The Void #33 – Diluted Motivation – May 29, 2022

In this episode, we talk about the negative effects of having so many inspirational quotes put in front of you every day.  Sometimes we don’t need inspiration.  Sometimes we just need to shut down social media and get to work.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!


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smedley and with me as always is david hilton mitch david tried to catch me with my mic out i thought you were gonna

have like a whole long spiel about i don’t know what who knows what i don’t know what you’re going to talk about to start the show half the time well we

changed it up it sounds exciting it sounds so like oh they playing that stuff no we don’t know what we’re doing now we’re pretty awesome just like we’re

gonna start ten minutes ago we didn’t know what we were gonna talk about that’s right no i’m good thanks for asking oh yeah oh yeah how are you i’m

great were you in a poop ditch today no no it’s like amazing right maybe that’s

why i feel like a little out of sorts i wasn’t in a shit-filled ditch you haven’t got the normal amount of poop on

your skin before you came to the show yeah i i just a little out of my element a little clean i didn’t even get dirty today

so yeah bummer yeah i was sweating my ass off i’m exhausted i got some sun got my hair cut yeah oh

man when you’re burnt my forehead when your uh schedule relies on people calling you

some days your schedule is overloaded and other days your schedule’s like crickets you’re like what the [ __ ] is

going on yeah today was kind of one of those cricket days and take advantage of those oh it was nice like we all kind of

hung out the shop for a little while one of the guys birthdays was recently so we all went out to lunch together oh [ __ ] um yeah finally got a sink in my shop

now like a shop sink so now instead of sweeping the shop floor sweeping

sweeping i can mop the shop i thought they had uh bathrooms in them they got bathrooms but you can’t really like oh

you don’t want to be putting them up like in the vlog it’s kind of hard to get the mop i mean it’s not but you i get it yeah

so so yeah now we can mop the shop floor and i can only imagine because first how much are

listeners gonna [ __ ] about it god complain about [ __ ] everything yeah

that was pretty funny oh it’s not like he’s asking you to come to the shop [Laughter]

i mean technically you were doing her a favor she didn’t notice right i mean come on i know i don’t get it yeah i

don’t get it man that was pretty funny she’s a freaking rider she’s a train wreck but she’s a she’s a

riot yeah yeah so now we’ll get to mother shop instead yeah so okay i’m mopping it up

nothing going on in mitch’s world all right sounds good well tomorrow’s back to being full-blown hard and heavy it’s just why

did you have a bunch of calls at the end of the day yeah yeah just you know schedule was light and then this afternoon things opened up and so well

you know if you ever need help don’t call me rhino okay i know i can i can rely on you to not be there if i need

help in the [ __ ] i’ll help him he don’t want to pay that money yeah that’s expensive money that’s yep

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relaxed environment in that show so um today’s show is a business related

show and the topic of today is deluded motivation

what do you mean by deluded motivation i’m glad you asked or business perspective

so deluded motivation has to do with anybody who is on social media

there is no shortage of inspirational quotes out there that you are being

bombarded with every day there’s a lot of them on there every

single day yeah right 87 quotes by thomas jefferson right or

george washington or elon musk or bill gates or

stupid-ass oprah winfrey or they’re just they’re everywhere they’re everywhere

right and they’re everywhere and this isn’t so much about the people that share those quotes you know they think

they’re doing some good it spoke to them and so they’re sharing that message and and so on this has more to do with your

mindset as a person who is trying to get things in order to start your business

or maybe you’re new in business and you’re trying to maintain maintain that aggressive mindset

it is very easy to get distracted by all of these

add style inspirational quotes yeah they just

you’re and what we’re getting at here is you are you are

trying to completely change the way you think about things in the process to

start your own company we go through it in episodes one through nine if you haven’t listened to them go back go through one through nine then

come back to this one right but we talk about you have to change the people you hang out with you have to change the way

you think about money you have to change the way you think about your personal relationships you have to change

everything now not everyone does some people are just kind of born into that role and they have that train of thought

