The Void #24 – Becoming better than average – April 24, 2022

In this episode, we talk about how life has a natural way to get you through it.  If you do nothing other than avoid mistakes, you’ll make it through life.  This show brings up some actions you can take to develop the discipline to win the war of averages and develop an above average life.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!

[Music] hey everybody and welcome to the void a show dedicated to helping you make the

transition from employee to self-employed dave and i saw an opportunity to put a show together to

help people become self-employed and realize that they are in charge of their own destiny and that’s what this show is

if you are new to the show we have a couple of different formats um we’ve got some core episodes those are episodes

one through nine where we go over some foundational rules for what you’re going to need to do if you want to start your

own business um following you know from show number 10 and on

uh we break it down into a couple of different styles of show we’ve got some business shows where we’re going to talk

about some business topics today is one of those um we’ve got some guest episodes where we

bring on guests that have also started their own company and we talk about some of their successes and some of their

failures that they’ve been through um with all of that and then we also have another type of show we call it beyond

the void where we get a little bit more personal you start to learn a little bit more about our personalities we let the

business stuff take a back seat and we talk about some more of the social issues that are going on and everything else um again that one’s called beyond

the void so this show today is a a show about a business topic called the law of

averages um i am your host mitch smedley and with me as always is david hilton oh

sorry oh are you done where are you monologuing in there monologue and acting like

yeah yeah snoring sleeping so nothing what’s up man it’s it’s a great day another great

day yeah it was like what 75 degrees today yesterday it was snowing the day before that it was like 80. so it was 85

on tuesday yesterday it was 32 and snowing and today’s like 64. yeah and sunny it felt like 75 in the sun yeah so

i don’t i don’t know what’s going on but it’s a [ __ ] hot mess out there i know that i’ve been digging

replacing sewers two days this week mr poopsmith was in the poop today yeah that were you telling me luckily both days we were on

the excavator it was nice outside was not in the snow marcus with you today nope oh he wasn’t with you today nope

excavator the other day you missed out on the poop show today huh he he got he got to run the excavator a couple of days ago hey

that’s pretty fun did you [ __ ] anything up i didn’t okay he said turtle speed right hey hey man you got to start

somewhere yeah excavator in training easiest way to find an underground utility is put a new guy on the

excavator they’ll find it every time every time yeah everything’s turtle speed until

they hit that yeah and then all of a sudden it’s just like whoa yeah oh [ __ ] i can walk on water now

all right so oh man today’s show is over the law of averages and um the the the

inspiration for this show and even the name is actually from one of my own social media mentors i’m not going to

take credit for the law of averages but he did a really good job of putting the words together

for something that i have often thought for a long time i just never thought to call it the law of averages who is it

his name’s ryan stewman ryan s-t-e-w-n i’m looking at your notes here and i don’t see a name so yeah yeah

right you gotta give some credit man um he’s a great follower on social media if you guys want to follow him on social

media uh just find the blue check mark one because he’s got a couple of scam accounts that try to act like him so i

wish i was big enough for scam accounts yeah one day we’ll have a blue check one day we’ll have a blue check mark yeah

but anyway um uh so he he did a really good job of putting into words again something that

i have i’ve thought for quite a few number of years on one of the things that separates people that are really

successful versus just kind of the everyday person and basically the philosophy goes like this

if you do nothing in life other than avoid making mistakes you’ll make it through life

you’ll make it to the other side of life life is designed to keep you going through life right

you almost have to be trying to have an unsuccessful life so

but this only results in an average life so uh it kind of goes like this you

you’re working and you have like an average week of production right

well next week you have like a really really good week either either you worked really hard to

have that week or you um sometimes things just fall your way and you have a really good week well the

following week after that you’re relaxing a little bit because you had a really good week last week you

can kind of coast a little bit this week right well now you average the really good week and the less than great week

this week because you were kind of coasting and they average out to an average week well now after this week of

kind of coasting and having less than stellar behavior you’re like well crap i can’t do that again because now my

paycheck’s not where i want it to be or the results aren’t where they need to be and so you kick it into high gear on the

next week and you’re back to another week of stellar performance but then after you had a week of stellar

performance you kind of fizzle out and coast again and so it’s it’s a roller coaster it’s up and down and up and down

but it averages out to what is just kind of average so um

at the end of the month you’ve just had kind of an average month you had some bad ass weeks in there but you had some

sucky weeks in there too and it just kind of averages out so that is a sense

the law of averages um and and you can apply that same philosophy or that same

idea to anything if you’re dieting right you can have a kick-ass week in dieting you stick to your meal plan you stick to

your routine you stick to your exercise and you drop three pounds and then next week you give in a little

bit you have the cake and you skip the workout and you sleep in and you you go over on your calories or your macros or

your carbs or whatever your diet is negates all the work and now you put on two pounds right and so you just kind of

negated it out and so here you’re in a diet but you’re only seeing average results and it’s because

you’re not putting together you’re not stringing together multiple days of phenomenal performance

so the easy way to beat it is you just have to dominate

every week you have to never let off the gas you have to maintain focus and just dominate

every week that you’re out there doing whatever it is you’re doing dieting working whatever i mean you could literally come

up with anything you want and if you dominate every single weekly this week you dominate it you end up a

little bit ahead next week you don’t relax you stay on the gas and you dominate next week and

you end up a little bit ahead well now you’re two weeks ahead like that’s two weeks of being a little bit ahead right

week number three your your urge to relax is even more because you’ve just dominated for two

weeks in a row but you don’t you stay on the gas and you keep driving and you keep driving and you dominate well now

you’re a little bit ahead for three weeks in a row and then the same for week four well now at the end of the month

you’re substantially farther ahead than where you were before and if you do that long enough and you can actually start

to see the compounding results of continual domination and continual

discipline then it just it’s it’s like it creates this momentum where it just

stays easy to just keep going and keep going and keep going dieting is probably the easiest one the

yo-yo diet that you know when you when you talk about the business aspect part of it yeah um

so you know when you’re going and going and going say you’re first starting out let’s talk about like a young guy he’s

25 28 and he is really good at his job right no

matter what it is whatever it is and he is he realizes he you know he kind of steps

out of his own body and looks at himself and says okay this is where i want to get this is what i want to do but i know

i have to do this okay he is basically setting himself up

for his his future and his future self when you work like that

and you push yourself every week and you don’t coast you know everyone thinks oh man how do you how would you do that how

how could you go a hundred percent five days a week

four days a month for 10 years well it it doesn’t work like that because once

you’ve set the standard once you’ve done that for three months it’s no longer a challenge it’s just who you are right it

just you have changed your habit you’ve changed your your physical ability if you’re in a hard working job

you’ve changed your mental ability you’ve changed your mindset to the millionaire mindset that we talk about all the time you have now changed the

way you think you’ve changed the way you act you change everything you do to get there

it’s not a challenge anymore now it’s just who you are yeah so you just get up and do those things yeah okay so don’t

think oh man i think i could do that but i could only do it for i could do it for three months no after

three or four months and you’ve seen the results and you’ve had the payout okay you’re making the money you’re

doing whatever that’s just who you are now yeah okay and it’s really easy to i’m not going to

say coast it’s really easy to ride the wave of that momentum like you just said to keep going right you know what i mean

and it never stops like so like take for example a year ago i started working out in the gym right

that first morning i’m super excited like it was easy to get out the first morning i’m so excited i’m going to do this new routine yeah week week the end

