t want to be empty right yeah right and i said to him i was like i’m new

coming in i don’t know how about you give me my rent for 2 500 and i had a 3 000 square i have a 3 000

square foot space good on you yeah you got one of the bigger spaces in the strip that’s huge and that’s one of those things you know tyler had brought

that up made me when we did the uh dog pound thing you know he’s he’s been trying to get out of his lease to get

you know something smaller don’t be afraid to negotiate with people yeah if you’re if you’re getting a commercial space go in there and just be confident

stand up tall and be like hey no this is what i want to do right and i would say 70 percent of the time

people are usually like okay yeah the worst thing to do is say no yeah exactly and that doesn’t that doesn’t hurt you

even if they say no you can still negotiate a little off of that

you can add whatever you want okay i want to add to yours like you also need to like hire the right people to like help you

with that yeah oh yeah because you’re going to get burned i’ve been burned hard yeah because your word is not your

bond no no my word is by bond paperwork you need to hire the right lawyers the

right cpa all the right people to do that because they know what they’re doing and it’s like pay that money yeah

they know what they’re doing yeah and it’s like i learned the hard [ __ ] way

and it’s like pay that lawyer to write up that [ __ ] lease that you want it done correctly

yeah because if you don’t you’re gonna get screwed your word is not the same

word that they’re gonna say no and 500 when you go to a lawyer and they’re like okay look i’ll help you with this lease

it’s 500 700 and you’re like you panic man that’s a lot of cash no it’s not no it’s

not no it’s [ __ ] not it’s nothing it’s less than one month’s lease payment yes and if you’re signing a lease that

in commercial i mean you can get one years but you’re usually looking at a minimum of two

seven hundred dollars over two years is nothing to make and they know all those weird tricky ass [ __ ] words that will

like scare that landlord to be like okay yeah yeah like i mean because that and

that lawyer knows what to say to get you right exactly where you want because yeah i’m trying to my landlord now wants

a 10-year lease yeah and i’m like bro we just went through [ __ ] coven five

you’re like i’m thinking five no i’m like 10 years you’re gonna give me 20 and remodel this [ __ ] yeah i like it

and he and and then now he’s like scared he goes you got a lawyer and i was like yeah yeah if anyone if this is in general if

anyone ever asks you and it’s serious hey do you have a lawyer you say yes yeah whether you got a freaking lawyer

or not you say yes right yeah he’s advising me right now so whatever you

say i’m gonna go to him and say this is what he says and and if that lawyer needs to send a letter he’s gonna send a

letter but the funny thing is every time the only thing that he like i took out a lot of like claws in there that like i

didn’t want in my lease anymore and the only thing he’s scared about is the twenty thousand dollars the things i

took out i took out like all these other crazy things like when it came to covet i said i don’t want you to i don’t want

to have to like mess with my like if if we get a state shutdown anymore i’m not paying rent i’m not paying rent yeah and

like that’s in there he didn’t bark at that i said if i was to die or if something was my family is not

harmed for my lease he didn’t bark at that right i was like i put in on like a lot of like serious [ __ ] things at my

least especially when it comes to the 10-year lease right like that’s a long time well that is a long time i was like

hey [ __ ] you want to take goddamn your lease like get out of here right now yeah but i was like but when

i’ve been existing a long time well i shouldn’t say blue our city has a

lock on salons yeah we have to have a certain ventilation system if i was to

go anywhere else yeah yeah i have and it’s like existing those hair chemicals

and all that it’s pretty stupid it’s pretty it is pretty stupid and it’s like i’ve been existing for 10 20 almost 20

years there it would be detrimental to my company yeah yeah if i was to leave yeah and it’s like yeah i’m like you

gotta walk that line of well i wanna stay but i wanna and asking asking the the landlord for

the the remodeling money you gotta think that that only stands to help him right he owns the building

and he’s getting somebody’s guarantee to be there for 10 years so he’s going to get 10 years of lease off of it that

building is is getting in a worse and worse condition over those 10 years he wants to do it it’s scary yeah like he

doesn’t he wants it to be remodeled but he doesn’t want to spend the 20 grand right and the 20 grand is only on uh

soundproofing a wall and flooring right i didn’t even ask for everything right because i’m i’m redoing the ceiling if

you get it though you spin it all yeah spend everything i was like like he doesn’t like me because um i’m a

woman ah yeah we talked about that in the last episode we haven’t uh aired

it yet but yeah and he is a different race he is um doesn’t like female um

owners okay i we won’t get into this i know exactly what you’re talking about so there’s some cultural boundaries there

that you’re having to struggle with and then it’s funny because i put him in check on certain things and he’s like how do you know that i was like it’s

kind of common sense buddy yeah and i call him exactly i just say hey you know what remember the lawyer we talked about

sounds a lot about all right no i call him i call his ass out immediately yeah and it’s so funny because it sounds a

lot like tyler’s landlord they’re probably the same guy it could be the same damn guy it might be because

he’s buying up a lot of places in town yeah yeah and the funny thing is i was talking about a drip pan for the ac unit

right your hvac right yeah right you got cash i’ll show up okay well i was talking about i said you need a drip pan because

of the dropped ceilings yeah you drip pan because like the yeah or put a thing in the in your lease that

says hey if it does leak you didn’t put a drain pan in you’re going to be remember replacing these tiles well i

said something about oh i know about the drip pan that has to go up underneath the condensation and he goes how do you know about a drip pan i was like it’s

kind of common sense [ __ ] buddy [Applause] and he looked at me and he goes no tenant knows about that i go

have they ever replaced the ceiling tile because they’re yeah right over there

so sweat and brown and nasty so what’s ironic kidding me right now

what’s ironic about that tyler the gym owner last summer his drip pan same thing well

his drip pan and his ac condensate tie together and then they go out the back of the building well it clogged yeah and so his ac condensate was filling his