automatically but you know in the day and age that we’re in now it’s not you know you don’t you’re not raised that

way in high school in college and or if you go from high school to a trade

you’re brought up in the workers mentality where you’re trying to change your mind and your actions to

change the path that you’re on right and it’s a really hard thing to do and what all this little bit of you know

distraction over here with motivation distraction over here with your family distraction over here with with money

every little thing is a pull in a different direction and that can distract your focus

from what you really need it to be on right you know what i mean right a lot of those motivational things that

you see again they come from a place of good right they’re the person who’s sharing it’s trying to help no they’re

like this is great i’m gonna put i’m gonna share this i saw this i’m gonna put it on here right and then you see 75 of your friends that share the exact

same stupid ass phrase you’re like ah right you guys are killing me right and so a lot of it even though it comes from

a place of good it can easily distract you from the standpoint of

you have a direction in mind you have a guidance com like you have a compass that’s guiding you for where you want to

go an internal guidance direction right then you start

scrolling on social media and you see some random inspirational quote

that now you feel like you need to incorporate into your business plan or maybe you need to

completely change your business plan to follow the guidance of that inspirational quote right

those are all distracting you from what you’re actually trying to do what you’re actually trying to achieve your your

vision is is is the sole guiding principle for your

company and it is i see a lot of people they kind of lily pad from inspirational quote to

inspirational quote to inspirational quote and and they’ll kind of run in a certain direction of chasing an

inspirational quote that spoke to him last week and then they kind of forget about that one this week and they

jump onto another one that really spoke to him this week and then they kind of forget about this one this week and next

week they’re going to be on to another one and and they’re constantly chasing the next

very short term moment of inspiration well that gets tiring

very very quickly and it it creates a pattern of

of momentary feel-good that does not produce any kind of

long-term success any kind of long-term satisfaction or

or anything right so let the business that you’re shaping

guide you as to where you want to be yeah and don’t let those things so

i think what mitch is kind of saying there is you know don’t let all of those little things like if you’re going from

this quote to this quote and you’re you know you see so many

don’t let those change the perspective you have for the track that you’re on

right you know you’re you’re moving forward this way don’t let one little stupid saying pull you this way right

and then don’t let another saying pull you the other way they’re just it’s just distracting your focus on what

you’re supposed to be on yeah you know and i know i know people that this is not a big thing

i mean let’s be honest like i see some and i just you know i let them go and i go this but i do know people that

literally they’re like they share everything they see as a quote i mean literally like the

there won’t be anything about their lives in one day they’ll be ten different things and all they are quotes about

you know whatever and this and that and blah blah blah and you can tell that they are

i don’t know if people are using those as a crutch for their own lives

or if they’re using it as they want to feel like they’re

empowered over the people that they’re sharing it with i can’t tell exactly what’s going on but you can tell

that that social media influence in their life is greater than it should be yeah and they’re letting it

dictate how they think what they do and all that kind of stuff and we’re just saying here don’t

don’t let that stuff derail you right from your goals right i mean it’s so stupid to say that oh you you’re telling

me one little you know that it only takes one little thing sometimes yeah you know to trip you up from where

you’re going yeah and and so like i knew that my mental state my level of uh

passion and my level of excitement it used to be easily influenced by

social media and when hot social topics would fire up on

social media i would allow those topics and social media to consume

a lot more bandwidth in my brain than it should and and so then

you’re you know then you start getting into you know discussions or arguments or

debates or whatever with people online about all of those social topics right well for the same reason that can

happen and that’s all kind of negative right the same reason that that can happen

is is the same reason that you can also develop a whole lot of false hopes and be given false direction

by chasing these um infographics that have inspirational

quotes on them um you might you might be building and shaping a business model and you are

very very excited about it right now and then you hear some inspirational quote that says something about no matter what

you do in life make sure it’s you do something you love because life is short and now all of a sudden you’re going

well i was i was building a business model off hair cutting but i really

do i like hair cutting or do i not i mean i really like tattoos maybe i need to like