of week two stuff yeah yeah you get you get a week in and you’re feeling all the soreness and everything else but you’re

still kind of excited about this new thing that you’re doing right well week two week three week four

and now it’s starting to kind of set in and you’re like ah [ __ ] what did i really sign up for you know and we’re

not saying there’s not gonna be struggles no no there’s absolutely gonna be struggles right but i’ve done it for

so long now that it’s just part of my i get up at 4 30 every day i go to the gym and i’m in the

gym from five to six and and then i come home and i the house is still pretty quiet from about six to six thirty and

and so i’m home and i get to do and the battle axe gets up at 6 30. yeah yeah

so uh my oldest gets up and he gets ready for school and it’s still even when he’s up it’s still pretty quiet and i can

click away on the computer and do some business stuff and everything else so it’s just part of my routine but

um a prime example wednesday of this week i don’t know what happened

my i don’t remember my alarm going off or anything i woke up to my son’s alarm going off at six instead of mine going

off at 4 30. and your wife your stover and was like boop who knows i i have no clue what happened

right she’s like nope i’m not hearing that today but my day was wrecked after that because my whole routine was off

like it was when we talk about daily routine and how important it is it is super important and and i really rely

so i rely on the workout because if i’m struggling to go to the gym in

the morning that’s my indicator early on that i’m gonna have a tough day because

i if i’m having a hard time going to the gym and i’m having a hard time sticking to my morning routine that’s kind of

like me telling myself like you better watch yourself today because you’re on edge or it’s it’s going to be

a hard day if i come if i wake up like most days and i’ll wake up and i’m like oh i’m ready and i’m just going to go to the

gym well it’s probably going to be a pretty badass day because i’m ready so for me the gym is an indicator and so that yesterday

wednesday whenever i didn’t wake up for it i’m like [ __ ] where am i like i was i lost my bearings i’m like where am i at

am i am i’m having a good day am i not having a good day so it jacked up my day from the standpoint of the routine it

didn’t really like make me have a bad day or anything but i rely on that so much so

um i want to just talk about that you know lots of people think okay so he just wakes up at 4 30. he’s one of those

people that just gets up and he’s ready to rock and all that stuff look i get up at 5 15

and i hate it yeah i’m not a morning person right i get up at 5 15 and it’s awful i hate it for those first 45

minutes i hate life okay but i will say that it makes me more productive so i if

i if i decide to sleep in an hour into after

say i get up at at seven instead at eight i’m like man

i just burned three hours right so but when i guessed it yeah when i get up at 5 15 after a couple hours i’m glad that

i got up yeah and made myself get up so don’t think that mitch is a huge douche by oh he just

he just gets up ear no i’m not saying anybody else hasn’t i’m not no i’m just saying i’m not a morning

person but that part of my routine and it making me do you know those things

it’s very helpful yeah very helpful yeah so so for me my morning routine helps me

beat the law of averages because by the time eight o’clock rolls around i’ve already been up for three and a

half hours i’ve already worked out i’ve already showered i’ve already eaten breakfast and i’ve already done like my

business e computer work for the day and so i’ve like i’ve done so much by eight

o’clock in the morning that it’s almost impossible for me to have a bad day at that point and so i’m starting the day

out like beating the law of averages and so then i can kind of do whatever i want for the day if that’s going out and

running service calls because we’re that busy i can do that if that’s going out and supporting my other guys that are running service calls and running parts

to them or running you know material to them or tools or whatever i can do that or if it’s just literally jumping down

in it like today was literally jumping down in a shit-filled ditch and helping a guy fix the sewer pipe yeah and so and

look if you’re running third shift and you get up at you have to be at work at two and you work two to midnight or

three to midnight or whatever and your normal time to get up to noon get up at 11. yeah you know maybe change your routine

a little bit get work get a workout in right you know just and we’re going to go into something that you know mitch thinks has

really changed his life and and made him more successful made him more focused yeah and you know i’m not

i’m not pushing that here but um you know having that routine of

getting up and starting the day and being successful on your own right before you go into

you know quote unquote real life yeah you know that sets the sets the tone and the stage for the rest of the day yeah

every day so like early on when i started working out you kind of have a little bit of an ego like before it

becomes before it becomes habit and just automatic as that phase where you’re

still working through it and you’re struggling through it and so when you’re struggling to do it you’re also like

when you do do it you’re also impressed with yourself for for sticking through it and maintaining it right well now

when you become impressed with yourself you develop a little bit of an ego about it and so there were times where i would

kind of feel and it’s like it’s not right to feel this way but i would feel like better

than other people because i was getting like i’m i’m caring more about my health than

this other person or or i’m doing more to be in control of my life than this other person and and it’s all that

that’s all those natural emotions as you’re working through letting that become a habit well now

it’s it’s nothing more than it’s just part of who i am and if you don’t do that that’s fine i don’t care but for me

well that’s that’s what i have to do that’s just a natural reaction and if you know that’s a you have to step outside yourself and

say okay yes i feel that way i’m i’m not going to be a dick about it right you know i’m just that’s how i

feel okay now i realize why i feel that way yeah i’m going to step back and okay this is just this is my thing yep

does it have anything to do with anybody else it’s just it’s just my deal right um i i saw a quote the other day by

lewis i i believe it’s louis corella it says lazy people do a little bit of work

and they and think they should be winning winner winners work as hard as possible

and worry if they’re being lazy yeah i re i brought that up so mitch had made some notes and i so and we talked about

this before the show we’re i’m going to talk about it right now so when i was 25 28 roughing in houses every day all i

did was rough in houses and wear toolbox every day and bust my ass yep but at the end i mean i always tried and mitch

brought this example up you know okay i’m gonna get this house done in a day i think i can do it you know and then you

don’t get it done and you have an hour left and you’re kicking yourself you know your boss does not think like at

the time my boss did not think i was not doing a great job right but as part as far as i was concerned i did

not do a great job you’re challenging that stuff done right you know and so i’m just you know i’m real hard on myself and you know i think that is one

of those things that uh separates successful people from complacency people yeah you know you you want to do

good yeah you want to challenge yourself you want to be moving forward and that quote i mean that basically is is you

know what that quote says yeah yeah basically saying you’re never going to you’re never going to win if you expect success after putting in a little work

um one of my plumbers uh before he came working for me he was training a newer guy at where he

used to work and he was telling me today that he had this guy it was about 25 years old

where he used to work they would put these plumbers through like a six-week training program in their building and

then they would pair them up with a another plumber for a couple of months and then after four or five months of

being with another plumber they would put them out in their own truck right it’s like the to me it’s like the worst

business philosophy ever you take a guy with six months of experience and put them in front of a customer that’s just asking for disaster but anyway

um you find out who’s good and who’s bad real quick yeah i got a feeling you find out

how much your insurance deductible is real quick too yeah but those guys those guys get the easy calls yeah oh

the so my plumber was telling me that he was mentoring or training this guy and this guy was about 25. the guy was so

concerned with making six figures a year but he didn’t even know how to work a pair of channel locks yeah and and he’s so focused on you know

i’ve already been through my training why aren’t i making great money yet you know i’m running with you for two or three months why aren’t i making great

money yet and it’s like dude you’ve you’re you know nothing you are so far out of of the realm of reality it’s

yeah that guy’s got a long way to go you know i get that from guys too that are you know they’ll be you know 25 30 or

whatever and they’re like you know and i i know these guys well right you know they know who i am and they’re like well how if