drip pan his drip pan buckled yeah and it’s huge it’s like a it’s like an eight foot long drip pan it’s like three feet

wide so it holds like 20 gallons of water yeah two inch edge and a whole lot of water it buckled and dumped 20

gallons of water right through a ceiling like right onto all his merchandise and everything oh no yeah and so he calls up

the landlord and he’s like uh you just screwed up all my equipment what’s all this and he’s like oh no this is because you didn’t maintain the equipment

properly if you had maintained the equipment yeah this wouldn’t have happened and depending on how it’s in the lease and we talked about this tyler

had to pay for that yeah oh he probably did he tyler ended up having him brutal yeah okay so and my second on my

other uh thing on my other lease i want them to put a vent to my um

my dryer my driven right they it needs to go out the thing because it creates

too much condensation in there yeah and they said to me oh you can’t drill out our building and i was like this

condensation in the building is not open it’s ruining the building it is ruining

the building and has too much like that’s when you just that’s when you just drill it anyway and i was like they

won’t even ask for forgiveness yeah like oh my [ __ ] questions man i want to say something so bad but

i’m afraid that like an old business guy i know was all had always said it’s better

to ask for forgiveness than permission oh my god and i do you do a good professional

job putting that driver in people keep yelling at me about it because i keep clogging up the

that’s when you just have the hvac guys install it yeah just say hey dude just drill it drove me through it you know

who you know who could drill a core drill a four inch hole for you this guy right here

we know i know he’s got a four and a half inch core bit we know people on the van right now

the cinder block’s easy too you’re talking what an hour and a half is it center block i thought it was a break i can’t remember what the back doesn’t

matter cinder block or brick same thing doesn’t matter buzz right through that dude or whatever yeah so mitch actually has a job tomorrow you

know he called me today and he was or he texted us today and he was like hey uh uh i’m gonna be home early yeah you know

if you guys want to come by earlier we’ll you know we’ll do this this and that blah blah blah i drove by the hat i drove by uh adams very parkway earlier

and at 12 30 your van was here yeah so let’s not pretend like he worked real hard today well good job for you

tomorrow you want to know what i was doing today i’ll be there what’s day he says he says

he can’t work out with you in the evenings no i stopped by i stopped by to pick up danielle

and then we had to go off and finalize getting all of our guys retirement accounts set up

oh that that is dave’s been hounding me dave has about retirement accounts i told him it was

coming told him it was coming yesterday we got all of our i don’t know if that’s true or he’s lying no he’s very true yeah nice got everybody signed up i’ve

been busting his balls for and we’re doing months we’re doing a badass match too dollar for dollar so damn pretty

badass i wish i got paid for being on the show yeah that’s tough yep i do doesn’t employees only mitch does buy the beer

yep all the beer and all the berberine can drink yeah that’s a lot that’s quite a bit oh man

so getting back to shannon here so you you bought the salon and you did some owner financing stuff

what was the biggest struggle you you realized you had early in on buying the salon

i felt like i was working for them

working for the stylist the stylists yeah really yeah and they weren’t working for me

right um interesting until i put a system in place oh looky here we got systems and

processors before we talk about it have we said that’s impressive have we said that you booth rent i don’t just booth

you don’t just booth rent no sorry okay i commissioned and booted my hybrid salon okay so and it was when i took

over it was 50 50. oh okay so it was like half as split and like my whole goal was to be more commissioned than

booth rent because commission you make i mean this a lot of you more perfect yeah yeah that helps you correct

if it’s commission okay just talking about this yep yeah because like you gotta think with lutheran i’m only making that that chair alone is

only making that 145 dollars a week you know you don’t get anything extra

you’re just getting the 145 and that’s it is there is there such a thing i i know nothing about this so um these are just

completely blatant questions is there such a thing as booth rental plus like booth rental plus

two percent booth rental plus five percent that’s such a great [ __ ] area yeah it’s like yeah right like girls

don’t buy into that no i mean like it’s usually one or the other right like i mean like i’ve seen like other salons

like do like a 10.99 but like i’m like that sounds so sketchy

yeah is it is it harder to find um stylists that are opposed to

the commission no because i because i have a we’re considered a summit salon and i

get them right out of hair school and i train them and so does another stylist and we um they have to work with us it’s

called getting their masters and hair and so they work side by side with us and then they um then we coach them they

have to earn a certain amount of uh money before they get out onto the yeah so we were talking about this and i’m

like i don’t know i i feel like like salons like uh great clips and things like this i

don’t know so is the 10.99 so if so is a commission employee of 1099

employees w-2 hourly currency yeah they have to be hourly yeah they have to be pa hourly or

commission so like um if they’re not getting commission i have to pay them out early if they’re

not meeting their hourly rate or if they’re not meeting their commission rate oh then you have to make

it up like a waitress kind of it’s guaranteed minimum wage yeah guaranteed minimum wage yeah so if you work a

monday night as a waitress and one table comes in and you don’t make your minimum wage for your six hours

the company has to make that up yeah but waitress rates are way cheaper than actually yes

yes they are no no you’re correct i understand so like yeah don’t even compare minimum

like don’t even compare it i just knew how that works apple’s there buddy that is on tomatoes

i like it i was like whoa whoa whoa whoa easy easy getting her fired up so like we will take like the hourly rate see if

that equals and then we will take like the commission and see if that that equals right like for sure i guess i’ve

done i’ve done a pay plan in a prior company years ago where i ran both like somebody would come in wanting a really

impressive hourly wage mm-hmm and and i would say okay well if you’re gonna if you want this hal really wage you’re

gonna have to sell this sell and install this much plumbing to warrant that like right and and so

if you don’t then i’m going to move you like if you land it here lower

right i’m going to move your hourly wage lower right and and they’re like oh that sucks right but then i tell i would tell them

if you sell like if you sell more than what you’re asking for well then i’ll pay you the more right and it’s a way to

