The Void #26 – Musk Buys Twitter! – May 6, 2022

In this episode, we talk about Elon Musk buying Twitter and all of the people who are freaking out about it.  We also talk about how mainstream media attempts to control how you think and how you should feel about certain things.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!


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today’s show is a beyond the void show so a little less business a little more social and today we are going to be kind

of rehashing an episode so we we recorded a show last week about elon musk’s and elon musk and his

purchase of twitter when we recorded this show last week it was one day after it was announced that

he was going to be buying twitter [Laughter] we had some uh

technical difficulties with that show and we we did the entire show and then

we found out that there was some problems with the audio file and we were not unfortunate unfortunately we were

not able to give you that show i think mitch unplugged his mic on purpose because he didn’t want to talk about it something happened with my microphone to

where i could hear myself in the headset the entire show however something was wrong with my microphone to where the

audio file had my mic off of it completely and uh i mean is as good looking as dave is

listening to dave have half of a conversation with himself for an hour is not really that

entertaining you know that’s my life so i’m talking to myself yourself to myself so literally i’m only one half of

myself yeah so that’s like my life all the time yeah so if you if you want we’ll send you

that just one half an episode and you can know what it’s like to be me it you’ll be insane in 30 minutes yeah it

ain’t good i mean we tried we really really tried so it was bad um it was pretty bad uh thankfully that’s still a

kind of current enough topic that we’re going to kind of bring in that as well as some other stuff that’s going on as

well so i was listening to um i’ve said this on the show before i tuned in to ben shapiro once in a while

but he was talking about it today yeah again yep so it’s a pretty current i mean it’s it’s going to be talked about for quite

a while it’s not that it’s a current event it’s that it’s a very important issue yes when it comes to

first amendment speech yeah um you know how the social media platforms have

tried to take over reality yeah and report what they want when they want how they have

tried to push their narrative no matter no matter what it is you’re saying or

what it is you’re talking about you’re talking about something they don’t like shut it down talk about something you like push it super hard it’s just

it’s just manipulation on a national level that can’t be allowed to happen i saw something today

and it’s a new it’s a new frontier for facebook i have a friend of mine on

facebook he’s one of my digital mentors one of my social media mentors he was showing screenshots today where

he is no longer allowed to use messenger facebook messenger for a certain period

of time because things that he was messaging people

have gone against their community standards if he were to these are

private messages he could probably win if he was suing him i mean he tried it’s pretty wild like

i i’m going to be 100 honest my wife and i use messenger over text right we don’t

use text very much we use facebook messenger she’s my wife like i think she’s [ __ ] hot right

i text her some dirty [ __ ] i violate community standards

on the regular it’s a dirty old perv

i mean it’s your wife i get it right but just like you know i violate community

standards in messenger on the regular and now they’re talking about clamping down your messenger because

because of that we talk about this all the time whatever like you can talk to alexa or google or whatever

dude they’re taking all that stuff and they’re putting it in a file you can gosh yeah if you or i tried to like run

for congress it would never happen like it would just get leaked out that this is what they

i mean yeah they would find some weird stuff and they’d be like can you believe that this guy thinks that you should be

this size do you believe that i mean it would just be the weirdest [ __ ] ever [Laughter]

what does it matter to you i mean it’s just i don’t know i don’t know i’ll google anything it’s it’s crazy

you’re a trip man so so last week comes out elon musk is

gonna buy twitter um let’s get into it it’s pretty cool the the the if you look into the

nitty-gritty of how he’s doing the deal it’s actually kind of neat like he’s able to leverage

the future value of his shares of twitter to purchase twitter like that’s it’s

kind of a neat thing how they’re doing it um and of course he has some outside investors and everything else

but but first off if he just wants to pay write a check he can write a check yeah he can write a check it helps out

the fact that he’s not greedy right like he doesn’t own a home no the only thing he owns is a bad ass private jet to take

him from business venture to business venture that’s pretty cool is he airbnb or does he just rent condos um what’s he

do no i i i don’t know a whole lot about mr musk it may have changed now but the last

time i looked into it and i don’t know how dated this was but like he was living in a living quarters like in one

of his buildings like so one of his buildings he had like put living quarters in let’s be honest

don’t like you say that like oh it’s just some it was probably super nice

mostly i mean it was probably a high rise in l.a i mean it was probably no i don’t really know i don’t want to

get the impression it was that but i mean i’m sure it was nice wherever it was but it wasn’t probably some big giant warehouse it wasn’t some crap

junky old 110 year old brick building in downtown casey no it’s not a shack no it’s not a pistain mattress or anything

no it’s a nice place yeah yeah that’s what it is it’s a nice place yeah but i mean he’s kind of the model of a guy

who’s going to reinvest everything back into his business to watch his business grow and he doesn’t need to take that

stuff personally why so on the topic yourself why do you think

that it makes people so mad that he’s gonna buy it

uh i think people get mad so the people you’ll notice it’s kind of a the

one certain type of person that’s getting upset that he’s buying it um and that’s gonna you mean employees

or like actual just general people you know general people in the population it’s it’s gonna be of a certain political affiliation and everything

else and and i think what you’re learning is the people that are really upset about that

are the people like it’s kind of a big tell like they’re showing their poker hand of

who listens to the media and follows the media the mainstream media’s instructions to the t and who doesn’t

right most of your free thinking individuals that have the ability to come up with a thought on their own

don’t really care that he’s buying twitter and if anything they may be happy that he’s buying twitter

people that wake up every day and turn on the news and like they use the news like their

daily compass to tell them how they’re supposed to feel yeah it’s their barometer for the day right

those are the people that are upset i shouldn’t say should i be mad today it’s what should i be mad at today right

that’s what that’s what where was the bloodshed yeah if it bleeds it leads yeah that’s that’s the new yeah not the new but i

mean and you’ll notice a lot of those same people are the same people that like let’s say thunder like we’re in the