give up this whole thing and go like train to be a tattoo artist and

that’s kind of the example that we’re setting here with this is is people

um they’re afraid to commit to something because they’re constantly allowing a

lot of this social media inspiration to pull them in every direction other than the direction

they need to be marching yeah and if you jump in too far just like mitch was saying then you know you’re getting in arguments and you’re you know you’re

doing this and you’re doing that if you have started your company and you start getting getting involved

in like these little bitty arguments it changes the way people think about you also yeah and it changes the way they

may view your company yeah you know so by you being so involved in stuff that doesn’t matter right you could lose a

customer here yeah you could lose a customer there and what do we talk about all the time when you lose one two three

customers that potentially could have been six nine twelve customers right you know so don’t let that stuff confu or

consume you know your thought process in what’s going on and don’t

you know other business i’ve seen this too on there other businesses will post

stuff that’s inspirational yep you know and it’s not inspiring and i don’t mean

like um so like wagon wednesday’s mitch post you know stuff about dogs i’m a dog person

you know i don’t mean like that i mean they’re you know they’ll say oh we did this and this and this and blah blah and then they’ll have a quote on there that

says that aligns with that you know i’m thomas thomas jefferson blah blah blah this and that and blah blah blah

don’t let what other businesses are doing influence

what you’re doing i mean i’m not saying don’t take the good things they’re doing and not copy them or anything like that

but don’t don’t let it dissuade um the path that you’re on right don’t

let oh man they’re doing all these great things and look they’re posting this and you know they’re doing you know they’re

doing this and i’m not doing that stay the course you know they may have been

in business for 10 years they may have been in business for 15 years right you know don’t let them

make you feel bad about where you’re at with your company you could be doing really great things right you know don’t

let the power of social media display what you’re actually doing right so

like when i i’m trying to think so i made the commitment to start our

company in a january of 2020 and it was very soon after that maybe

two weeks after that i took a break from social media deleted

facebook i don’t do much on instagram at all i think i’ve sent out like three tweets in

my entire life um but i don’t even have a twitter right

um i deleted all the apps from my phone and took a break for like

two months maybe and the entire time i was instead

i was spending all of the time focusing on the things that needed to happen in order for our business to get

off the ground i was trying to remove the distractions from social media

part of it was the constant changing direction of all of those different inspirational quotes that you’re

bombarded with every day the other part of it was this was january of 2020 there was an

election i mean that was an election year and so there was plenty of stuff going on there another part of it was uh this was like

so january of 2020 we knew what covid was but we didn’t know what it was going to become

and [Music] covet had nothing to do with me turning off my social media however

during the time that i had it all turned off was when they closed all the schools and our kids went on spring break and

never never went back never went back yeah you know so um

turning off social media was actually one of the most important parts what i feel was one of the most important parts

of our uh success being able to put a business together in six months and then

open our doors on august 1st and be able to ready to rock and roll um

the the thing that made me do it was um you could look on your phone and

you can have your phone tell you how many hours a day you spend on social media and i was spending a lot of hours on

social media like a lot of hours and i thought man if

i could if i could change that energy from social media to

brainstorming business plans brainstorming how i’m going to lay my plumbing truck out

brainstorming how i’m going to get customers as a new company like what am

i going to do to guarantee my schedule stays full brainstorming how i’m going to organize

the business finances and all of those things and i basically exchanged all of

the hours a day that i was spending on social media for all those hours now got

exchanged for hours of business preparation and when i finally logged back onto social

media um i didn’t miss anything like the pandemic ramped up into full force

and i missed nothing um and uh

i had achieved and gotten a ton of stuff done in the creation of the business

i had all of our all of our parts

organized on a spreadsheet i had all of our repair tasks organized on a spreadsheet

there was there were some other things that i was doing that i was able to get one hundred percent done

simply by turning off social media and it was amazing and so now that i’ve had about two years to

reflect on that i’m i’m realizing that the most important pieces of social media that

were the distraction were those two things one of it was political

divisiveness that was happening because it was the election year and then the other of it was a lot of those

um those inspirational type quotes that can pull you in a direction away from the