kind of throw that hybrid in there to where you’re well it’s kind of funny they got a guaranteed minimum but they can also outperform it too they also

don’t understand that like they can make so much more being commissioned oh yeah it’s just like it’s ridiculous it’s just

like it’s huge it’s huge it’s just like you’re saying the stylist can make much more so much more money so much more

right yeah so they lose out on the freedom right they don’t no not really because you get you get what you like if

they don’t show up they don’t they don’t well i think she’s thinking and i don’t know a lot about it but so on a commission

even though your commission and in there you still can pound the streets and get girls to come in and get their haircut

yeah you gotta think when you’re working you know what i mean i have a at least that’s what you mean

i have what do i have about two three of us we’re probably about

we do about six figures all right yeah so and it’s you guys i was doubting what

you were i’m like i don’t i don’t really see well you got to think like the whole freedom thing but the free we only work

four days a week yeah holy crap so the the freedom thing comes

like you’re live looking for a new job marcus [Laughter] she might be the uh well we’ll talk

about it later yeah yeah marc is his wife i don’t want to she’s got her she’s a hairdresser yeah as well yeah well yeah

i mean yeah yeah but really really good from what i’ve seen what marcus the photos i see marcus post photos on

facebook all the time like [ __ ] i mean you know right looks good the marcus was

hitting on something though marcos was questioning whether you can have the freedom that you want if you’re booth renting or like let’s take it out

of the salon setting if i’m working for somebody versus working for myself can i have the freedom i want

it’s not the employer that that compromises your freedom it’s the customers so like whether you’re working

for an employer or you’re working for yourself your level of quote-unquote freedom or

time off of work is determined by how many customers you have so if you’re if your employer is really busy and they’re

keeping your schedule full that’s the customers that are actually doing that not really the employer

and if you want to be successful for yourself you’re you’re gonna

it’s it’s it’s weird how fast people ignore the fact that okay well i’m doing it for myself i’m working just as much

i make i might be making more money right but then they’ll call it under the heading of like i’ve got more freedom

well no you don’t you’re still working 10 10-hour days for yourself just like you were for somebody else what is freedom well i mean what are what

people’s like definition and freedom can i want to jump in i have a great example so yeah

heating and cooling okay so when you work for someone he

as a service technician okay you’re mad because you’re either working the super early shift or you’re working the super

late shift right okay or if you’re a small shop you’re rotating call right okay and you’re mad say you’ve only been

doing it three or four years you’re mad because six o’clock rolls around and you’re not going home right right okay

well it’s not the company’s fault that people get home from work at four or four thirty and realize their ain’t

working right okay that’s a customer driven time okay and you have to make hay

when you can right by hey i mean money okay but okay so you have to i mean

sometimes you have to if if a girl can only get her haircut wants to get their hair styled after work

you know that’s when your time is yeah okay and heat and cooling is the same way plumbing is a little more loose you

can use there are emergency calls but you can usually schedule those times and you can work more of an eight to five

eight to six but there are certain industries where you’re at the mercy

of the customers for when they can be there okay not everyone can take off work in the middle of the day and meet

you there because you got to work on their air conditioner or get their haircut yeah or get their haircut because they’re at work making money to

pay you yeah but that’s like that’s also also the investment of the person too do

you not like okay so a new stylist coming out of hair

they should be working the evening shows no and that’s what i mean yeah so like a new hvac guy should be working that

evening no that’s his investment time no and that’s that’s my point yeah yeah that’s my point my point is

my point is you have to be putting skin in the game yeah you have to get in the game well and there’s gonna be a time

you don’t you don’t get to dictate your work schedule based on what you want no

sometimes you have to dictate your work schedule of when the customer wants you there and

when they’re willing to pay you yeah but at the same time i like i’m coaching my girls to be intentional with the

customers too i’m not gonna be working for the customer anymore right you’re

not right you’re no neither are my girls that’s what she’s teaching them i’m teaching them that too yeah giving

basically so what we’re getting at what we’re identifying is we’re defining what freedom actually is freedom is

understanding your schedule and working around your schedule freedom is scheduling yourself that afternoon off

every week or whatever the case may be if you’re putting in 10 hour days every day day in and day out you can get

an afternoon off and still also work at least six saturdays yeah so so there you go so freedom is they don’t have the

their creative mind is no like they’re creative within six hours after eight ten thirty yeah

they’re burned out they’re burnt out that eight hour client that 10 hour client they’re not getting the same

person yeah at six like at one at two like that ten that like at

ten hours they’re like you want to root touch up all right let’s go yeah like they’re trying to they’re just trying to get the work done together they’re like

get the [ __ ] out let’s see that’s that’s the exact same reason that in our plumbing company we don’t run emergency calls after hours or on sundays now

nobody’s making a good decision at those hours no you’re done you’re burnt out you’re exhausted if i freaking call you

and my service is blown and it’s flooded my basement you’re coming over my house so like i’ll tell you to shut it off at

the meter and yeah you know like level like we have

level one through six stylus and it’s like you know like one and two is investment time right and it’s like

three and four you know it’s a little more crucial you know you’re like that’s when you’re really kind of

getting your clientele and like finding your brand and what you’re really like enjoying and stuff like that yeah and like

you know five and six you know like right now i’m trying to get out from behind the chair and like focus more on

like being an owner running the business right businesses i’m sorry yeah well i’m not gonna lie i would love to have like

way more salons like yeah like my goal like i like i i told mitch before you guys were in here like i’ve been like

doing this leadership like program and i was like like they made me set goals that said like like don’t don’t think

about that little voice that’s back here what is your ultimate goal what do you want to do and i was like i would love to have a salon please yo in every state

yeah yeah why not yeah right why not why not so let me ask you might visit

the one in hawaii a little more often than you do the other this may just be a vague question so um and shannon has two