midwest we get thunderstorms right we just had by the way we just had a badass tornado like three hours from here yeah

they got some amazing footage luckily no one was killed no one was killed except for those three kids that did you see

that yeah some storm chasers some storm chasers from i saw that university of oklahoma we’re driving back hydroplaned

yeah semi killed them unrelated to the tornado awful they just yeah hydroplaned them some water yeah it is awful just

kids um but there was numerous numerous footage of this andover kansas like if

you’re listening to the show and you want to look at it did you see half of it was drone footage yeah and the whole time i’m thinking i’m looking at the

drone footage and i’ve flown some of the little ones that like two foot by two foot yeah you know they have the four and you’re trying to fly them if it’s

ten mile an hour wind i can’t fly the son of a gun it’s in the ground you got it these guys are like i mean it’s wrong

perfect it’s per i didn’t buy it so i’m not spending five grand on a drone it’s perfect it’s just taking video side

side tangent here you bought a drone for five grand no i’m going i’m going to buy one but um

uh so you take videos of yourself driving around last christmas two christmases ago um for christmas lights

on our house i made this big giant 12 foot by 24 foot american flag out of

christmas lights it’s got like six or seven hundred led lights in it it’s

[ __ ] amazing right mr griswold himself yeah like

it’s it’s wild we live at the end of the street so like everybody it’s not like oh you’re driving by this house no like the whole

way down the street and we live right off kind of first off you can see it off adam’s story yeah like you can see it you can see it

right yeah so i put it up two christmases i’ve told friends as we’ve dreamed about like that’s my buddy mitch’s house yeah they just roll their

eyes they’re like oh yeah that you’re okay you’re friends with him yeah so yeah we’re now we’re friends last year i

put it up on my house for like three or four weeks over fourth of july like as we’re coming up into june nice i put it

back on my head my hoa like half of them hate me because of this but i don’t give a [ __ ] first off if you if

if people in your hoa hate you because you’re showing an american flag you’re doing something right on the day of our

independence right right so get off it anyway because it was fourth of july i have a buddy of mine like i reached out

to a couple of friends and i’m like hey anybody know anybody have a drone right buddy of mine lets me borrow his drone for a couple of weeks

this thing’s [ __ ] cool like like it was a legit drone it goes five

miles away wow like like you could fly to my house i could fly it over your house and

record in your windows and like all from my house it is it’s kind of creepy but

first off have you seen that episode i think i saw it on ridiculousness of the old lady she wasn’t old she was probably

55 shoot that one down yeah yeah if anybody flies a drone over my house the

shotguns are right by the fireplace and i will that thing will be on the ground yeah and i’m sure there’s probably some

laws against doing all that i’m not saying oh i think there are it’s just really impressive how far away this thing can go from your house and like

you you don’t have to use radio frequency well i don’t know i’m not going to act like i even know how it works i just know that you dock your

cell phone on the top of it and you’re watching the entire thing on your cell phone and you can record and everything and it’s freaking cool well i’m getting

it sounds like a free cell phone if you fly it over my house well no no your cell phone didn’t go on

the drone your cell phone goes on the controller i thought you made it went on the drone no i’m watching it

on my cell phone from your phone so what camera does it use it has just one built in it’s got a gimbal camera on the

bottom of it yeah it’s cool but so i had a buddy of mine let me borrow his drone and i put it up like four or 500 feet in

the air and i kind of zoom in on the american flag on my house and then like all of my neighbors around me are

rednecks it’s kind of funny we’re rednecks but we live in a neighborhood right so our cul-de-sac just gets overrun

mitch’s mortar shells like crazy yeah mitch is the guy you don’t want living in your subdivision because he fires up

all the other guys that are don’t wanna it’s possible my ten-year-old may have had a run-in with the cops on fourth of

july two fourth of julys ago yeah because you’re the guy yeah you’re the guy you’re like okay that’s

we don’t want him here but he’s here right and then he goes around and fires up all the other guys who are they want to be that guy yeah but

they’re kind of afraid but then he goes over there and gives them like three beers and talks them into doing something stupid in the case of beerus

and join us and they’re like okay yeah come on down hey buddy i got a keg it’s in the driveway you got a keg for fourth

of july hell yeah come on free beer yeah and if it runs right through you i got a urinal in the garage too so yeah yeah it’s not uh it’s not good so so we

parked this i mean i like it but we parked this drone like 600 feet in the air and we start shooting mortar shells

off and so i’ve got like all these cool photos from the drone 600 feet in the air looking at my flag

and mortar shells going off right in front of the drone like like 30 or 40 feet from the drone

it’s cool yeah it’s really neat it sounds cool if i was in your subdivision i’d be the guy shooting mortars at your

drone at the drone yeah i’d be trying to take them down i mean they’d be on an angle are you trying to get the ark

right we parked that drone up in the air and the first couple times were like yeah this should be good and then the first mortar shell goes off and like

pieces of it hit the drone and i’m like go up another couple hundred you’re gonna have to write a check i don’t want

to do that yeah but uh we’ve gotten completely off topic i can’t even remember where we were to

be honest we were talking about elon musk yeah but i don’t know how that i don’t know how we got into drones i don’t either but uh um so let’s get a

lot of the people that are upset about the whole elon musk thing and the purchase of it are people that are

like getting their guidance for the day from the news and i don’t care what

political affiliation you are you should probably turn off the news literally the news’s whole purpose is to

scare you in to keep watching right you’ll notice they do this on a couple of things

every freaking day it’s about a shooting or a killing or a murder or something

right it’s tragic yes i’m not going to act like it’s not however it’s gone on every

day since eternity and it will continue to go on and whether you’re watching it on the news or not ain’t gonna change

your life so it’s only gonna drag you down so turn it off for that reason another reason is

when a thunderstorm we’re in the midwest thunderstorms happen when a thunderstorm comes through the area