direction that you want to go and and you don’t realize it like it comes in it’s it’s sneaky it comes in

and you think oh well that’s good that’s a cool quote oh well that’s good oh that’s a cool quote and by the time you’ve read 10 or 15 or 20 in your

scrolling session now you’re kind of like well what do i really want to do with my life and and

you just got pulled in 15 different directions by 15 different inspirational quotes and it didn’t really get you

anywhere so they’re they’re impactful for a moment but in the grand scheme of things

they’re not really helping you so um it’s a false net of security

yeah you know what i mean it’s not really security it’s like a security i know what you’re trying to say it’s hard to put in words and we’re having a hard

time putting it on the show so i’ve been if you’re not watching on youtube i’ve been scrolling through my phone for like 10 minutes yeah i’ve been just talking i

do it all the time but i just you know i got distracted like i’m just i’m just going through a

look and look and look and edie treatment last nine to 12 times longer like what

i completely lost track of what we were doing i’m like all right okay you know and then i just keep going through and

going through and going through and then i you know i see a couple of cars and i just you know i’m i see a couple boats

for sale i’ve been shopping for a boat you know right but that that’s the whole point literally

i got distracted just looking for some quotes yeah i was like i’ll read a couple online or on the

air no nope i got distracted clicked on two different boats one car right i may

or may not have clicked on the ed treatment i don’t you know i just there’s just a lot of stuff going on you know and just it’s

and we talk about it on the show all the time it’s ridiculous how much time we waste

yeah i mean and that’s kind of the one of the side points of this show we waste a lot of time not focusing on what

we should be focused on right we allow distractions to creep in in our lives whether it be distractions from our

family distractions from our goals and business distractions from our business so you’re not in business and it’s it

and you’re supposed to be uh focused on a job at work and you’re mad because you can’t get a promotion or you

can’t do this well guess what every time you’re on your phone and your boss looks over he’s pissed right because you’re

just jackassing around you know and say you’re not doing it a lot so you’re just doing it once in a while once in a while when you’re on the

clock it ain’t cool right you know what i mean and we just allow all of these distractions to get in and manipulate

our mind and you know the direction our lives are going and we

should be focused on what is truly important yeah and this and the stupid quotes on facebook and

um the stupid you know false narratives of what other businesses are trying to push on

facebook that you know that creole that create self-doubt and distract you all that stuff is wayside that’s not

important right there are other things that are more important that you should be focused on all the time absolutely

absolutely and and i mean this wasn’t really the direction of the show but it goes as far as like

let’s say you you’re aware your marriage or your relationship is on the rocks

but you would rather pick up a video game controller throw on your headphones and

and go online playing video games then put in the work it takes to salvage

your relationship like you’re we choose distraction a lot

we we choose to get distracted um tick tock is a prime example of this um

with the incredibly short nature of videos and like this started with

youtube uh youtube was an endless supply of videos but they were all fairly longer right yeah well then tick tock

comes in and pushes the add narrative even farther and and plays to the like everyone

everybody out there has an add to a certain level right yeah um some have it

much worse than others some are victimized by add a lot worse than others some people can especially very

smart successful people can usually do one of two things super focus it

and become extremely successful or can at least grab a hold of themselves consciously and say hup

what are you doing dude yep we’re supposed to be over here yep and then redirect themselves yeah yeah i mean tick tock plays to that

short attention span attention deficit like really really

well you know 30 second videos a whole lot going on you’ve got audio you’ve got video you’ve got visual

you’ve got words you’ve got i mean you’ve got like you can see how many times the video’s been viewed and

how many hearts it’s gotten how many comments it’s got and how many shares it’s got and like you can see all of

that in three seconds and so it cultures your brain into

receiving satisfaction in three seconds and if not swipe up yeah and receive

satisfaction in three seconds and if not swipe up and it’s it’s changing the way your

brain is wired and it’s ruining your ability to exercise patience in order to

receive satisfaction yeah and let’s be honest patience is focus patience is success in business yeah you