now and they’re both in blue springs right okay so what like what’s your plan for

um how to move forward and get more well it’d have to happen for people that are you know thinking the same thing how

how do i move forward i don’t have an idea what’s your idea of of opening a couple more

a lot of salons are closing right now yeah they are closing yeah yeah oh really yeah yeah a lot are

just shutting down like they’re just like i’m out yep if they if you didn’t know how to manage money very well going

into covid it really wrecked something oh yeah and you’ve made it through kovid barely thank god because i had a

cpa that like knew the [ __ ] what she was doing yeah like she was like hey guess what they’re cropping up a little bit yeah i’m not

gonna lie because i wasn’t because i had employees because i had

w-2 employees you were like i’m going to keep going w-2 employees are what allowed her to get ppp loans and everything because i was allowed to get

ppp loans and i use it [ __ ] correctly yeah you know tyler did the same thing

yeah yeah yeah talk about the same thing and i got the erc credit

i was able to get i was i’m now the thing is like the one that’s been existing for 20 years i’m able now to

make it the way i want it to look so like that the salon that’s been existing for 20 years the first one the first yes

the first one i want that like to me is like the baby right yeah like it’s it’s

never been the look i want it to look so like the chamber room i just showed you that’s been remodeled yeah looks

really nice that is my look the rest of it looks nothing the way i want it to look right and

that’s the twenty thousand dollar we were talking about like whatever it’s about yeah getting ready to do some remodeling right and it’s like i you

want it to look classy i want it to be my look it’s like it’s never looked the way i wanted to look yeah right because

i bought it straight up because she went to me and said ready buy it i was like

like i wasn’t able to start fresh i wasn’t able to just start out and like

yeah go into it and be like right like um i haven’t been able to be one of these girls that is like i’m gonna go

open my own slot hey yeah no i haven’t been one to be able to do you were like oh i guess i’m open to my own salon well

i guess i’m now the owner hey sorry what’s up you know and it’s like when i put this

the level and became like the owner and i put the system in place like they had

a newfound respect for me yeah and i started it was always make sure you find a stylist that has

like the customer base that has you know like that has like clientele because they’re

to bring in money they’re going to bring in this they’re going to bring in that and it’s like that’s not that’s not the case why not bring someone right out of

school and coach them into the way that you want them to be right yeah training would be what you want

why i text you that was that two weeks ago yeah and then and then now like now

seeing the way it is like like i told him i’m like learning this i’m like how can i be the best my how can i be the

best me how can i be the best uh leader the best coach the best

owner i can be how can i be my best self how can i be portray the best person i can be out

there i might be getting totally off track here no you’re fine no keep going we’ll tell you okay you’re on track okay

if you get too far we’ll bring it back in okay so really back in so it’s like i’m just taking all these

classes to be my best self and i’m like how can i be the best owner and not only in their personal life but

in their professional life because it’s like they they coexist yeah it’s like if they’re having like really shitty

personal life they’re not gonna perform professionally and you have to you have to see that and i have to see that if

you need to coach them and bring them back down i have to make sure they both are equally balanced and so i’ve been

taking these classes and it’s like i created like a a handbook that shows like you know this is how swan blizzco

is and blah blah blah you know we have dress code so i’ve been taking this like code of

honor like class right now and it’s like what is code of honor well it’s it’s

something that a team creates together yeah and i am like

i was like yeah and we talk about that you know we’ve talked about that a ton the culture yeah you know you’re making

a you’re trying to create a certain culture i have an author you’re trying to keep it moving forward what she’s doing is she is putting her

culture into print by basically taking the crazy awesome culture she has

and she’s putting it into like a framework that when new people come on they can read it

yeah it’s already like it’s laid out and so they can kind of better understand what they’re signing up so what i’ve

like learned more about the code of honor is it’s like it’s so crazy because so like i said we had the system now i’m

just like making it like i’m taking i’ve just invested in coaching for myself because it’s like they’re holding

more accountable so i have a business coach for myself i have actually like three business coaches for myself and

they’re holding me accountable as an owner right so like i have two business coaches that talk to me

once a month and i have one that talks to me weekly so like just to hold me accountable for myself so and it’s like

if i don’t then what am i going to do i’m just flying by the scene of my pants if i wasn’t doing it hey

half of us are doing that same exact thing we’re just we’re literally just flying by the seat of our pants and for

you to say you know no i got these coaches that’s the right decision right you know what i mean and there’s a there’s a stigma

about yeah asking for help is not we’ve talked about this before there’s a stigma for

asking for help no it’s okay well there’s a stigma for coaches like people feel like if i need to resort to a

business coach that means that must mean i’m failing and it couldn’t be further from the truth you don’t trying to do

great there’s not a single well there’s not a single high level business person or athlete on this earth that doesn’t

have coaching yep there’s i mean take any sports team yeah those guys have a

nutrition coach they’ve got a hitting coach they’ve got a running coach they’ve got an agility coach you’ve got

an offensive coach a defensive coach a head coach yeah they’ve got they got everything once you get to the

top to get to the next level you have to perfect all the little things right so like and coaches help you perfect those

little things to move you forward like this code of honor have you ever heard of rich dad poor dad yeah yeah yeah

robert kiyosaki yeah so he like this is a yeah so it’s the

other uh anyways like that he’s a another good lord anyway

sometimes on this show you will lose your train of thought totally lost and it’s okay you just you’re all right

sometimes you gotta you gotta just anyways let mitch talk for a minute that’s what i do i let mitch talk and

then i regain my thought and then i’m like okay and then i can go back in i mean the whole code of hunter is because

it’s like i i created that handbook and it’s like dakota you better stay in front of that mic okay

so the code of honor is like they will feel invested in the company yeah instead of like you creating the

handbook and saying here this is how we are sign this right so like you’re making a team yeah and like it’s it’s