turn it on three or four different news channels and watch yeah and then go turn it on like the national weather service

or the weather channel and watch they’re turning up and down the sensitivity of their radar for ratings i

guarantee you your local news channel will have much more red in their radar

than like the national weather service or the weather channel because the national weather service and the weather

channel don’t need your ad money they don’t need your ratings they’re literally providing we’re paying for

that anyway right you turn on your local news channel and all of a sudden what was green on the national weather

service has spots of red and purple and everything right and then you have these

personalities on your local news that are telling you to seek shelter and everything else meanwhile your weather

channel’s like yeah it’s a garden variety you’re gonna have some hail and some winds yeah you’re gonna be fine

that is yeah right there those two factors alone should convince you that the news doesn’t care about you and they

only want to scare you and it’s let’s be honest it’s their job to get ratings to make money so they get

paychecks yeah but it’s an incredibly unethical way to go yeah but the integrity is is pretty bad i watch like

i watch newsmax is what i watch or i’ll watch news nation yeah they don’t have local weather on there but

they’re they’re pretty good about you know okay i’m gonna put the facts out there this is what it is

you know and move on the thing with elon musk and buying this twitter

for a long time all of these social media platforms have been dictating to you the news you’re getting yep you know

what i mean and they’ve been dictating to you what you see what you don’t see

free speech as they see it that’s quotations for those of you on spotify they can’t see my fingers

yeah free speech they’re trying to dictate to you what free speech can or can’t be because they feel like they

have to protect you well they’re trying to protect you from the truth most of the time they’re trying to say

they’re trying to protect you but they’re trying to shape what you see and what you think yeah so that they can

um you know we just talked about this with disney you know they’re trying to groom children basically is what they’re

trying to do the news is trying to do the same thing to you yeah it’s it doesn’t work the same as in they’re trying to actually

change your brain into thinking this certain way but if you only see one thing you’re going to believe that

one thing right okay and it it’s obvious when the employees of twitter are

completely panicked it’s obvious that there’s a problem yeah because they have literally been

cheating the system for so long and they’re afraid that they’re all gonna get caught yeah and they’re either gonna go to jail be fired

um you know whatever because they know that they have been changing the

algorithms so that you see what they think is important yeah and that’s not free speech that’s that’s first

amendment manipulation is what that is yeah and with all the claims too so i mean just calling it how it is twitter

was incredibly left-leaning right and so a lot of the far right-leaning personalities

with a great subject and a great voice and a great delivery

they put themselves on a platform to have a a great audience right

well you’re seeing a lot of right-leaning personalities just within the last week all of a

sudden their following is growing by hundreds of thousands of people yeah and they’re tweeting i only have a thousand

followers i don’t understand what’s going on and then boom oh the shield’s been lifted yes oh because they’re

trying to cover their ass yeah and right before like like people aren’t going to be able to the problem with technology

and what i don’t think these idiots realize is it leaves a trail no matter what yeah but we are really good about

accepting glitches right um we’re really good about

uh ignoring the fact that that [ __ ] just doesn’t happen like that and that’s what

i don’t want to talk like with jeffrey epstein right but

the fact that the guy’s under such scrutiny and he’s under 24-hour surveillance and everything else and he

manages to die in his cell and ironically all of the security cameras glitched at

that moment yeah like anybody with half a brain can realize

there’s some total horseshit going on there yeah but yet we’re okay to just dismiss it like

well it doesn’t really affect me that much so i’m just going to ignore it right yeah that’s that’s the republican

way of thinking for the last 25 years take that seems to be changed it doesn’t really affect me that much and use it

proactively and turn off the [ __ ] news because guess what whether you learned today that somebody

some thug who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and hanging out with the wrong

crowd got murdered in the big city near you whether you learn that or not it’s not going to affect your daily life yeah

you don’t need that from the news is it awful of course it’s awful right i’m not i’m not trying to downplay that and if i

could fix it i would yeah but don’t let them out you’re saying don’t let them suck you in to their drama

every day right and make that part of your real life right you know what i mean you just you know people do that

and they let it overrun them and all of a sudden that’s all they care about yeah and they just let it dictate everything

they do no matter what and it’s just it’s it’s a really really good way to

piss your life away doing nothing i i often and we’ve talked about it before

i’ve often said that you know i i kind of qualify everything through the circle of influence

um i i picture everything falls in a circle and it’s either in the circle or out of the circle and that circle is

does it affect me personally and if it does can i affect change on that subject

so a guy getting shot in downtown kansas city a guy i don’t know never met don’t know any of his family never met him a

guy that hangs out with a crowd that i don’t care about or anything like that if he gets shot does that affect me

no can i affect change in that area no

so i’m not going to worry about that so much so that i’m not even going to watch the news to even listen about it right

now maybe one day i’ll be in a position to possibly maybe affect change in that area i kind of doubt it i mean it’s kind

of like a running theme of all of history right yeah you can’t be everywhere at every time right the

people that are in that community need to do something right and it doesn’t matter where it is you know

and sometimes that doing something is simply leaving that community if it’s a block away from your house that’s

different you can affect change whether maybe whether it be okay say say you don’t

actually make a change say you start a neighborhood watch in your area because

you guys didn’t have one maybe you have a few more street lights put up yeah maybe you have a patrol maybe you call

um down to the local police station say i want extra patrol up here and you

create such a fit that they do it yeah that that gets back to the community involvement thing that we talk about all

the time if everyone did that yeah and everyone worried about their little piece and

their little neighborhood all of the neighborhoods would be safer yeah you know you’ll still see

stuff when like suburbia like white crimes tragedies still happen okay but

if you could if you could say you could cut it by ten percent and save two lives yeah okay that’s worth it that’s

affecting change right but if but it takes everyone to do that in their own communities don’t get what we’re saying

is don’t get caught up in other communities that are out of your jurisdiction that are out of your reach that aren’t even that close to you and