i don’t understand how i want to be at your level i want to be at mitch’s level i want to be at

you know x’s level a’s level you know these other guys that we all know right and i just look at them and i’m like

dude i’ve been doing this for 20 years yeah i did not just wake up at 20 i didn’t

start at 20 and then at 25 was here right no i’m here just because of the long

gradual uphill road that i’ve been on for 20 you are not

most of us and i’m talking about myself we’re not just gonna wake up one day and be elon musk and make all this money

right we have to put the work in to get there yeah this is america if you put the work in even if you’re just an

average intelligence regular guy like mitch or myself if you put that work in

starting here and you work every day and you just keep on trucking you will get there yeah dedicate to getting a little

bit better but don’t think you’re just gonna wake up and be like okay i got this job boom okay i’ve been here six

months boom i’m making this i’m making that i’m you’re not no right you have to put your time in you have to work hard

and you will eventually get there right it’s not an overnight success story that’s not what we preach on this show

we preach dedication hard work we’re going to try to give you tools and experiences that

you know we’ve been through to say hey the realistic expectation for your successful life is here you know we

talked about that a few shows back about you know no one talks about making a

hundred thousand dollars a year we celebrate the millionaires right look if you’re making a hundred grand a year

you’re doing really well yeah okay don’t doing really well don’t go on stupid ass facebook and be like oh well this

person’s got a ferrari and this person’s done no i just saw you’re moving forward just stay the course i just saw the post

i just saw a post yesterday um a guy was saying i’ve been it was on a plumbing group saying i’ve been a plumber for 20

years and i just found out that one of the newer guys they hired who only has five years of experience is making more

than i am you shouldn’t be working there probably or you’re awful at your job right right so one of those two things is happening

yep and so i just simply replied to the guy’s post and i said we aren’t paid off of our years of experience we’re paid

off of the value we bring to our organization and to our customers i said i’ve seen

five-year plumbers provide more value than 10-year plumbers i’ve seen 20-year plumbers

that really only have five years of experience that they’ve been milking for an additional 15 years yeah they’ve just

they had five years of experience got to that level and stayed at that level 15 right yeah and and so they shouldn’t be

paid like a 20-year plumber they should be paid like a five-year plumber because that’s all the value they’re bringing to

the organization so and you know we talk about jealousy all the time if i’m 40 years old yeah we talk about all

the time if i’m working at a company and a 28 year old kid comes in there

and say he say i don’t have a college degree and he did or say he didn’t but

he’s selling two hundred thousand 000 worth of jobs commercial jobs

whatever and he has the gift to do that guess what he should be making that money yeah okay don’t he’s providing

more value he’s providing more value you know what maybe instead of being jealous maybe go up to him and be like hey dude

how are you making these sales yeah do you think that maybe it it’s a humbling experience don’t get

me wrong and i mean you got to swallow real hard right you got to push that pride way down yep but you know maybe

you gain something from that young guy right like you know he saw a seminar he does x y and z and he he’s willing to

say hey dude right yeah this hey man this is what i’m doing it’s a little role reversal in the typical mentorship

program yeah right you know you can learn from those that are younger than you yeah and if and if you can’t swallow your pride and do it

what do they say marcus pride cometh before the fall right right if you can’t i mean

i ask young guys all the time they have a whole different way of looking at things and so if you can’t welcome that

and encourage they be open about how they view things yeah then you’re all you should always

be learning yeah so so when it comes to facebook and tick tock and all that stuff i’m a complete freaking idiot you

know who i ask i ask marcus or i ask mitch and because i and i just say dude i don’t okay this is a great

example so when we first started doing this i didn’t know how to make my iphone screen stay on all the time right marcus

is like dude i got you yeah you know he says hey look you got to go to display and auto lock never i had no idea yeah

okay i’m showing my stupidity and i’m pushing my pride down right now i said marcus help me out he’s like dude hey

just do it you know what he did like what that salesman would probably do yeah dude i got you this is this this is what you do man the people now i know

you know learn something the people that have an excuse for every other reason on why they’re

unsuccessful other than themselves will remain unsuccessful yeah um and you can see

this a lot especially if you follow up on some comments and stuff like that on social media um

one of my uh one of my friends had made a post uh is actually today

um they they shared like a picture of a dave ramsey post where he was talking about investing a hundred dollars a

month for 40 years from 25 to 65. if you invest 100 a month it’ll be worth a little over a million dollars by the

time you’re 65. so me being the numbers geek i am i had to go get out an investment calculator

and like plug in the math you’re firing me up right now yeah well i i had to i had to plug in the math to figure out

like okay what’s the rate of return we’re needing on that what was it seven no it was 13.

now 13 is a pretty aggressive number however if you’re investing a hundred dollars a month in a matching 401k your 100 now

becomes 150 or 200 well right or or say it’s not matching then it makes that number go

from 13 to seven right right double the money double the percentage yeah so um

so you know i i’m going to tell you sharon i i i saw this today mitch has got on me before about i

talked too much about 401k and retired investment and he put that on there but it’s it’s really important it is it is

very inspiring it is and i’m going to say it again if you can do it and you should be doing it right okay if you

have a job that will do it do it right if you’re working somewhere that doesn’t get a new job right but so it was interesting some of the

comments that were on there too well so the the post that i pulled that not all of them but some mostly yeah i

did the post the post that i pulled that picture from i was reading through some of the

comments on there and 80 of them were pretty good 80 of them were like oh yeah

that’s a great philosophy that’s what i do and you know i’m working my way there you know whatever 20 of the people and these are these are

losers and they are in their position that they’re in because of their mentality and their outlook on life

twenty percent of these people are going sure would be nice to have an extra hundred dollars a month to invest

sure would be nice if all these billionaires would start paying their fair share in taxes so that i would have

more money and and they’re blaming literally everything under the sun for

why they can’t pull off 100 a month meanwhile they’re most likely reading this post and replying to this

post on their thousand dollar iphone yeah that they don’t need that they don’t need yeah right or or there’s

literally attacking cigarettes that they spent spend 400 a month on cigarettes in 200 months look i drink beer okay right

i like to have some drinks yeah it costs money but you know what i got the money right you know what if

i if it came down to it i’ll just use this as an example my daughter plays year-round soccer

basically if i didn’t have the money to pay for her soccer i would have to make a personal

sacrifice right to have the money to do that right it’s the same thing if you want to look out for your future you

have to make a personal sacrifice whether that be giving up something smoking uh drinking uh buying eye shoes

buying nice clothes having an iphone right whatever it is being successful in business

takes a different kind of sacrifice it could be money it could be hey i have to burn my savings oh i have to instead of

working 40 i got to work 65 hours a week for the first three months there is all if you want to be

successful there is always a sacrifice right no matter what right what’s it going to be right and so in this case

it’s financial right yeah you got to find something yeah what you’re talking about here yeah it’s financial so i probed on one of the comments a little

bit and and i’m more or less just like baiting them to kind of prove it you were trolling them not really trolling

yeah calling the trolling the fact that they are they don’t have

any awareness about the fact that they are responsible for their own financial situation yeah and so

um you know i was asking a little bit maybe but you know i’d pry in a little

bit and they would say well yeah you know if these if these billionaires would just pay their fair share in taxes then i wouldn’t have to pay so much in

taxes well guess what we’re all paying we’re all working on the exact same system the billionaires are working on

the exact same tasks tax system that we are you’re working on the exact same tax system that i am yeah so if you can find