will never be successful in business if you can’t be patient you have to have

time to watch your your vision come to life it’s

cliche and here we are talking about inspirational quotes and i’m going to name one but

in this i don’t even know if this is a quote it’s more of an analogy dave’s going to crack

crack a beer got it uh and it’s been hot a lot it’s cold it is it has

um it patience in business is like planting a seed

and you get let’s say you went out to the garden dave you garden i love gardening right

love it what’s the last thing you planted um in the garden or in the yard

like not a lot of starter like seed oh the tomato plants and peppers for

this year i started them in february started i always do i got grow lights in the barn okay tomatoes and peppers hold on you got

grow lights in the what else do you got in the barn that’s it all right that’s it

so that’s it you plant tomatoes and i’m i’m not playing

a character here sorry i am ignorant what do you got you plant tomatoes from a seed yes okay

i get them from they send them right to my house all right so you plant tomatoes in dirt yes

you water that yes what would happen if you went out tomorrow and

pulled back the dirt and expected to see activity what do you mean activity like like oh

like if i planted if you planted it yesterday and you came out today nothing imagine if you allowed seven to ten days

imagine if you allowed that one day of nothing to destroy your dreams

oh like i got all mad right nothing had happened well i guess this isn’t going to work trash everything yeah throw the

row lights away add 101 right i mean that’s that’s what and it may sound

extreme but that’s literally what a lot of the social medias are culturing us to do is they’re culturing us to receive

instant satisfaction it’s called instant gratification syndrome and it it

it also waters made that up i don’t you can call that what you you know what if any of you use that and

it’s not out there that’s mine you owe me i’m copyrighting are you a victim of igs [Laughter]

consult your doctor about instant gratification it’s on some music maybe i can copyright that there you go there we

go um the so it does two things one is it cultures

you um to receive that instant pleasure and if you’re not instantly pleasured then

move on right well how is it gonna be how hard is it gonna be to start a business if you can’t

get around the idea that pleasure does not come instantly okay you’re telling me if i start a business and in one week

i’m not worth two million dollars right it doesn’t happen that way the

other thing that it does is it creates the illusion that whoever you’re watching on social media

just because they came across your page so instantly it creates the illusion that they became successful

instantly or somewhat overnight and that most assuredly didn’t happen no

you know joe rogan is like the world’s most followed podcaster has like the

most listeners in the world right right he didn’t have that many listeners

ten years ago no he didn’t have that many listeners five years ago what was his first year i

don’t even know i don’t either i mean i guess what i’m getting at is he started with just a few followers yeah

and business is the same way right and so if you’ve just learned about joe rogan you might feel like always some

overnight success no the dude’s on like episode 1800 or something like like he’s done

yeah it’s a lot boatloads of episodes and his episodes are like three hours long yeah i mean yeah he’s dedicated

a ton of lifetimes of work to just the one thing and the one thing is not his

main thing no he was on fantasy factory he was you mean fear factor

oh you’re right yeah you’re right fear factor yeah he was a ufc fighter amateur

fighter for a little while he was a judge he still does those yeah still judges not judges

commentator that’s right yep i mean but he’s got he’s got other things too he owns a couple of comedy store like

comedy clubs and stuff like that but i mean just the podcast alone

the guy’s got lifetimes of work into that podcast and and he’s seeing the pinnacle of

success with it um don’t get the illusion that that was like some overnight success because it

absolutely wasn’t um and and man he’s got some great stuff on his show too i love his open and

honest perspective on everything but you can tell like he’ll he’ll talk about

his activities on social media and he talks about how he’ll post and ghost

like he’ll post some won’t be on there for two months he’ll post something and then never come back to it and then just

let people enter like like most people will post something and they’re trying to see how many reactions they get i do

this like like you gauge the success of a post based off of how many reactions it gets or how many views your video

gets or how many comments it gets or whatever and that’s i’m going to say that’s probably what a majority of

people do right well he doesn’t he’ll literally make a post and then log out and not even log back in for three weeks