the core values it’s their core values it’s your core values everybody has them right yeah and

it’s like so i was like damn like so when i was thinking about this and that

i just like did this this week and i was sitting in my car and i was like [ __ ] what are my core values and i went home

and i like wrote write them down yeah i wrote it all down and then i went to my husband i was like what are your [ __ ] core values

and like he looked at me and he goes what and i was like he’s just like you’re like what are you crazy what are we talking about and i go what is the

van dyne household [ __ ] coat of honor damn it we’re gonna have this [ __ ] up in our house and he looked at me and he

goes whoa you are on a whole nother level right now i’m not on your level right i’ll get on your level and we’re

gonna we’re gonna get there and i was like i was like you were just super turned on by i was i was yeah i was like

oh it’s like amp i was like amped all right yeah i like it i was like my team better get on my level because they’re going to

be out the door if they’re not going to be on my level i like it i like it i really i i really do

there’s a lot of truth to that yeah it is you start performing at a really high level and your patience for people that

aren’t performing at a high level because it is gone like don’t even bother like yeah you know how

much work it takes to perform at that level yeah and that’s a big problem people have in their marriage too yeah

that’s a total side tangent yeah but it’s just when one person is you know you have to be a team and

whether you’re a marriage or you’re a business relationships yeah that’s what it is you have to be a team and everyone

has to be involved right that’s i mean everyone has to be involved and everyone has to be moving forward to the same

goal all the time and if you’re not then you’re going to have trouble and it doesn’t even it doesn’t even necessarily

have to be the same goal as long as they’re kind of in alignment well try to talk about it but i will tell you like

it’s okay to let that person go yeah yeah you’re talking about work oh i’m sorry you’re talking about

marriage i said either or i said both i just wanted to make sure i knew what you were talking about i didn’t want your

husband to be listening to it and be like she’s letting me tell me to go i don’t know my husband and i are cool

i thought you were just like on the whole no i no i wanted to make sure i knew what you were talking about that’s

all and for clarity on that when we’re talking about the firecracker i like it i know you just told me turn

me down when i went like this yeah i told you you better turn down to clip that mic yeah yeah i’m watching it

when we’re talking about people performing he’s here he he’s got an important job so make sure

you’re not clipping the mic too much and if you do if you do clip the mic i can just always fix it in post so don’t

worry clip it yeah it means it means talking too loud oh yeah

so you’re okay when you’re talking about people performing at a high level you’re not talking about

you’re not talking about people both performing at the same level yeah no you’re talking about this person

performing at their highest level and this person performing at their highest level they may be on two completely

different levels yes but as long as this person’s giving their all and this person is giving their all

that’s all that matters yeah exactly so um they’re moving to that same goal right right and and so where you’ll see

culture take a massive dive really fast is when one person is giving their all and

another person isn’t and the one person that is recognizes

that the other person is not and you’re going to see them take they’re going to separate pretty quick

because this person knows this person is capable of so much more and if they’re not doing it

they’re going to they’re going to fall off real fast right so well that’s what i love about this whole last year like

our team has really come together like as a whole so like yeah i think like this is our next level as a team is

creating this code of honor as a team yeah and it’s like if like we all don’t have the same values like

it’s going to show who who like the weakest link is and they’re just gonna i mean they’re probably gonna have to find

another salon which like really sucks but i mean honestly like if we’re all like that’s just for us it is part of

business but it’s like if we’re all really getting along and we’re all like it’s crazy because right now like we’ll

drop what we’re doing to help one another out and it’s really freaking cool and it’s like it’s awesome if you

have 10 people and they’re all moving at the same goal and they’re all working together there’s nothing that can stop you right

yeah you know whether that’s business yeah family it doesn’t matter right yeah it is really cool how like everyone will

just help one another out right now and there is we have ten of us ten commandments oh is there ten there i just picked that number

there’s ten commission stylists right now that do that and then there’s seven uh booth winners good remind me after

the show i just got it okay that’s cool remind me after the show i just got an idea about how you

can grow so but uh so we haven’t had any money

that’s okay um we haven’t talked about this much but you actually have two salons

so um talk a little bit about how the second one came to be because it was a

little bit different than the first one that one that was yeah that was touchy that one’s really touchy

yeah so so just recap she worked at one she worked at one the lady asked her to buy it

she was like i can do it right did it got it done bought the one guy was successful was

badass yeah that’s where we’re at now that’s 2015 right and then 2015 and then 2019.

opportunity came up to buy another one right yeah it was 2000 that’s the story yeah the end of 2018 going

it was like december 2018. so one year before coveted

yeah so what opportunity came up to buy another one opportunity came up to buy

another one um my state rep she’s so she’s my distributor

she came to me and she said hey a salon’s closing and um they want a turn of key and i was

like turn off key i was like that means like i just go in and i’m the owner yeah buy it and move in not buy

just go just give it just go in take stylus everything


what debt is she in what is this i said i don’t like her location where it’s at

because where was i and i said wait like i uh

you know i was like well she wouldn’t give me any numbers right oh she wouldn’t show you any books

no books so i said i will oh i will i’m i will open another location

for her employees i know of a salon that closed on the south or south end of town

if they’re willing to sign a contract for me to open it right but i would need

her equipment because it has to happen within a month yeah you can’t order all that stuff get

it put together together i need this okay yes gotcha so like i went and i sat down with the employees like all this

so like six girls said they come on they signed a contract my husband and i had

to bust our ass to open the salon she said you can have my equipment you’re saving you’re saving my ass right have

it have the equipment i said damn okay this equipment’s old it’s like 15 years old i was like

okay but like some of it i had to buy because some was falling apart yeah we moved it in an ice storm a snowstorm

some of it broke shattered yeah yeah that was not good not good i was there helping you paint the walls

one night she he was there helping us paint in the walls with the sidewalk it’s an a got some beers

south blue springs that’s the side pockets um like you know blue like is it in the same strip centers yeah okay i

know where it’s on the end so it yeah you know the town is divided

wasn’t there something quirky with the equipment like somebody was trying to repo it in the middle of you guys trying to well that gets let me wet let’s go

let’s finish your story you guys are all wanting to talk about directions and half these people don’t even live in our town so i’m trying to

keep her on on topic you know so that’s for us and we’re small right now so [ __ ] off we want to know what’s going on