a measure of success in there i should be able to as well so you can’t blame the billionaires for working legally

within a system that the government created like a corrupt government but we’re not going to get it well and it’s and it’s a

corrupt tax system however it’s still this we’re all relating to the same system right so uh you can’t blame the

fact well and to think that what a billionaire does with their money is why i can’t come up with an extra

hundred dollars a month to invest yeah like how out of touch with reality do you have to be just because just because

elon musk isn’t paying the taxes maybe you think he should be or yeah i think

he should be or whatever doesn’t mean that i can’t go out and work hard

right and make an extra 500 bucks a month right right or don’t look at that that’s that’s wrong i

started it way later well no it vibrated i was looking at your time i don’t know yeah no my the you know this this chick was coming up

with like that’s why we got mark he’ll he’ll tell us our time these these rich millionaires were you know they’re

driving up the price of houses and they’re driving up the price of rent and they’re that that’s why i don’t have money and that’s why i don’t have money

and and my employer doesn’t pay me as far as they should and that’s why i don’t have money and minimum wage this

and that’s why i don’t like literally it was excuse after excuse after excuse none of it had to do with their spending

habits yeah and ultimately your financial success or failure hinges upon your ability to spend within

your income yeah and look and mitch isn’t saying so right now our inflation is insane okay we’re spending a lot more

money on gas we’re spending a lot more money at the grocery store those are the two main ones right now

but that doesn’t mean that i can just go out and still buy everything that i want to buy right

like when i go to the grocery so so you got to tailor your habits to the current environment so on sundays especially um

during the summer we would usually have a we’d have a little steak cookout yeah just on my little 18-inch weber you know

well guess what steaks are out right now right okay right and that’s a personal size

because i know i just i’m like okay so if i spend that money right and you know i

i can’t do this or i can’t do that or you know whatever okay guess what we’re not going to do that right now and we’re going to change

you know and we always buy the best choice like vet can vegetables and stuff when we run out we still do that yeah

you know i could buy the hunts that’s right here yeah it doesn’t take any energy to go you know what maybe i should be buying

something yeah on the bottom shelf instead of right instead up here maybe instead of buying the sara lee bread i

buy the best choice bread right or maybe instead of buying the planters peanuts i buy the walmart

like and like janine will go to um we love aldi’s yeah okay but you can’t get everything at all these that you get it

like price chopper or hyvee or the two big ones around here right but you know what it takes a sack it’s a sacrifice

for her to go to aldi’s and get things and then realize oh they don’t have this and then go to the other store yeah

she’s now had to spend her personal time going to twitter going to two different places to save money to save money yep

that’s a personal sacrifice that sometimes you have to make so there’s there’s two ways to do it you can either trim a hundred dollars off of your

expenses or you can find a way to make an extra 100 bucks right there’s no town out here that doesn’t have a basketball

court that’s probably pretty lively on the weekends you go to anywhere you want to go and buy a case of water for 12 bucks buy 24

bottles of water for 12 bucks sell them for a buck you you’d be put them in a cooler out in an hour right you put them

in a cooler you walk over to the basketball court you sell them for a dollar a piece you’ve just doubled your money you tell

me you do that a couple of times and you now have a hundred dollars a month to invest you telling me you don’t have a friend that works at a bar and you can’t

bar back one night a week yeah two nights a week take some tip outs yeah but

but i have a degree in whatever yeah really get over yourself if you don’t if you have a degree and you can’t put that

hundred dollars away yep you got bigger problems i’m 40 years old and i was standing in a ditch full of [ __ ] this morning yeah so it is it is what it is

you got to do what you got to do man yeah and don’t and this is the pride thing again don’t let your pride inhibit

what you can or are willing to do right to provide yourself a decent future

right and you know we are not i’m sure we’re going to get hated on for you know differently well the people in

ukraine well that’s not what we’re talking about nope we’re not talking about the people in venezuela we are talking about people that live in

america in this country that we’re you know we’re try you’re in america yeah there are no excuses when

you live in this country the greatest freaking country on the planet if you’re going to use if you if you live in

america and you are going to use ukraine as an excuse as to your finances [ __ ]

you are so out of touch it’s not even funny ukraine is not affecting the putin price

hike yeah the ukraine is not affecting your finances you are affecting your finances yes right now

maybe ukraine affects the price of gas slightly but that’s not why you’re broke it’s that thousand dollar iphone is why

you’re broke yeah right just because gas prices went up by 30 cents you can’t use an lg that’s three years

old right right that they’re selling for 55 yeah when you’re due for an upgrade you don’t get one

it’s just it is what it is or or if your phone’s broke instead of going in there you don’t have to get the new iphone you

could just seriously get the samsung that’s three years old that they want to throw away yeah they’ll give it to you

for free if you sign it to your contract that works the same as everything else yeah okay yeah works just fine oh got it

oh man gotta have the best stuff yup gotta have this gotta have that i drive a truck a used truck that i bought with

150 000 miles on it after mine got stolen i didn’t have to go out and get a

new gmc mm-hmm you know for 60 grand right so there’s no there’s no reason

and to do that one of the one of the really interesting things it’s weird how complicated we try to

make this as adults um because we’re making excuses well and it’s because

we’re it’s because we have such a larger world view that it becomes easier to find those

excuses right now we can blame ukraine now we can blame putin now we can blame gas prices now we can blame inflation it

makes people feel smarter right you didn’t turn on the news and you weren’t if you weren’t pet pelted every

day with inflation this inflation that inflation this inflation that other than the price of gas would you

notice inflation would you notice that your grocery bill went up or do you only notice that because the

media is telling you it went up well first off all of those the the grocery bill and the gas bill

were up before right so right don’t use that as that as an excuse don’t go to the gas pump and go

oh man this war in ukraine is just killing me right no no okay first off it was our

government that’s killing you two you should have been preparing when you started those going up and when it got

there you if you got to cut something else cut it don’t use it as an excuse yeah three or four years ago gas prices

were like like a dollar a gallon around like astonishingly low around here they were like a dollar ninety-eight yeah

yeah i mean it was it was in the dollar range 210. now we live in the middle of the country so it’s different yeah we’re

making shit’s always cheaper so you would have to be a fool to be living in those times a couple of years ago and

go man like we’re on the doubt like we’re on the lower loop of the fluctuating prices of gas like don’t get

used to this because it’ll probably be going up here pretty soon like we got an election coming up gas prices always jack around

around elections and all that stuff so what i’m getting at is as adults we’re privy to so many things that we can use

as an excuse so you flip this on to children children don’t have the world view we do

they have no reason or no excuse right so um my

he’s now 13. um my 10 year old at the time

he uh this this would have been three years ago we were coming off a christmas

and he wanted to buy a video game and it was like a snow day in january

and i’m like no i’m not buying you a video game you just had christmas yeah like oh my gosh

nothing makes me 50 bucks two per game right yeah yeah i mean they’re pretty pricey nothing’s worse than a kid gets all this free stuff yeah a marcus got a

kid yeah i got dude kids and then they’re like hey i want that i want are you freaking kidding me

i just spent 400 on you yeah wait i’m gonna smack you upside down yeah right they don’t know you know they

don’t know right yeah and i’m like it’s snowing you’re home from school it’s snowing

there are people in the neighborhood that will pay you to grab that snow shovel out of the garage and shovel

their driveway you can go shovel a couple driveways earn your 60 bucks and go buy your own damn video game go go go