yeah it just is what it is that’s what i do and and uh um

you know we are not in we’re not in control of virality on the

internet nearly as much as we think we are and so to try to allow the number of reactions

in a social media post to gauge our thoughts on

like effectiveness or success or how well it was accepted amongst the

general public is pretty far out there because there is a whole lot of other

factors that go into who’s seeing that post um to

to really weigh in on that and we talk about that on man

it’s one of the beyond the void episodes we get into it pretty hard about how they’re changing algorithms and oh

yeah what to look for and all that so go back and listen to the beyond the void episodes and

i mean you you could be enlightened yeah you know yeah well and

um there is a movie i may even have to look it up

there’s a movie out there that talks about um it basically shows like a control

room panel of people that are in charge of who is seeing what’s on their like what you see on your social media feed

and they talk about like oh let’s drop this ad in front of them right now and oh they just received this

news so now they’re going to be in this mindset so let’s place this post next

because their mind is ripe to react to this one next

and it is it is a very real right like um you

um the social dilemma that is the name of the movie it’s on netflix um it’s really

really cool like if you haven’t seen it you should watch it because it will show you um

it will show you everything that you need to know about

social media in that in that small show and keep in mind that social dilemma shows a couple

years old so you’re like already if you’re just now right or 10 times as bad right like if

you’re if you’re having you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around it just wait um

just to give you a reference 10 years ago okay this was before social media was

insane it’s insane now 10 years ago it was still fairly mild

10 years ago we were playing jokes on people in the office we would send them an email

and in the bottom of the email we all used gmail right and we knew google would change their ads to you based off

of like we knew google was watching what you were emailing and if you were emailing about if i was

emailing about plumbing stuff literally all of my google ads would show up as oh

you like moen faucets well here yeah here’s our select selection of mo and fosters you know

so we would play jokes on people in the office and we would email them something and then we in the

bottom like two or three lines we would change the font color to white and we would put like

massive dildo in unless they highlighted all of the words

they would never know that was in there but then all of a sudden hear their google ads come out

and it’s like wait a minute what’s this you know

we knew that i mean it’s kind of funny we knew that 10 years ago yeah

what are they doing now oh my gosh and that was instantaneous yeah literally instantaneous yeah just boom there it is

right so um the i mean the main the main purpose of this show

is to to not get distracted by the the deluded motivations that are out there

right well your social media knows exactly where you’re at mentally they know like your

social media knows you listen to the void your social media knows that the void is a show that’s to help you cross the void

from employee to self-employed you’re getting business loan applications your social media knows exactly what you’re

going through in your brain and that you’re wanting to start a small business yeah and so

guess what fleet vehicles just you’re gonna start yeah right and left you’re probably seeing a lot of that stuff

already and on top of that the the powers that be on your social

media are currently onslaughting you with a whole bunch of

inspirational post this motivational post that thought provoking post this and that and

and again on the surface you think it’s helping you but it’s actually distracting you because it’s just

confusing you into the direction that you really want to focus on yeah and that’s the whole point of this show is

you have to be able to consciously think i have to direct my focus in this area

if i want to obtain the goals that i’ve set out to obtain yeah i have to be able to get

laser focused and i have to be able to accomplish the small tasks i’ve set in front of me

to get to the big goal which is owning my own business yep and getting out of the drudgery of you know

the day-to-day life yeah like we talk about all the time yeah so i mean if you

if you are dead serious about starting your own company it takes massive amounts of work

especially like our business as a plumbing business we have over 2 000

pieces of material on our trucks to think that you’re just going to have 2 000 pieces of material show up on your

truck and not know how it got there and not know what it is and what it costs and how

much of them you need and where they’re going to be placed and on what shelf and how many of them you need and how you’re

going to replenish them like that [ __ ] takes work it takes a whole lot of work and so

scrolling on social media is not helping you get any closer to putting some massive amounts of organization to all

of that and so for me the answer was literally turning off social media the answer was

literally turning off the biggest distraction in my life and that was social media

i mean i was it was work it was build the business and it was social media and in my family yeah right