don’t let that dictate your life right right so the

you’ve got the the the mainstream media that is really trying to convince you

that elon musk shouldn’t own twitter and the reason they’re doing that is

because they were really liking how left-leaning twitter was they were like twitter was

helping them with their left-leaning it was another news outlet

for them yeah that’s that’s basically what it was yeah and so not only is twitter freaking out but now

all of your mainstream media is kind of freaking out because now one of the larger social community or

social media platforms out there is gonna be a whole lot more transparent and that’s going to make it a lot more

difficult for mainstream media it’s easy for mainstream media to convince you of

things that aren’t true when all other media outlets are kind of in alignment with that

well the more other media outlets that are out there that start giving you reasons to consider other options yeah

all of a sudden now the mainstream media’s job gets a little bit more difficult you notice there hasn’t been as much um facebook jail going on

either right right like less fact-checking well there was a less facebook jail well and when i except for

my buddy jail for messenger when he says facebook jail quote-unquote air quotes for all of

you listening you know i mean that’s just literally every week someone was like oh

hey i’m back on i was in facebook jail for posting this or i was i haven’t seen one in a month

right you know well some of that is i don’t know if they’re i don’t know if it’s because it’s some of that i think is they’re laxed on

their standards okay maybe but other parts of it too is on a long enough timeline

people realize what it takes to get in facebook jail and what it takes to get out of facebook jail and all of that

[ __ ] and they i mean on a long enough timeline as much

as you want a [ __ ] about it it will change the mindset of an individual right like

when we were growing up if i said something wrong to you you’d punch me in the nose or at least be like dude

right there’d be at least words if somebody says something wrong to somebody on facebook they’ll call them out right

well now depending on what words you use to call somebody out on it you might get put in

facebook jail and and so some people will refrain from

calling somebody out as they should um they will refrain from that simply

because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of facebook jail and so on a long enough timeline facebook jail still

changes the culture of social media yeah because it forces you to behave in a certain way there’s also a lot of small

business owners that run facebook pages right and what’s one of the number one things that happens when you go to

facebook jail it tells you that your posts in groups or community pages will

rank lower in the feed yeah less people will see them well yeah if you’re using facebook to

generate customers and grow your business you have to be careful on what you say exactly that is also first

amendment manipulation it is it absolutely is 100 i mean there’s a

there’s a city very close to here shawnee kansas they just made a whole bunch of new

government rules their legislation says that

if four people if if you have four adults living in a house and not all four of them are

related that is now in violation of the city ordinances

and and so basically if if a guy buys a house and he wants to

get a couple of roommates to move in with him to help him cover expenses yeah they’re now in violation of city

ordinance do you know why they did that so they did it because airbnbs are

becoming really popular and people are buying single-family homes with like

four bedrooms yeah and they’re taking that four bedroom house and maybe they’re even adding a fifth bedroom and

they’re renting all of those bedrooms out individually on airbnbs

and and so you end up with this mass chaos thing right well guess what the

city didn’t have to come up with new ordinances to stop that

it’s literally like it’s zoned single-family home

so it’s it’s zoned not for commercial use it’s zoned

residential yeah r1 it’s not zoned for a hotel

and so all they had to do was enforce their current zoning regulations yeah

and they can fix it this is that’s this is a whole side tangent but this gets back to people being stupid and not

knowing exactly what’s going on in their own communities right and getting this is what we talked about um when we

talked about people running for school board and people not knowing what was going on with their

people teaching their kids in schools yeah because you know maybe i shouldn’t say stupid maybe it’s because people are

ignorant or lazy and they don’t realize what’s actually going on because they don’t want to be diligent yeah i mean if

you literally sit down and we’ve talked about this before you know when people when society gets smarter and technology

gets smarter people get dumber yeah that’s the same thing this stuff didn’t happen in the 80s because people knew

what was going on in their community yeah well and so my issue with the whole thing is like

if the city doesn’t want this in their city all they have to do is enforce the current ordinances that are already in

place to get it out and they don’t even but they don’t even realize that well they do realize it it’s the

governments want to become bigger and so the government chose the opportunity to come up with additional

laws and additional ordinances and they disguise it all under

you know everybody in this neighborhood we’re doing you a favor we’re keeping these airbnb these hostile type hotels

uh out of your neighborhood you think it’s government manipulation basically absolutely the government is taking a

thing and saying oh we can come up with more government we can come up with more rules additional legislation well in the

process like what what happens in every college town every college town they’re all a guy

buys a house yeah they’re almost all airbnb’s no before they’re not airbnb no before airbnb was a thing it was airbnb

guy buys a house yeah and then rents it out to whoever wants to come that semester you kick me 300 bucks a month for rent you kick me 300 bucks a rent

you kicked me 300 bucks a rent all four of us can live here everybody pays a hundred dollars a month towards

utilities we’re going to go to the bar you’re right we’re going to meet back here after the bar is closed that’s not

an airbnb right the owner of the home is an individual he’s not running that home like a business he’s not doing it for

profit he’s not advertising rooms for rent right he’s literally saying

hey i’m looking for a roommate if you want to share some expenses that’s great totally different than what this city

ordinance is out to to knock out yeah and and even my own dad was question like like i i shared a snippet on my

facebook page of of this like a paper a newspaper article of the city ordinance and it basically eliminates

a guy from buying a house and grabbing a couple of roommates to share in the expense it makes it illegal you don’t want that to happen i saw that initially

when i saw that and i’m going to be honest i didn’t look at it the uh so there was a guy and i think it was

shawnee mission he was gonna buy a house no it was his parents house

they he bought he was his parents were i think they were chinese immigrants

and they came here he bought them this house and then they had passed away and he was going to make it a rehabilitation

center right for addicts alcoholics things like that i thought that’s what

that snippet was so i just rolled on i didn’t even read it i thought oh well that’s actually probably pretty smart