tell them 25 bucks for the walkway in the driveway and the sidewalk and you’ll have it and so the first thing he says

is you mean people will pay me to shovel their driveway and i’m like yeah they will and he goes well you don’t pay me to shovel our driveway

and i’m like well no that’s that’s just your rent now living here right yeah so do you see this roof yeah yeah you’re

welcome yeah you little [ __ ] so this dude he goes out and he shovels driveways and he’s gone all freaking day

long all day right and now he comes home and he’s got like a hundred and eighty bucks he’s like i’m getting three games

he’s worn slick it’s six o’clock and he’s asleep on the couch like he’s literally worn himself asleep and and it

snows so much that school was closed the next day and so i’m like hey let’s go get you that video game he’s like i don’t want it he’s like i worked really

really hard he wanted to keep that money he’s like that’s 60 i’d work really hard for that i don’t want to spend that 60

bucks i want to keep it right yeah he became addicted right yeah every time it snowed he was pumped and jacked to go

shovel driveways and make money right this dude had some money sitting there springtime rolls around and he’s like

dad i’m worried what are you worried about son he goes well it’s springtime best i can figure

it’s not going to snow anymore and i’m like yeah probably not he goes well what am i going to do for money as if the

kids got bills yeah and and i’m like he’s thinking about cash money yeah yeah yeah he’s like

yeah so he’s like you know yeah i gotta throw some dollars around so

so i’m like tell you what those people that paid you to shovel their driveway they will probably pay

you to mow their yard and he goes you know i thought about that but at the time i had a push mower that wasn’t even

self-propelled it was just a walk behind push mower he’s like i thought about that but i’m not strong enough to start

your mower and i’m not strong enough to push it up hills i can do the flats but i can’t do the hills

so i don’t know how that’s going to work and i’m like well don’t you have a couple hundred bucks there from shoveling driveways all winter he’s like

yeah i said we can go find you a used push mower that self-propelled and electric start for pretty cheap for

pretty cheap and you can invest your money into a push mower and then you don’t have to worry about it right

and so he does and he makes up little flyers he hands them out to the neighbors and this dude starts mowing yards right

and he starts making money and starts making money next thing you know he’s made enough money and he’s like dad i

was over at robin’s house mowing her house and the neighbor has a mower that you ride on

and i’m like yeah those are pretty cool and he’s like i don’t care how cool it is it was fast he mowed their entire yard and the time i mowed their front

yard and i’m like okay where are you going with this he goes well if i had a rider mower i could mow twice as many yards in

the same amount of time and i could make more money all right so now we gotta

you know you’re gonna have to take some money and invest it into a rider mower so we found something alone you know no

no no this was before so i ended up loaning the money later but um uh so we found

like a used john deere rider mower for like 400 bucks it needed a little bit of work it needed like new blades and stuff

like that but it ran well um and it needed like a tire and so piddly stuff yeah little piddly stuff so we go buy it

his money i make him talk to the people i make him you know will you take 350

you know like i make him do all of this you got to learn somewhere man right i’m i’m taking him there and you know we’re

loading it up in the danger ranger to pull it home but um so we you still had the ranger at this point yeah yeah oh

man and what’s funny the ranger bed was so small the mower wouldn’t fit inside the wheel well

no they had a sledgehammer in their garage and i borrowed their sledgehammer and bashed in the wheel wells in the bed so

that the mower deck would fit up in between jesus but um so so we get it home and we put a ranger god yeah so we

get it home we we go up to the blue springs john deere dealer here and and get a couple parts for it and get it

going you know and and now he’s got a rider and he’s like jacked right well he

still needed a trailer because one of his yards wanted um one of his yards wanted uh him to push mother yard didn’t

want him to ride it but the rider also meant a mode of transportation now he can go all the way across the neighborhood by himself he doesn’t need

me to load him up so we built uh he he grabbed some pallets out of the back of the house and he’s like you can tell

that look where he’s trying to create a trailer out of these pallets so i help him build this trailer and and so we build a trailer out of pallets and slap

some wheels on it and he’s literally got a little mobile riding business and he’s driving down the road and everything

the next summer um one of the guys that i worked with um

he was i don’t know i don’t know exactly the scenario he needed to sell a bad boy mower is he had a zero turn bad boy

mower one of the smaller ones this is a 42 inch cut yeah brand new it’s like 3 200

bucks yeah this thing this thing is in brand new condition i got a grasshopper i know and he goes hey didn’t your son

do the lawnmower thing i said yeah he does he goes well i got a zero-turn mower that i’m looking to sell cheap i need the cash

and i’m like how cheap and he goes 1800 bucks and i said hold on hold on now so i go mason how much money do you have in

your bank account you know his mom my wife said i’m gonna put a little bank account so that way he gets he could take she’s got one she can’t go get

anything out of it yeah yeah she’s got it these people pay him in cash or a check and so danielle puts it in his

account for him and all this stuff so i said mason how much how much money you got in your bank account he’s like i don’t know why and so i tell him and i

show him a picture of this mower and he’s like dad i want it i want it i want it bad i don’t want it i bet you do

and and he only had like 1200 keep in mind he’s 12. he’s a 12 year old he’s two this is two

years in yeah he’s 12 with 1200 of his own money that he’s earned all on his

own from doing all this [ __ ] and this mower is 1800 bucks and so i’m like oh this is great this is a perfect

opportunity to show him where having a loan actually makes sense and so we wrote up a loan from the bank

of dad like our little agreement was literally the bank of dad nice and and i let him borrow the money and we had

repayment terms and you’re going to pay me this much what was the interest zero interest because it’s my dad right now that’s

cool you could have got him one percent yeah so you could have put it in his account later yeah no we just did zero

like just just teaching them the principles of okay you borrowed six hundred dollars you’re going to pay me

50 a week for 12 weeks and then it’s going to be paid back right and so the

fact that a 10 year old or a 12 year old can pay 50 a week for 12 weeks right right and this was at the

beginning of summer so we had the full 12 weeks to earn it and everything else and and so it also gave him incentive to

work really hard right i have a question did you have to explain to him that okay so you spent the 1200 and you borrowed

the six and it makes 18. but when you pay that back and you’re out of your 1200 dollars you still own the mower

right the motor is still yours dude yeah it’s still worth money yeah okay or did he did he kind of have a well so no no

no no what was the question that was very much how the conversation

went i took it one step further and i sold my mower oh and you said you’re not actually i

actually didn’t sell it i found somebody in the city that needed it that they’re not in the city somebody in our community needed that needed a mower

didn’t have one they were down on their luck i just gave them my mower right yeah gotcha i i did this on purpose community first right i did this on

purpose because now the only mower in my house i don’t own you know what you’re in the only my

interest would have been you got to mow my yard right well right that was part of the deal yeah right but

now the only mower in my house is is his so if i want to mow my own yard i have

to ask him for permission to borrow his mower i love it right so it’s a respect

thing it kind of kind of goes both ways right no dad get the [ __ ] out right right exactly

you’re teaching but this gets back to this is just this is instilling some great stuff this is

yeah you’re you’re teaching the next generation which that burden is on all of us yes so if

anyone is listening to this and they’re like oh you know no that’s your job right the opportunities to teach your children

this stuff are there every day you just have to find them and then take advantage of them right and you can teach if you don’t have kids you can

still t i’m an uncle yeah you know when our little rut the little rugrats come on like i’m the oldest so all our kid my