[Applause] we’re intrigued by the story right now just turn his mic off just so the town’s

divided it’s very much north and south so yeah so yeah anyway so my commission girls travel back and forth just to get

a different demographic of clientele so anyways that’s all different sorry so

it’s hoppin it’s busy all the time january

6 20 20. i get a phone call come the police are here

i have taken my equipment out of the salon you didn’t pay me for it

whoa that that what yeah yeah who’s calling you the

lady the former owner the former owner that of the place oh she’s trying to scam your ass

yeah she’s trying to get you oh [ __ ] yeah but this wasn’t at her salon this is a whole different one it’s a whole

different building you’ve moved all the equipment over and everything now let me ask you before we

go on did you have any of that in writing before right hindsight 20 20. okay yeah that’s

what you mean by people are your boss exactly and that’s what we and that’s and that i knew that

she was going to say that because hire the right people and then right after earlier when we were talking she’s like

get that right attorney and get everything in writing she’s a 175 000 percent correct

get that stuff in writing and don’t just take someone on their word like you said well because my words might bond yeah

but not everyone can speak for everyone else no the crazy thing is like you have to protect yourself

like even if it’s a freaking like sheet and you sign you sometimes yeah even if yeah if i go to judge judy and i hold

this up and it’s got her signature on it it’s yeah i’m good to go right i’m good

to go okay it’s protecting me judge judy but it’s just you know just

uh it’s all i could think of so so what happened did uh yeah so what did happen so they called you oh there yeah and

jimmy and i get up and we go and she was like you have 30 days to get my stuff out well i was taking my team to a to

destination florida to a huge edge when you say stuff and i don’t mean interesting what do you

mean what do you mean no the shampoo bowls were actually already there like they were like left

there from like it was an existing salon before because like i said the town is weird and if it wasn’t already prior

salon you have to put in that ventilationism right so i knew it was already prior

okay so she’s saying chairs and what else she wanted chairs she wanted rollabouts she wanted um all the way

down the perm rods she wanted um the sitting chairs where people sit and wait she

went like everything everything and ultimately it was because she was going to go did she have an invoice that said

hey this is this much money it was hand wrote out okay okay

so jimmy’s like and funny thing we just sold our house six months before this so

we just made bank on our house yeah so my husband’s like [ __ ] her

she all this [ __ ] is out i will equip i’ll buy my own stuff he’s what

he’s saying he’s like we’ll buy her uh tell her load it up in her truck and get it out of here he goes i will set it in

well no he goes we’ll go to our lawyer right now we will deliver it because here’s the thing she was rebuilding another new

salon oh we’ll set it oh that’s trying to code anyways right what all of the [ __ ] was owed anything old 15 years old

it was old and broke because she was trying to get cash to buy stuff for the new store she tried

to say it was 17 worth 17 000. you know it was and you knew it was not

yeah i mean like i i was like i i’ll i’ll put brand new chairs in here for like 2500 get out of here you’re dumb

right so and to have the stuff broke already like i already had to like invest more than i thought i had to like like

he had to put in some like stupid-ass little stupid water heater thing and he he he told me like my toilet was

immaculate and like yeah i was like what like that’s a whole nother story he goes

do not get rid of this toilet it will flush a [ __ ] softball oh yeah okay mitch okay

mitch is worried about the toilet oh he was like that’s all they’re worried about dude this toilet is awesome

he goes this is never gonna get clogged i was like okay so you gave her was it a vitra so it was

a caroma but i will tell you like you know of course it was like it was stressful like

in the time but i have to give props to my husband and my kids because they let me take my

my entire team to florida and we had this huge educational like salon like

event and they went to like ikea my husband’s very handy and very like like

he knows like how meticulous he is yep construction workers are it’s just a nat

it’s just once you’ve been in the industry you can do a lot but he is anal very anal and you you’re gonna make

sure it’s right he’s gonna make sure it’s done right yep so he did he him and my boys

made the salon so gorgeous better than it was with her

so did you take did they take this stuff back and give it to her he had it he had a cop there

she showed up all these other people showed up he goes you’re not allowed in the salon

he said i will deliver it one at a time as they come out his mom was there i love it all our

family was there yeah and then the cop was there they were they were making sure that they were protected so that the girl couldn’t say oh this is all

damaged and it’s all ruined and now you have to give me money yeah yeah yeah

from our lawyer our lawyer hand delivered it to her at her new salon because it’s right on the street yeah so

like we did we had it all done documented correctly after this i want to get the name of that salon

are they still in business oh yeah okay yeah i will personally make it my mission to

we’re not going to do anything ethical no because it is i’m just going to not shop there that’s what i mean i

will just make sure that if anyone ever asks me hey what do you think about this i’ll be like no no over there don’t that’s that’s all i mean by right so i

just know but you know like and then like then my

my thing is it’s like then god protected me because it’s like two months later covet happened

right then i had to divide and conquer i could only have 10 people in my salon

yeah i had to separate my entire staff right i was able to

put half my salon on one side and then the other i wasn’t hiring any more people i

was able to stay open right space helped out a ton a ton yep i was like they

limited how many people i can have in this lawns but i didn’t have to tell anybody they couldn’t work yeah yeah so

i still had enough to keep rolling i had enough space to keep rolling and then anne coming back nice so i was

like oh thank you i was like you never know what’s going

to happen when you do the right thing we talk about it all the time when you’re doing the right thing it all pays off and yeah