they probably should be shutting that thing down i’ve got a i wouldn’t want that next to my house i’ve got a customer of mine through our plumbing

company that he buys house like he does this through airbnbs he buys houses it

and it’ll be like a four bedroom one bathroom house in downtown kansas city and he’ll rehab the house leave it a

four bedroom one bathroom and he will use that to sell or lease or rent whatever four airbnb

bedrooms yeah and they all have to share a bathroom and they all have to share a kitchen and they all have to share a

living room it’s kind of weird no thanks i i wouldn’t do i wouldn’t interested in that style of airbnb but i’ll be honest

with you the guys booked up all the freaking times because college kids are rolling through right or whoever’s just

rolling through and they need one spot for one night right they need you know whatever and and so i’m not knocking the

idea or anything else my issue with the whole thing is if a city has an issue

with that all they have to do is just re-reassert their current ordinance that

says this is now a commercial building right because an individual is using this under an llc for profit yeah so all they

they can file it under that they can also file it under the fact that this is zoned as a single family dwelling and

you have four families living here yeah they can file it under that they could have redone their own

ordinances however they were trying to grow government the public is so freaking blind to the fact that

government’s growing every day that they allow the city to come up with all of these extra rules and don’t realize that

now when their kids grow up and they want to go get a space on their own and have their buddies help kick in on rent

it’s now illegal yeah that’s a big [ __ ] problem you know why it happens

and things like this happen all the time it’s because the people that aren’t lazy

the people that are out there working and working hard okay and then they already get

limited time with their family yeah they get limited time to do what they want you know they have hardly any downtime

they don’t want to come home and then have to go to board meetings and they don’t want to

have to deal with reading reading through all the crap right you know what i mean so basically what happens is

eight people in that community that are on the board are going to dictate everything that happens yeah and it’s

it’s really when you get down to it it’s a broken system is what it is and we’ve talked about it before

it’s a broken system that’s built on the backs of broken public right the the public has not been made aware of the

fact that you it’s very it’s very okay to hold your government accountable instead of allowing your government to

run on their own right yeah and the real problem is the account the accountability so when those systems

were set up you know people were pretty honest yeah and people were pretty nice and so there

were no real ways to hold them accountable built into

the system right and it’s hard now to get those

accountabilities built back in right you know what i mean how do you do that do you show up in city council meetings and

you voice your opinion and you stand your ground that goes back to what i was just saying though the people that are

successful and that care are are working so damn hard and have so

much going on yeah it’s like after you know it only affects three streets

so if two people go does it really make a difference no it doesn’t you have to

really have an uprising and and that’s what i mean when i say broken system you really have to get to the point where

there has to be it’s sad to say there has to be an accountability group to keep track of

those people right that citizens can go to it’s just

and that’s more government too it’s like what you know what do you do so what do you do it’s it’s kind of funny you bring

that up and we’re talking about elon musk and twitter you know elon musk

memes have been like all the rage over the last week about elon musk buying everything right i don’t watch any memes

oh i don’t i don’t check it out i don’t get it oh it’s been funny like elon musk says he’s gonna buy coca-cola and make

him put cocaine back in it oh man oh [ __ ] yeah the good old days or like

elon musk is gonna buy pornhub and actually make the plumber fix the faucet

right and and i saw one the other day that said like so

locally around here we have a city around here that’s called independence missouri and it was like the meth lab

capital of the world for a long time for a while for a long time so it’s kind of

a trashy city i’m i’m not going to say it’s trashy it has a trashy stereotype the problem with independence is parts

of it are the nicest parts of the city and then other parts of it are the worst part and when i say the city i mean the kc

metro area yeah other parts are the worst it’s just it’s it’s just it’s all over the moon it’s huge it’s so big i

saw a meme the other day that said elon musk bought independence missouri for 87 and the first comment on there was wow

he overpaid it’s freaking hilarious

oh my god he got ripped off yeah but yeah ultimately

um you you look at the people it’s kind of funny the people that are really really upset about elon musk buying

twitter if you go back and look at their social media feeds go back three years

ago and they were idolizing this guy for like revolutionizing the electric car

industry and he’s gonna save the planet and he’s so environmentally conscious

and oh my gosh i wish everyone would be like him why are you talking like a woman right now that’s i’m talking like

an elon musk supporter from three years ago right and then you get him like a year and a

half ago and oh my gosh look what he’s doing with spacex and he’s just a revolutionary and oh this is so great

like he beat nasa i love how just to go with that so he’s starting these

electric car companies he’s doing all these great things and then he’s burning literally 50 000 gallons of fuel in

three minutes to get outside the atmosphere like okay so he made all these cars and did this and then

launched this giant rocket that did this right i mean what do you i mean and what are you

doing and then on top of that he used that giant rocket that’s putting all of the pollutant in the atmosphere to put

one of his electric cars into orbit yeah it’s just it’s it’s literally insanity right it’s like do you remember do you

remember that movie uh in the 90s armageddon oh yeah with bruce oh man so it’s in my top 10. so in the in the

opening scene he’s on he’s an oil driller and he’s launching golf balls at protesters right yeah he’s getting him

off of his oil rig they’re protesting uh stop the drilling stop the drilling and

he literally says to them do you know how much gas yeah that oil tanker you’re on you know how much diesel that clunker

boat pumps out an hour yeah it’s just like it’s just like all these people they’re like don’t drill here in america

we want we want to keep it nice here bring in oil cheaper from other places yeah well it literally takes them 7 000

gallons of fuel to bring it from china to here right you could have literally

saved a gabillion co2 particle i don’t know what that terms of co2 and just used ourselves

instead and our standards are higher so it’s cleaner for us to do it here but you’re going to be all butt hurt right when we

it’s it’s silly the amount of insanity that’s in this country right now is just it

freaking blows my mind so so you had them all you know on the you know tesla fanboys or fangirls and then spacex