niece and nephew are two you know but when they come over guess what we’re it’s it’s my job to teach them stuff

right yeah you know and say you don’t have nieces enough you say you don’t have kids you got neighborhood kids yeah be out there and be positive

in their lives so it doesn’t cost any money right to teach a kid something yeah so like

two weeks later he comes home and he’s holding like nearly brand new

steel string trimmer driveway edger and blower from feldman’s and i’m like do you go to

feldman’s no he’s broke he doesn’t have like he’s still paying me back right yeah he’s not broke but

he’s on a re like he had no money or like he spent all of his money there was nothing on the contract that said he had

to pay you first as long as he’s paid no no yeah as long as he’s paying the 50 bucks right so i’m like he’s mad about

it i’m like where did you get this stuff right what’s up with that he goes i worked a deal with the neighbor i’m like

go on he goes the neighbor up the street todd he said if i mow his yard all

summer for free two up here yeah two doors up yeah he says if i mow the yard all summer for free i can have these and

he went ahead and gave them to me now and all i have to do is mow his yard the whole year for free once i’m like

deal nice dude oh yeah so so now he’s got a bad boy mower he’s got all steel brand equipment and

he’s worked all of this on his own right make that [ __ ] come out to my house yeah

my yard so take him two hours he worked so hard he repaid me early

good and then as a little incentive for himself for reward for himself he had a thousand

extra dollars by the end of the summer the dude went and built himself a gaming computer and it’s all his it’s his own

money like he’s it’s still in the house rules right like you can’t yeah be on the computer when we say well you’re paying for the power right you know he

can’t run it on his own right unless he sits in the cul-de-sac with uh you know yeah but but yeah i mean he bought all so

it’s it’s a really cool position for what i’m now a 13 year old to be in is he knows that if he wants money it ain’t

coming from me he has to go earn it he knows how to go fish yeah so inside tangent here mitch isn’t

saying this to i don’t you know what i don’t know why i’m just saying this we didn’t talk about this before the show but the re

what he’s saying is there are no excuses if a 10 year old child he is a child at

10 can put together a right snow shoveling business and then a

lawn mowing business and can pay for his own stuff and can work the deals and do all that stuff you at 25 or 30 or 35 or

40 have no excuses right zero you have no excuses for being a lazy piece of [ __ ] right get off your ass

and make it happen if you can’t yeah yeah

we talked earlier i told [ __ ] i said my you know my self-help book would be what what did i say it was going to be called

it was one chapter one page it was um oh get off your ass yeah get

off your ass title the book get off your ass page one get off your ass

i mean that’s i literally this is america that’s all you have to do yeah you know all you have to

do is apply yourself and not be lazy and i will say that i think the culture of america has made a lot of people lazy

you know um but there’s no don’t use that as an excuse oh well i live in america and

i’ve been you know this is just kind of no yeah okay so you’re lying to yourself you’re lying to every

get up and do the work yeah and it doesn’t even take that much work no when

you think about other countries where you know just in china you know these people are

working in sweatshops for 80 hours a week right for 200. right 400 or whatever it is you’re

telling me you can’t you can’t go find a job and don’t say oh the market this right

now where we’re at right now everyone’s hiring yeah literally everyone is hiring you can get a job

anywhere and then you’re gonna be like well i can’t make that extra hundred dollars to save for my future

[ __ ] [ __ ] off right okay right and i think that a lot of um

and i’m not patting us on the back or anything but you know in this culture of

um oh it’s okay you’re not you know it’s all right just you know no it’s not all right it’s

about time that we started to flip the script and say no it’s not okay yeah okay i don’t feel sorry for you that you

can’t seem to figure out that you are the reason you don’t have the extra they call it tough love for a reason yeah okay do it

there are no in this age where you know a lot of people would say oh well my parents didn’t do this for me

and you know they didn’t do this and i didn’t know about this we have smartphones now you know

everything right that you need to know there’s literally i can hit the google machine and find out about anything yep

okay there are no excuses anymore right it is you if you’re not doing the things you

now listen i’m not saying if you people people have mental issues there that’s a whole nother thing yeah if it’s just if

it’s just you being lazy recognize it and do something about it

right stop using these excuses so i i posted

a this this was three years ago um i was coming home from running an

errand and i caught mason i like i ended up behind mason driving his mower down

the street um he was coming home from mowing lawns and he had a baseball game that morning and the dude’s still in his little

baseball jersey um and he’s he’s coming home from mowing lawns and he’s guards yeah he’s got he’s

got his headphones on and is he rocking out too no no no not uh like noise oh

his noise cancelers well uh just you know ear protection yeah right yeah um

he’s he’s very concerned about safety it’s it’s weird but opposite of you got it yeah

so i catch him and i like pull out my phone and i start filming him and i kind of gave like a little synopsis of of how

he got into the position he was in right and um i stumbled across that i took that video three years ago and i

stumbled across it um a couple of days ago and i posted it on tiktok and uh

and those were the comments we were talking about earlier some of those yeah so it went nuts like i didn’t i didn’t dream that it would go as crazy as it

did it went it went kind of crazy it’s got like 70 000 views doesn’t he uh it’s like 225 000 views and like in like

three days jesus yeah it’s pretty wild um in in really through the famous

medley yeah reading through the comments um it was it was pretty interesting again most of

them are um encouraging in some way shape or form right but then you’re gonna get some of

these people and and some of this is just the the byproduct of viral videos

but you get some people that are like oh he’s lying he daddy paid for that

and it’s like dude i can guarantee you’re never going to be successful if you assume that success came for free

from somebody and then you get these people that are like race-baiting you trying to say that it’s some sort of

like white privilege or some sort of um uh like in the video like he’s

driving down our neighborhood and it’s you know a nicer middle class first off it’s it’s and i would call it an average

neighborhood yeah so so as we have as we move on in society the average

neighborhood is here well 10 years later tier yeah 10 years later here i would i would say it is an average neighborhood

yeah for our area yeah it’s i mean it’s it’s not a run down neighborhood it’s not it’s nice it’s nice and so you would

see people saying well yeah a little more than maybe just a touch above an average neighborhood yeah and you’d see

people dismiss all the success by saying well yeah if my kids were in that neighborhood they could do that too like

uh the neighborhood you live in doesn’t matter like people still need their yard mode and whether we’re in like it’s

probably harder in my neighborhood because these people will haggle them hardcore yeah so um well and people that

let’s be honest people are in successful neighborhoods most of those people are willing to do the work themselves yeah

and that’s kind of why they’re successful yeah so it’s harder to kind of crack into that right right let’s be

honest and and then and then you would see some that are like i mean they’re just so off-base just

haters well for one they would make it go political like well i guarantee he’s never going to be a democrat

right and i mean outside of it being kind of funny it’s like really your let your brain is so consumed with politics

that you can’t take a story like this and leave politics out of it right um or or the worst ones and i was

deleting like if i saw these i’m deleting them because i don’t even want that [ __ ] on there you would see one saying well if that was a if that was a

black kid then the police would pull him over and yank him off that thing and tase him and then probably put their foot on his neck

and it’s like dude those are trolls oh get yeah get that trash those are just trying to get people

to be yeah you know when we talk i’m not even so sure they’re not bots that are just in there trying to and they could

be but when we talk about you know in episode seven was it seven we talk about community involvement right

right when we talk about community involvement and then people do stuff like that that’s not part of being a

community oh god no no that’s tearing your community down well and i think a lot of people are just it drives them

yeah they they want to be a separator right and that is

i mean it’s a kid dude so he’s a freaking kid yeah so ultimately what are you [ __ ] doing right right and so

ultimately what i’m getting at is if you can’t recognize the story of a 10 year old that’s now