well i can’t give up work right because i kind of needed that i wasn’t going to give up on building a business uh i

wasn’t going to give up on my family so literally the only other thing to give up was social media yeah and that’s

you know if you don’t think an hour a day is a lot like okay so you hear it and you think oh man

an hour a day i’m not on there an hour a day 15 minutes at lunch 10 minutes here five minutes there you

know if you did give it up say it was at night say it was an hour a night you

were on there that’s seven hours a week seven hours a week is a ton of time i’ve

talked absolutely i’ve talked about it on this show monday night go to work or monday go to work

layla has soccer monday night tuesday night here at mitch’s usually yep wednesday

work layla soccer thursday work layla soccer friday work hope to god i get

some time when i get home if she doesn’t have a game or something we can have some family time there right saturday

usually work in the yard and do stuff because guess what those other five days i was doing other things seven hours is

a ton of time yeah it is a ton of time yeah i mean it just and if you don’t

think seven hours is a ton of time go put in seven hours straight on a saturday for your boss and tell them you

don’t want to get paid for it yeah all of a sudden now you realize exactly how much time that is yeah and for those

this is gonna sound so cliche and so stupid when you’re 28 7 hours ain’t [ __ ]

right when you’re 30 35 40 and you’ve got more than one kid one kid

seven hours is a ton of time it is a giant amount of time it’s business perspective yeah and if you’re trying to

get to that i mean let’s be honest if if you’re 28 and you’re trying to get to that

you’ve got a little more work ahead of you in changing your mindset let’s be honest than if you were older and oh i’ve

learned these things i can jump right in right but if you’re 28 change your perspective now start your business then

when you get to 40 you’ve already learned it all you got it right you know you’re on the right path right

yeah and we’ve talked about that before too like on our on our recent show that we did about um oh shoot my mind just

went blank and that’s it today’s show no no everybody the simplicity of high productivity yeah

and and i’ve got some friends of mine that are even like significantly younger than me that have figured it out

much faster than i did much earlier in their lives than i did right and i’ve got some friends of mine that

are my exact age that have figured it out and they’re operating on a whole different level than i am

and so this is what triggers that this is what starts that when you have the ability to

identify massive areas of inefficiency in your life

then and then you have the discipline to remove those areas of inefficiency

then all of a sudden your life starts taking off in a whole different direction and it’s a good direction to

be in so we we’ve brought this up under the heading of

deluded motivation and how a lot of this motivational stuff can be distracting because that’s usually one of the

excuses we use we talk about well i need you know it’s not i stay on facebook because i can

stay connected with my family or or whatever well guess what you can reach out to all those people and say hey i’m

going to check out a facebook for a while uh maybe like if you have pictures or something you want me to see like text

them to me yeah you know call me yeah yeah go back to the old ways of doing things

and this show is you know a little bit about perspective too just like mitch was saying when you see

so mitch knows younger guys that are operating at a higher level than him he sees older guys that

um maybe worth five times the money he’s worth right now you know

jealousy can creep in okay let’s talk about just business perspective for you know just a second

don’t let other people’s success dissuade your motivation or your goals

right we all are at different levels at different times in our life yeah you

know what i mean right now i might be worth more money than mitch i have no doubt that someday he’s gonna be worth

more money than me right does that i would never think

less of mitch if i was worth more than him or would i ever think oh man he’s just

you know oh he’s worth he’s done this and he got lucky in this and now he’s no

i would never think that right don’t think that way about other people because to be honest all all that does

is hurt you yeah if you’re your motivation if you’re of that mindset where you’re feeling jealous of somebody

else’s success or you’re upset that somebody else is successful you have a

lot of growing up to do yeah because that right there should be an indicator that you have no clue how much it took

for them to become successful exactly and so uh fix that for and the only person

that’s gonna know that is you and it starts with you having to admit that to yourself yeah but if you’re of that

mindset where you’re jealous of somebody else’s success and jealous in a bad way where you kind of resent them for it

yeah it’s one thing to be jealous in an admirational way right like um i i get

to a point that all jealousy is bad but like i have some people that can be motivational too right like i have some