fanboys for fangirls and then with all this [ __ ] in ukraine that was firing up and everything else now elon musk is a

savior yeah satellites and he puts a satellite over ukraine you know because russia was stopping that and everything

was great which was great right all the things they were loving him have been great and then all of a sudden now that

he buys twitter and this goes to show you too that the liberal-minded people that were on

twitter the fact that they’re getting so upset about it is two reasons one their mainstream media tells them to be upset

and two they were fully aware and conscious of how twitter was

suppressing right leaning oh they knew yeah they knew and so that is why they’re upset

that’s why they’re so much because now all of a sudden their advantage has gone away yeah and and so it’s really funny

to watch i’ve got a couple of people that i’m friends with that are just going a complete 180 and that like one

of my friends i just don’t know if it’s okay for one man to own so much of a company and i’m

i i literally replied on it and i said where was this concern whenever he was revolutionizing the electric car world

and where was this concern whenever he was more financially efficient than nasa at

getting into orbit and where was this concern whenever he was aligning satellites over ukraine like

the guys got a track record of doing amazing things being the one guy in

charge as an organization and why aren’t you mad at zuckerberg for owning facebook and why aren’t you mad at besos

for buying the washington post and running amazon right all of a sudden it’s a problem you know why it’s a

problem because it’s not with your ideals and your views and it cuts into your

uh advantage yeah exactly right and that’s you know what i’ve noticed too

and i shouldn’t say notice i’ve not known for a long time originally people could come in from the

right or the left or whatever and you could talk about you know whatever and you could

compromise on things right now it’s not that way yeah the left

they have literally been taught in colleges i know people first hand

that have told me these things they have literally been taught if you don’t agree

fight until you’re dead basically is what they’ve said don’t compromise yeah don’t fold just keep on moving yep

that’s not how america works right you have to be able to compromise or you cannot move forward right right one of

the so so on that idea of compromise and balance i saw a graphic the other day

that was kind of interesting and it basically shows three different images and the first image was um it just says

a few years ago um or or 10 years ago and it’s got your far left your far

right and then it shows a person that’s kind of more centered right yeah

well the next image is a few years later and you’ve got your far right

doesn’t move your guy that’s centered doesn’t move and then your far left

character is actually running way far to the left as far as they can right and

then now today’s world you’ve got your far right guy doesn’t move

your your centered guy doesn’t move and your far left person is even farther off

into the distance to the left and so what it makes it look like is the guy

that used to be centered is now more closely aligned with the far right

ideology than centered and that’s a problem because the left has drug the

center so far to the left yeah that it makes people that used to be centered

appear far right and that’s it couldn’t be further from the truth you know i i’ll use

um like with my my own family i use

so like my grandmother and my grandfather on my dad’s side are super hardcore democrats right and i have you

know my dad’s right or republican and then my two aunts are left

but i use the example of this is not jfk’s democratic party no this is not bill

clinton’s democratic party gosh no if you went back in time and looked and told jfk okay this is

what’s happening right now he’d be the furthest right son of a [ __ ] in the party absolutely and people

that’s the real problem with older generations of democrats they keep voting democrat because they think

that’s where it’s at that’s not where it’s at right if you would open your [ __ ] eyes and look around yeah you

know and and stop being so focused on democrat democrat democrat democrat and just looked at the views and seen what

was going on you’d realize oh you know what i’m probably more center or more just to touch right a center than i

thought i was yeah because like you said they have pushed everything so far to the left that they’re i mean it’s just

we’re in socialism capitalism i mean we’re starting to push so far out there yeah that people don’t

and people they have it so good in this country specifically that they don’t

realize how bad it is in socialist countries yeah that they’re like oh no go go talk

to somebody who’s escaped socialism you know and i i was listening to a uh it wasn’t a

podcast it was a radio broadcast the other day and they were talking about they were breaking down different um

races as far as they view

republicans versus democrats in the current era right and they were they were talking about the latino culture

mexican culture they used to be left and now they are a ton of them have

moved right because a lot of them have come from venezuela and south american countries that tried

to go socialist or are socialist and realize that doesn’t work right and they are scared to death that this country is

going to turn into that yeah i mean and it’s just it’s just a fact yeah it’s just what it is people need to

really start looking around yeah and realize what’s going on yeah and and you’ll see that i mean you see

micro forms of socialism with your social media right you see micro forms of socialism

um on facebook facebook uses their community standards almost like a version of a social credit score and if

you misbehave with their community standards all of a sudden now your your ability to perform on that platform is

reduced and so that’s a big problem um you know if if

me as my business wants to um

if me as my business wants to excel on facebook i have to watch what i say personally because it could affect my

business’s ability to make a living for me yeah and um

that’s a problem right that’s that’s a that that shouldn’t be now that’s not

permission to go out and be completely vulgar and dangerous and and

saying things are flat illegal right but i should be able to share a story

that has not been true proven true or false yet as as a point of thought or a point of

subject i should be able to share that with my friends and not be reprimanded for it

i should be able to share images or pictures or or infographics

that have yet to be proven true or false and not allow that to jeopardize my business

however what happens is on those social media platforms because most of them are far left-leaning

what happens is they will take a right-leaning post and they will

throttle it down or remove it under the heading of their fact checking it right yeah and

they’ll say that this has not been proven true and so we can’t display it

but then you take an opposing viewpoint that’s left leaning and they’ll leave it running and say

that until it’s proven false we’ll leave it up and so they’re using that gray area of

true or false to allow them to run more left-leaning articles and fewer

right-leaning articles yeah and that doesn’t even get into all of the shadow banning and everything else that was

going on i’ve seen it with my own eyes there are a couple of guys i follow

where and i’ve i’ve like clicked to see like i’ve changed my settings to see

every single update that they have and and all of a sudden i’m not seeing their

updates and i go click on their page and here’s four or five or six updates that i have not seen yeah because throttling