13 you’re part of the problem for one right like like if he could figure it out now

granted he didn’t figure it out on his own like i had to guide him and help him and everything else but if a 10 year old can figure it out

a 25 year old can sure as hell figure it out a 35 year old can sure as hell figure it out so um and i want to say

this so for all the people that are like oh what about all those kids that don’t have that and what about you know all

these kids that their father ran out of them and all that you know what maybe you should make a difference in some

kids lives yeah that instead of using that as an excuse use it as an excuse to make uh children that have had tough

upbringings make their life a little better yeah you know it doesn’t take a lot um to either volunteer i don’t volunteer

i’m not gonna say i’m above anybody um you know if you’re going to sit there and say oh

well the kids in the urban core don’t get that they don’t have mentors they don’t have someone to come

we’ll go be one why don’t you go be a mentor for a couple of kids right if you’re gonna use that as an excuse why you’re an iphone yeah maybe get off your

ass and go you know be a difference maker yeah if you’re gonna use that as an excuse why you’re

not successful then go make a difference for them yeah otherwise shut the [ __ ] up yeah it’s really that simple yeah so we

have all it it’s amazing to me that society has turned into

i don’t know the right word it’s so it’s so easy to find an excuse why you aren’t something there is so they say that oh

society is oppressing them but they’re oppressors right and they’re pushing down on all of society okay this

isn’t race this isn’t class isn’t it you’re trying to push down everybody to make yourself feel better why don’t you

try to lift them up and guess what when you lift them up you will also be lifted up it’s

what we talked about a few on a few episodes ago they’re working so hard to fight the oppression they think is

happening in society that they’re becoming that they’re becoming bullies themselves right

so um all of this has to do with you having your own self-discipline to realize that

you’re the problem and you are the reason why you’re not successful

yeah i have what works for me and what worked for me really well the reason or the way

to dominate your life um if if anybody has has been on social

media at all these last few years they’ve probably heard of a program called 75 heart it was put together by a guy named andy

fursella the guy is a freaking genius mitch loves him as mandy versace i do

i’ve never watched one show i’ve i’ve listened to i’m not a hater i’m not literally every single one of his shows

i’m not saying anything i’m not a hater i just yeah i don’t so so he put

together this uh mental toughness program called 75 hard and basically it

is a couple of rules that you have to follow every day for 75 days it’s not a couple rules it’s a lot of rules

yeah it’s not as many as you would think it’s a lot of rules but you have to follow these rules every day for 75 days

and if you get to the end of it there is nothing waiting for you at the end there’s no prize there’s no gift

there’s no nothing other than you now have the confidence

and the awareness that you are in charge of your life and literally you can do anything you put your mind to you’ve

proven you’ve proven it to yourself right if you can make it to the end of this then you can literally do anything you

want in life so i’m gonna go over there i’m gonna go over the rules here are they in the notes um so to successfully complete 75 hard you

have to do all of these things uh two 45 minute workouts per day it does not

specify what kind of workouts those are you’re saying a walk works a walk is a workout okay now if not for me but okay

right right but but it’s for everybody it’s forever like so if you’re 70 years old and you

haven’t been doing anything go walk twice a day for a 45-minute walk that’s a workout for you yep okay no shame that

that’s a workout we all are everyone is at different levels everyone’s a different level um one of those workouts

must be outdoors what if it’s you what if you live in minnesota and it’s negative 40. one of

those workouts must be outdoors if you’re if you’re 75 and you live in minnesota and you’re

listening to this show do not go outside for 45 minutes in the dead of winter don’t do it i’m saying good thing it’s

springtime i’m saying don’t do it because something bad could happen to you right you do it you do whatever you want don’t go

outside for 45 minutes right you’d be dead so again you’re going to have to tailor this right so like if if you are in a

climate where it gets absolutely frigid and all this stuff then maybe you got to do it in the warmer months if you’re going to try and do this um so one of

those workouts must be outdoors and this is supposed to be five days right this is 75 days so for for the record i’m not doing this

we’re we’re in the midwest it thunderstorms here so i did 75 hard last summer

and there were days you know i’m having to kind of time my walk around some of the thunderstorms and stuff but there

were days where i’m i’m walking and running in the rain you know i was pissed so one day mitch and i live about and this is just

completely weird because when we when we grew up we lived

a two-minute bike ride from each other right and then we lived together for a little while and then we lived

30 minutes apart and then we you know we’ve always been close somehow i don’t know if it’s the universe i don’t know what the hell is going on but one day i

was driving home and i see his ass out there walking in his pro tank and i’m like look at this i’m literally thinking

as i’m walking by i’m like look at this loser and then i’m like oh [ __ ] that’s mitch so i texted him i’m like hey if

you’re walking all the way out this way why don’t you just come by the house right like you’re literally

two minutes from my house right um if i remember correctly that day it was

filthy hot like it was 98 it was hot as [ __ ] yeah it was blazing yeah i’m like

look at this and i was like oh [ __ ] that’s me that’s it okay so

uh rule number one two 45-minute workouts rule number two one of those workouts must be outdoors right uh rule

number three follow a diet rule number four no alcohol it doesn’t say what diet correct any diet right no

rule number four is no alcohol no cheat meals so follow a diet if you want to do

a keto diet pick the maximum number of carbs that you want to intake each day and do not break that right diet if you

want to if you’re trying to bulk up and add weight maybe your diet is eating a minimum of 3 500 calories a day like it

does not specify what diet it is put a diet together and stick to it do not change anything for 75 days because

it’s not about working out or dieting it’s about the mental challenges mental toughness that

it takes yes to con to complete those yeah aspects no alcohol for 75 days what

if you what if you don’t drink it all should you drink alcohol every day for 75 days no

that would not be advice um no cheat meals not even a single m m not a single

skittle not a single jolly rancher what if you don’t eat cakes or candies now

and you did you want to do the thing then because i don’t eat and that step is going to be a whole lot easier for you

okay right so i shouldn’t so so if i don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat candy

i shouldn’t yeah drink alcohol and eat candy so there’s people that do like they’ll do the macro diet and they’ve got enough

macros left in their day where they think they can have a piece of candy no that’s a [ __ ] cheat meal yeah it’s their own goal so right

um uh rule number what are we on one two three four rule number five drink one

gallon of water each day for 75 days so i’ll get into a story in a second about

how that one about killed me um i’m joking by the way rule number six read 10 pages of a

self-help or personal development book each day dave calls [ __ ] on that one because he doesn’t like i think

self-help is [ __ ] my wife is kind of the same way right so i don’t i love me some mitch and i’m not doubt i’m not

down on my buddy but i think if i think 95 of those books are [ __ ]

what they’re getting at is they they don’t want you reading 10 pages of a fiction book or a sci-fi book or a comic

book or something like that they want it to be a book that’s going to better your life so if you are an engineer and you

want to read a book about a guy who started an engineering firm then do that if you’re a plumber and you want to read

a book about how to do better in plumbing that’s still a personal development book

right if you’re a marketing agency and you want to read the purple cow which is a great book about marketing

that’s considered a personal development book so all of those books apply

non-fiction or like fictional books and sci-fi and stuff like that that’s not that’s not what they’re talking about