yeah so like the the when we started our business we started planning for it before covid was a thing

and then coveted ramped up halfway through our planning and it was kind of the same thing like is

this the right time to be doing this and and all of that stuff well we looked at it from the standpoint of

one of the benefits of the pandemic in regards to plumbing companies was it forces everybody into their homes for a

lot more so they were putting a lot more pressure on their homes it was actually a blessing for us because

the demand for plumbers increased during covid so it’s it’s kind of wild how if you’re

doing things the right way it all seems to work out well for you in the end and it’s true yeah and it does and like and

that’s when i found like the right cpa that’s when i was like like that’s when the hindsight 2020 kind

of like like get the right lawyers get the right things like you dumbass your word is not your bond

know like i was like oh my god that’s what we talk about we talk about

you know and that’s why you’re on the show right you know that’s why that’s why we’re doing the show is so that our all of our

mistakes yeah because everyone makes mistakes is we’re trying to help the next people that are

starting their business to not make those yes and it’s like you can i’m like my husband’s always like you’re

oh you’re so nice and he’s like you’re you’re oh you’re so nice yeah and he’s like nice

i love that you’re so nice and your heart is so kind but he’s like you get [ __ ] yeah you can

and he goes but you also learned a lot that’s gonna help you be successful later you do learn a lot he goes and i

love your kind heart he goes but you you’re so nice stop stop yeah in the end did you just be a little

bit of a [ __ ] once in a while in the end you really when you’re at home when you’re at work you really

didn’t get screwed over because no no no you didn’t like in the end you

really didn’t get screwed over it was challenging at the time and it was surprising at the time and it was a challenge that you weren’t expecting

yeah but you were able to navigate that very well

and come out the other side in a whole lot better position than you were before like like imagine if she never came back

and asked for that junkie furniture you might still have that junkie furniture in there and be thinking oh one of these days

i’ll replace it well now you don’t have the junky furniture in there and you’re one of us one last thing you have to worry about right right so some of that

rained on i didn’t want to [ __ ] in my salon right so like some of that stuff happens for good reason so

you can’t ignore that and you can’t focus on why is this happening just how am i going to be better because this is

happening right so you have to absolutely grow from it you can’t dwell on it you can’t make excuses

for other things like and excuses will just hold you back yeah stop making excuses for sure yeah

there’s a forward there’s a lot of people that would hold that grudge for years and and keep driving a knife in

that that relationship block their asses on facebook don’t ever be involved you see him at walmart walk

the other way leave [ __ ] go somewhere else move on yeah move on you’re just

wasting your energy trying to yeah be happy like yeah yeah if i see if i ever run

into her i just walk that way right bye right bye see you i’ll slowly go

well i’ll still away that’s the whole one we’ve i’ve known my age yeah

we’ve covered about everything that we intended on cover do you have any other uh tips or

anything for people that are considering starting up their own just do it and i know that’s like totally nike symbol my

bad is that nike just do it yeah all right just go for it how about that just go for it just go for it make our


there was a guy that came up with a knock off north face jacket and he called it the south butt he got owned by north face

oh yeah true story yeah true story instead of the logo instead of the logo being up on the shoulder it was down in

the bottom of the jacket oh my god they get you for everything i’m serious they get you from everything i guess was it a

joke like was he being funny or well it was a it was like a parody clothing line but i

mean it was you could actually buy it it’s kind of like yeti coolers and then there’s this knockoff company called shitty coolers

s-h-i-t-i and i mean they make legit coolers and then their brand is shitty yeah and

there’s there’s a lot of them yeah there’s a bunch of those hey do you know that do you remember your old cooler

idea you know this is we won’t talk about this i don’t want people to see this on facebook facebook youtube spotify apple

oh thank you yeah i don’t want it right i don’t cranking up the old memories now

i’ll say what i padded it sorry buddy what’s that okay if you have that little voice in

the back of your mind mute that [ __ ] right and just do it right because it’s

like you’re always gonna second-guess yourself and you’re always gonna say what if what if what if what if what if

mute that little tiny voice that’s telling you to not do it yeah i’m comfortable i have this i have that

but it’s like you’re always gonna think it i can tell you a story my brother went on the real world and he had a six

figure job coming right out of college and he called me he didn’t know what the

real world was right and he called me and he said what is this real world he’s she’s talking mtv’s the real world the

real world seven strangers picked to be in a house yeah and he said what is this

real world he goes i just got after a six-figure job he’s 22 years old or to go in the real world and i said i have a

question ten years from now are you going to regret not going on the real world this tin

this reality show how long ago was this this was in 2000 this was the season that frankie abernathy was on oh love me

something thank you no frank yeah he was he was on no they didn’t have two people from this area no

it was that it was not no are you sure it was yeah it was san diego i think she

was on oh let’s see four that’s 2010. she was on like oh six he was on with

frank frank that’s okay right frankie was on like i know six or seven yeah okay okay he was

on real world san diego with frank and sam mcginnis and zach and yeah them so

yeah because i was in the hospital could we go i don’t know what’s going on so he um he called me and asked me that and i was

like you can always get a six figure job right but you’re never gonna get this opportunity

again right and so again you’re never gonna get the opportunity again to start your own business right

and opportunity is plentiful right now especially coming out of the pandemic

there are businesses closing all the time all the time and there are businesses with needs today that they

did not have three years ago absolutely so yeah opportunity is everywhere to

start businesses right now would you say would you say and they are giving so many small business loans out right now

being pro what would you say is the number one thing if you were gonna start a business now

like what would be the number one thing would it be you wish you were not you like you were telling someone else would

they they should be more prepared they should have their finances together

they should i mean i mean what would be like if you could just give one or two examples of the most important things

they should do what do you think they would be uh more prepared more prepared i wish i had

like a little cushion you mean financially i wish i had that little financial when