and it’s their throt they’re they’re shading me from being able to see that person right yeah um and and that’s a

problem first amendment manipulation yeah yeah and it goes all the way down like it changes the course of elections

of course it does it absolutely changes the course of elections i have a great example of that so

two summers ago i had jury duty downtown yep so i go down there

it was for a murder trial i find this out later i got picked i was so [ __ ] mad yeah like i got i

mean i’m running my own business you know yeah i know but i’m an honest person if you ever get picked for jury duty you

show up wearing a make america great again a maga hat you’re probably right now no no this is before that show up

wearing a maga hat and a blm t-shirt and they’ll be so [ __ ] confused they’ll kick you out so fast

so anyways so in the pre so i go down there at 7 a.m i’m there all day literally i

did not leave there until midnight right because this is a whole they’re picking a murder trial deal

they literally so they ask all you know you’re sitting there and they ask all these questions that

are raise your hand questions right okay you get those questions you raise your hand whatever they may ask you other

questions literally there was a huge argument between

the half of the juror class and the judge and the attorneys

about innocent until proven guilty three quarters of the people in there when they asked the question

are you innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent

three-quarters of the people thought you were guilty until proven innocent oh my in america i’m not [ __ ] kidding you

this is happening this is literally happening in front of me i

what has created that is this social media environment yes of you’re guilty

until you can figure it the [ __ ] out dude right it’s the exact same thing and literally

my eyes were so closed that when this happened i was i was literally in shock

for like two hours i was like are you i’m lit i’m looking around and the the two people that were next to me

i’m asking them i’m i’m looking them and i’m saying this out loud we’re not in a

room that’s that big it’s probably the size of your first level right okay if it was all open and i look at the guy

next to me and i said are you [ __ ] kidding me i mean loud like i’m i got reprimanded i’m like are you telling me

these people are so [ __ ] stupid they’re about ready to be for a jury that they think that you’re guilty until

proven innocent and the attorney is literally like uh sir you know they don’t know your names you’re holding

cards with numbers on them right sir could you plea and i mean i am i mean

i am so [ __ ] mad oh yeah at this point absolutely i think that’s why i got picked for the

damn jury because i was i mean it was unbelievable and yeah and now

looking back at it i think the culture that we have created through um

really news and social media has made people real think that through even like like

thinking there’s actually some level of importance to johnny depp and

what’s her face heard yeah like they’re they’re letting that trial run

the media and run social media and everything and people are getting heavily invested into this

personal defamation like this isn’t law this is no one cares this is

he said bad things about me and she said bad things about me and all this [ __ ] right like we’re literally getting

wrapped up in somebody’s [ __ ] personal gossip and we’re what we’re taking from it is

some versions of law yeah and yeah it’s it’s it’s in

it’s insane yeah what is going on you’ve got people in that murder trial

that like their legal experience or their experience of the legal system

is like judge judy yeah right well and what you know

this gets to the so the written house trial we’ve talked about this yeah so all these people come on there and

they’re like nope he’s guilty he’s guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty no you’re innocent until you’re

proven guilty right and so just prove he’s guilty yeah and then so he’s proven that is innocent in his self-defense do

you think anyone came out and apologized no no god no [ __ ] no did anyone come out

and say hey okay you know what maybe we should have realized it’s innocent until proven guilty here

should be [ __ ] wealthy well first off he’s already got like three disclaimer he’s already wealthy yeah i mean he’s

he’s i can’t wait until he’s the sitting president in the united states i hope he does i mean he’s got it hook line and

sinker yeah i mean he does the problem i mean all the lawyers are i’m not gonna we’re not

gonna we’re not getting into that on this episode can you um but this i have a personal example of this

so my mom passed away at the end of january right okay covet right she passes away

my stepdad so he tells me he’s first off he’s a horrible person

like i i find out you know after she’s passed away all of these horrible things that he’s done

money-wise um and that’s not the point of the story is that he’s a bad person or whatever

the the point of the story is um and i’m not trying to throw my sister under the bus here at all because i love

her to death but she is we were gonna get attorneys and take him to court okay

that was the whole deal you know we’re trying to get her retirement money we know that she wanted us to have it but

the laws against us right okay because of because she was married to him well because of the beneficiaries that she

has set up and the things she had done and and and i’m fine with that now she wanted to go after him but the whole

time she is you know after i had pretty much given up and i was like you know i i knew the law i’d talked to some attorneys and i

was like jules there’s the law’s against us here there’s nothing we can do you know

well she’s like well he’s literally she says to me she’s sending me these texts

um well you know he was this and that and we get in front of a judge and tell him show him what a horrible person he

was and i’m just i’m thinking the whole time that’s not how the law works no just

because you’re a bad person does not mean that you’re guilty right

it’s not the movies you don’t you know it’s not you have your parents come up there in front of

the judge and say all this and the judge is like okay it’s not a popularity contest no and and the judge even if the

judge knows that a person is horrible not talking about my situation even if

they know that he’s horrible and that it’s awful if the law states

that this money is going to go to this person or these these kids in this scenario are going to

go to this guardian that’s what they have to do yeah and that gets to

all of this stuff about oh well elon musk is a billionaire and he shouldn’t do it well guess what the

law doesn’t say that right the law says of this and you have to abide by the law

that’s how a democratic society works you just sometimes you got to put on your [ __ ]

big boy pants and deal with the results of reality and if you want to live in the greatest country in the world

sometimes you have to make those sacrifices of we have to trust the law we have to trust what’s happening you can’t throw

an adult temper tantrum because you went to kansas state or k.u or mu or ohio state or florida state and

they’ve taught you to don’t give up on what just fight till the end right that’s not how it works

you have to go by what the law says we all play by the same side we all play at the same system and for all of you that

think oh the system’s rigged it ain’t mitch knows me pretty well i come from a pretty poor family okay