people that are more successful than i am um that i’m jealous of but i’m not jealous i’m not

i’m i’m positively jealous of it like i’m jealous in a way that inspires me to

to operate at their level to do better to be better right yeah that’s a good kind of

jealousy that’s a that’s a drive to succeed that’s not like a malicious kind of jealousy right yeah

and i would never say anything bad about them either because once you that’s the weird thing about success once you put in a little bit of

work and see what it takes to see a little bit of success you start to recognize how much work it

takes to see a lot of success and then you start looking at really

successful people and you you now have a grasp on exactly

how much work it took for them to be that successful yeah and and you know there’s something

to be said in there too is if you’re on an upward trajectory

and you know it’s going to be a long time before you get here or you may not you may not get there okay but try to

have peace and be happy where you are in your moment now if you’re working hard

and you’re doing the right things you should be satisfied yeah okay that

doesn’t mean be complacent no it doesn’t mean give up but don’t let jealousy

and you know fear of you’re not gonna make it to x level

rule your life right you know i listen i’m not gonna be bill gates okay

i’m not gonna be elon musk i’m not at their level right okay but you don’t need to be to be successful i’m not

gonna be um george ward in our area right a very successful older i mean he

runs has run half of where i’m not gonna be there right okay

that doesn’t mean i can’t strive to be there right you know what i mean that doesn’t mean i’m less of a

that doesn’t mean i’m not a smart that doesn’t mean i don’t work as hard quit what drives me crazy is when i see

people either give up because they don’t think they’re gonna get there or say oh they

were lucky because they got this or they got a settlement and they got this yeah they did you know what that doesn’t

that’s not an excuse for you to not work hard that’s like the people that try to downplay trump’s success because his dad

gave him a million dollars to start out yeah he still ran with it yeah well he turned a million dollars into billions

of dollars that would that would be like somebody giving you a thousand dollars

and you turning it into a hundred million yeah and and so

the moment if there’s ever a moment where you’re trying to downplay trump’s success

because he was handed a million to begin with that he paid back i think right right the moment that the moment

that you’re sure that you could turn a thousand into a hundred million

that is the only moment where you could downplay trump’s success yeah other than that

you need to look inward a little bit first before you you start looking outward at other people because

what he did with that i mean it was just on a different level he started with a million right so he started at a much

higher level yeah and it’s easier to start you know the more money you have obviously i mean it can be but he was

tackling much bigger problems than you’re like let’s say you were handed a thousand dollars you can only handle

thousand dollar problems yeah uh what would you rather have a thousand dollar problem or a million dollar problem

let’s be honest if someone gave me a million dollars i would probably invest it and then live off that money because

i want to live a more simple family-oriented type of life and i don’t have the drive to want to be like that

yeah so i wouldn’t have done it either right you know what i mean right i just

it drives me crazy when people are like oh well this happened and this happened and you know these people got this money

and they got this settlement and they did this with it and they you know what don’t use it i just said

this i’m gonna say it again don’t use it as a crutch you know to downplay your own success if

you want to be successful be successful and quit bitching about it right you know what i mean take what you have yeah

and do something good with it yeah this is we’ve said this a hundred times too this is [ __ ] america

you can be great in america you can do whatever you want and be great i

shouldn’t say be great you can be shitty at it and still make a ton of money it’s america

okay there’s ton of tons and tons of money out there right a little less at the present time that we’re in now

thanks joe but i mean go as far don’t use those things as a crutch

um right in your life yeah well guys that’s all i have to get off

no that’s i think that’s the i think that’s the best way to wrap up the show so um if if this guy uh or if this is

this topic yeah if if this topic uh made you think it

made you uh consider things in a different way if this topic made you

um if it lit a fire under your ass to do better um for one let us know about it

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so um if this show lit a fire under your ass to do better

and to challenge your perspective on social media a little bit let us know

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to get your mind in the right direction so um again that that kind of wraps up uh this week guys so until next week we

will see you later [Music]