and the final rule is to take a progress photo of yourself each day you don’t have to post it on social media although

a lot of people do and i don’t know why like they’ll do it every day and i i didn’t do that but the

purpose of the progress photo is when you do all of this you are going to see a physical transformation in your body

and that physical transformation in your body is a representation of the mental transformation that’s happening in your

mind and you do this for 75 days

and i guarantee you without a doubt you will be a changed person on the end if

you aren’t a changed person at the end of 75 days then you are lying because you did not do every step of the program

you may have said you did but you didn’t and the the final aspect of this is if you

miss any one of these steps you start over from day one the most commonly missed step is the progress photo

because it’s the easiest one to forget so i started this last year what if i do it

and i do it all and i don’t feel any different and i come to you and i i honestly say mitch

i did it i did it all because i was going to call you out on your [ __ ] and i did it all and i seriously am the

exact same person yeah it’s it’s not going to you i’m telling you it’s impossible to go

through this and not come out a changed person on the other side so my day won’t i never drank water before

this program ever day one of this program i drink a ton of water i drink i have to i drink a gallon

of water by one in the afternoon okay and then throughout i never drank water

before this program um i was working on a job i got done with a job i’m feeling

weird okay i drive to the supply house to restock and get some parts for the next day and

i’m driving to the supply house and i’m i’m feeling very weird right and i’m i’ve been peeing nonstop all day

long right it was my first gallon of water it was my first day ever working out with tyler at dog pound you did it

all in one day oh i just started like most most people won’t like they’ll plan

for a month to start this and then they’ll never start well they should probably playing for a week it sounds like yeah well if you never if you’ve

never drink water before i’ll tell you you should probably get a little bit first of all let’s first off let’s talk

about that for a second if you don’t aren’t drinking water every day you’re an idiot well that’s why i love

you what kind of i mean what kind of [ __ ] doesn’t try to drink at least 32 ounces of water every day right so i do now

okay before i never drink i mean that’s on you i mean i listen if i ever drank a glass of water a month i would be amazed

like i literally never drank just water really you know what i do in the mornings so we’ve talked about this i

hate mornings right so i go in there and i turn the coffee pot on and i go to the

faucet and i like it’s our glasses are 16 ounce right i may not drink the whole thing but i

bet i put down 12. yeah i mean just like just like that well before this program my philosophy was i drink 32 ounces of

coffee every day and coffee is made with water so i’m good right so

you’re gonna you’re gonna learn real quick that’s not a good philosophy to have it’s not so by two o’clock i’m at our supply house and i told you i’m

feeling weird the guys at the supply house look at me and they’re like mitch are you okay and i’m like well

what do you mean they said you’re acting funny and i said well i’m feeling a little funny and they were like

we probably ought to call your wife and have her come pick you up and like i was i was out of sorts right

um sit down bro the only thing i can liken it to is if you’ve ever been around a diabetic that went low on their

blood yeah they’re out they’re just they’re just out of it they’re almost acting a little drunk they’re acting just way out of it right and so blood

sugar is all [ __ ] up i get home i have to cancel my afternoon call um i get home and i’m like in crazy amount of

pain i’ve got the worst headache ever my back is killing me the same thing that so if you’re if you drink a lot of water

and then you get dehydrated you get insane headaches yeah like you just are just like oh man my daughter

gets them yeah well so i danielle thought maybe it was i’m not a diabetic but she thought maybe it was

a diabetic thing so she’s cramming some like sweet doughnut things out of the of course she’s out of the cabinet this

jolly rancher yeah eat some sugar right and so um well now i’ve cheated on my cheat meals

right because i’m eating sweets and so literally failed day one didn’t even complete day one and i

failed well i was out of sorts all through that night i had to take the next day off of work like it totally wrecked me but i

was able to figure out that i had given myself water poisoning um and i didn’t even know this was a thing

until then so um ultimately an extreme of anything is bad

yeah yeah we’re i’m talking food i’m talking alcohol i’m talking drugs i’m talking

salt sure anything an extreme of anything you know it’s crazy how much life is about balance yeah and if you if

you go way too far one way or way too far the other you’re in deep [ __ ] yeah so it took me i probably could have done

it sooner but i was scared to to rush it i stayed with every other aspect of the program except for the water and and i

slowly added in the water and slowly added in the water and slowly added in the water and on day 25

i was able to drink a full like day actually was like day 24 i was able to drink a full gallon of water that day

and because i had done every other step of the program i’m like okay i drank a whole gallon this is my new day one

so i started over on day 24 with a new day one and and from that point forward

i did every aspect of the program and and now so i was doing this through

um memorial day i was doing this through my grandmother’s 90th birthday i was doing

this through fourth of july and so um um there were times where i was very

tempted yeah you know who’s not drinking on fourth of july who’s not cheating on their diet during

the fourth of july barbecue right and now this was the fourth this was the fourth of july where joe biden finally

gave us permission to have a family barbecue right so we were partying hard because he allowed us the permission to

enjoy our independence we strung out right so um

um this was true yeah criminal this this was that fourth of july so i made it

through all of that stuff and completed the program here’s the wild thing about it so for one it did like there’s

literally nothing in the world i can’t do now like i can do anything i want as long as i can put a plan together and do it my business tripled during this

program i i was at a certain level and i was the only employee of our company on day one

of the program the actual like real day one the day 24 slash day one right i was

the only employee of the company then and by the time i completed it in 75 days we were up to a staff of three and

our revenue at triple nice so um a lot of people think they don’t have time for this program well i was a brand

new business owner less than one year in business started this program and added

two more people to my staff tripled my business and still found time to do it all so if you are struggling with the law of

averages and if you are struggling with uh the the ability to dominate your life

and win each day and win each week and win each month

look into 75 heart shoot us an email if you have questions it’s a gut check too if you don’t think you can do it

look i i don’t i don’t do this i don’t i’m not gonna do it but i will say what

from what mitch has told me if if you have self-doubt about whether you can do a business

do this and if you can do this you could probably do the business i can guarantee you you can take self-dedication uh there are there are

more people that start this and fail and complete it so if you can start it and complete it

you’re in the top 10 percent of people out there so um it is it is an amazing transformative

process um if you are serious about doing it it costs nothing there’s like it’s it’s personal accountability it’s

on the honor system right you’re you’re going to be the only one who knows if you cheated or not um anybody who’s done

the program can spot cheaters pretty quick because you’re going to be able to recognize it in their behavior or you’re going to be able to recognize it in

their body transformation and all of that stuff but if you’re serious about doing it there’s an app that you can get to help you track

everything and it’ll let you mark off your days and it’ll let you check off the the items as you do your workouts

and as you stick to your diet you can check all those things off and you can take your picture in the app and all of this stuff and the app’s like five bucks

so um and i’m not ad like i’m not campaigning for them or anything else for me it was five bucks well spent

because it gave me a place to track everything so and and literally day one at the end of day one when i couldn’t

check everything off it’s like you have failed so i mean it like tells you when you failed and it

gives you opportunity to restart the program and all that stuff so look into that because if if you’re serious about

starting business and you’re wondering and you have all that self-doubt that is literally the make or break program and

if you can do that you will be incredibly successful in business i like it yeah wrap it up man uh well

yeah that pretty much wraps up our show so um if you guys have any questions if this brought you

uh a new perspective um if if this show taught you something if

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the kick the uh [ __ ] so later nice love y’all