i didn’t know about the yeah i’m more prepared yeah because i i wish i had that when she told when i

didn’t didn’t think when i thought those sales were going to come in and i didn’t have that i was like i was blindsided by that yeah

i was like everyone was prepared and i mean everyone gives just a little bit different you know and that’s why we

like to have a lot of different guests the challenge you know some people are like no i wish i had more money no i wish i would have had more time i wish i

would have known i wish i would have known this instead i feel like the money will come though but it’s like it’s i

feel like prepared prepared so here’s the here’s the challenge it’s like here’s the challenge with

suggesting people be more prepared that’s why they’re not doing it right now and that’s that’s why they’re the

show well i know i know but they’re not doing it right now because they feel like they’re not prepared

enough you’re prepared enough to start what she’s really suggesting is

put some preparations in place for like if this happens i’m probably going to handle it this way if this happens i’m

probably going to handle it this way yeah i guess because yeah otherwise if you if you stop and you suggest to

people to be more prepared before you start your business that’s a that’s such a vague i guess like just make sure you

like like the cpa and stuff like that like i said with like having the right people prepared yeah and don’t be afraid

to fire your cpa if you don’t like it and you don’t be afraid to fire your attorney if you don’t like them and we say and we say that because

in the first nine episodes we try to prepare you as much as we can yeah you

know what i mean so if you’re listening so she’s gonna share this on facebook i’m sure and i’m gonna share it and

mitch is gonna share it if you’re watching this episode and you’re like you know what they’re right i can do it

go back absolutely can go back and watch one through nine and you will be way more prepared

after watching those episodes when it’s time and it’s investment but it’s free investment yeah it’s like 10 hours it

doesn’t stop it doesn’t cost you any anything to watch those no you could watch them all on a saturday and they

can help you you know be prepared with your systems prep and your business prep and your

personal finance prep and you will be prepared when you decide okay i’ve done

those i’m ready to go out on my own right i i can do it i know i can do it yeah but those are like definitely for

the people that are like overthinkers like i’m definitely definitely over there


that is why that is part of why you’re successful though so one of the things that i have always envisioned is

the philosophy that money loves speed and if you don’t pounce on an idea right now that i that opportunity is going to

go away pretty quick and so if you want to maximize the money available from that opportunity you’ve

got to jump on it really quick yeah and so for the people that are uh paralysis by analysis or or not starting because

they think they’re not prepared enough and they’ve they’ve had that stance for five years when they really should have

started prepping five years ago right they should have just started five years ago and then figured it out along the

way that’s i mean literally every day in business is figuring it out along the way right oh yeah like you’re gonna get

thrown a curve ball tomorrow at work and you’re just gonna have to figure it out figure it out people that aren’t in

business yet they’re not starting their business because they don’t know how to handle that curve ball they’re gonna get thrown

five years down the road and you just gotta get over that because you’re getting thrown curveballs in your normal

nine to five job right now if you’re if you’re listening to the show and you haven’t started your business yet you’re

gonna get thrown for a curveball and you’re gonna have to figure it out so if you have the ability to figure out

those curveballs put a little bit of prep work together and then just go jump into a land of

curveballs yeah i mean that’s literally what business ownership is yeah it’s a land of curveballs and you know how to do it you just

yeah and when you’re up the ladder in business it’s the same thing yeah yeah it’s the same thing yeah but the weight

of of payments don’t don’t land on it we gotta throw them for a curveball today it’s the same [ __ ] work and it was like

oh let’s just figure it out right there it wasn’t anything at all we’re gonna lose the business over it’s just the fire marcus he just yeah right

he’s gotta you just gotta figure stuff out i had to wake him up so [Laughter]

he’s back there on facebook taking a nap we don’t know what he’s doing half the time we don’t know does he work for you

yeah oh marcus is our videographer for the plumbing company oh love us marcus he’s awesome yeah it’s

all those videos that we share on facebook if he’s not he’s got his tool to this point so oh man

i hope the people that are listening like really do it yeah yeah and i hope i’ve been somewhat of a character do you

uh you’ve you’ve been inspirational do you do much on social media or anything that you want to share for the listeners

if they want to like follow you on social media or follow the salon or anything like that belizea

b-e-l-l-e-z-z-i-o b-e-l-l

with the word salon facebook instagram all that stuff oh i mean

it’s not the best that i’m not the best i’m not either i make mitch do it for this does the salon has his own like

social media that that’s it i mean i have a team that does the song they’re on it

mark is really on it marcus will put it on there for all our stuff no okay i mean i do mine and i’m i’m sporadic

yeah and i i’m more like hey look up salaam belizio blue springs mo yeah you’re like if you’re just watching

this you just want to google it and check it out it’ll pop right up oh yeah yep and we’re we’re the first blue

springs that pops up too so yes you are i googled you today i know i google them all i google

everyone that’s on the show yep you know try to find to see if i can find any dirt so far

find any dirt no good i have found no dirt on the first four you’re number four fourth guest i found no dirt so

good if i did we would talked about it before the show like hey can i bring this up i’m always looking for something

you know fun and feisty don’t be negative i haven’t i said you got to be a positive patty not a negative nancy

but i said fun and feisty i haven’t found anything yet

i mean i’m kind of disappointed that i haven’t found something cool yet but it’ll happen i haven’t found anything yet so well

guys that uh that about wraps up the show for this week so thank you shannon for for coming

on it’s been a pleasure so um we’ll uh yeah yeah i know right lived in the same

city for a long time and never even knew he was around well i’ve been your friend for a long time yeah well i mean our

kids went to monster truck together oh yeah yeah monster truck yeah we got a history

you bond through them earmuffs yeah monster truck right and now we’re bonding through headphones right

i love it so um guys until next week we’ll uh we’ll see you later and don’t forget to to share the show thanks shane

appreciate it well maybe i’ll be back thank you so much you will [Music]