i’ve done pretty damn well yeah okay my wife her parents

they were not like you know right have all this money you know what they worked their asses off

yeah and they got to where they are because they did that and that gets back to this show

and the personal accountability process that we talk about that’s how you’re successful this whole the government

needs to help me the government needs to do this i need to get here i need to do that no

you need to just say i need to take personal responsibility and i

need to do these things in my life or my family tree isn’t going to change it’s going to

be the same way it’s always been yep yep you’ve got to you’ve got to take

initiative to raise your children you got to recognize areas where you should have had improvement in your life

and you’ve got to take initiative to raise your children in a way that they are better than you

yeah that should be the goal and a lot of people take that really shallow right they’re like oh i want my kids to have a

better life than me and so they try to give their kids a better life and you can’t do that no you have to teach your

children how to make a better life on their own you have to teach them how to

be more successful than you were by passing on the things that you have learned overcoming more adversity then

it’s kind of weird it’s like a it’s like a paradox shift of or a paradigm shift of

okay you want your kids to do better than you but success comes from overcoming adversity so you literally

have to guide your kids into pathways of adversity so that they can overcome it

and become better than you you can’t just hand them a solution

because that does that’s a short-term fix that does not create long-term stability and it’s it is hard to create

adversity at different levels right okay it is but there there is diversity at

different levels listen i’m going to give you a i know we’re running it out a little over an hour um

so i tried to give my daughter you know everything that i didn’t have

right where everything i shouldn’t say that i didn’t have but everything that i wanted you know what i mean but i also try to teach her that she has

to be tough as nails or she ain’t gonna make it yeah okay and i have been beating this into her she’s nine now and

i’ve i’ve been trying to i shouldn’t say beating into her but i try to i try to have conversations with her about it

right literally so this is gonna seem stupid to some people

so they played division three soccer last fall okay and they dominate they lose one game in their division they

move them up to d2 they win their first game this spring and they have lost every freaking game since

okay and she’s upset about it okay she’s pretty competitive and literally the whole time i’m telling

her the only person that can change this are you and your friends yep okay you and the girls on the team coach mouse

can’t change this i can’t change this there’s nothing i can do and i’m preaching to her effort the whole time

your effort has to be a hundred percent all the time and she’s not buying it i mean this is

this has gone on for six weeks she’s not buying it they go down two goals they’re out you know

so i’ve been literally and she’s been getting mad at me about i mean literally mad at me like i would come to her and i

would say let’s talk about soccer i don’t want to let’s work on this i don’t want to she’s mad i mean she is fighting mad will not

talk to me i go in the other day and i say

layla i’m not gonna ask you about soccer i’m not gonna i know you’re mad about it i’m not we’re not gonna talk about it

anymore i said i’m gonna tell you one thing if i don’t see a 100 effort

we’re not doing it anymore okay it’s a hundred percent up to you if you want to give effort okay i’m not going to ask

you about scoring goals i don’t care if you score goals i don’t care if you play bad i don’t care if you lose i care if you

give a hundred percent effort right okay you and your friends are losing because you’re not giving effort yep

i leave it at that literally i’m not [ __ ] you saturday they lose a close game

sunday they have a game and i’m i don’t say anything to her i look over on the sideline before the game

and mouse sits down and she is yelling at these girls

and she’s i’m sorry you’re tearing up yeah this big moment

she’s yelling her teammates she’s encouraging them she puts her hand in there yeah

they’re screaming yeah and they come out they win yeah

yeah that’s a proud parenting moment there that’s absolutely what that is that’s

making a breakthrough with your kid to realize so that they realize

that they are in control of their own destiny yeah and they

and so she comes off later and i ask her you know she’s ted i did it yeah

yeah she got her kids and she got her friends involved and made them all realize that this is on us you know

that’s huge that’s in and i struggle with that too like we get different opportunities uh

uh with with our kids to where they have breakthrough moments where they’re struggling for a while and struggling

for a while and then all of a sudden they realize i’m in control of change here i’m in

control of whether i succeed or fail and that is like it’s like a light bulb moment as a

parent where you finally land that connection and make that

uh make that connection with them and they change it um my older son is kind of a little more on

an even pace right now but my younger son is very very similar to that where he was

struggling with some things and it was never his fault and it was just it’s just the world’s against them and

all of this kind of stuff and you stay consistent and you stay passionate and you stay working with them and then all

of a sudden like literally last night i had a conversation with my son about hey you’ve changed a lot in this area and

it’s really cool and it there’s nobody else to give credit to other than you you’ve put in the work you’ve done

better you’re now seeing the results of it and he looks at me and he’s like yeah dad i

am and you’re right it wasn’t all those other things it was me and now that i’ve changed me things are

going a lot better so yeah i know exactly the feeling that you’ve got yeah dude she was

she put her hand in there i can hear him yelling yeah you know she’s i’m tired of lu i can hear her telling them i’m tired

of losing right you know and she’s got them they’re all riled up you know oh go sporting k they play for sporting kc

affiliate team you know here and um sorry about the emotion there i know you’re getting i didn’t realize that was

gonna happen and uh but you know she gets them all fired up and they win

and you know they all come off you know later and i mean they they stomped a hole in their ass yeah you know they

finally realized that our effort and our decision to be great

is on us yeah they’re nine will it go to the next game

who knows but in that moment you know that that’s the moment that a lot of us have when we

get older and we’re trying to you know some of us get it when we’re 25

and some of us get over 28 some of us get when we’re 32 we realize i’m in control of my own destiny right and what

i can con troll my destiny can be great because i control it right

you know what i mean and all those little girls had that you know and they came off oh they’re you know they’re all fired up and you know we talk in the car

on the way back i’m like hey you know what happened you know this and she’s like you’re right dad i just i told him

that our effort was bad and that we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do and i said well who decided to put their

hands in and you know because they never had done that before well i told them we were going to do it yeah you know we

watched the sporting games and you know all these different games so she picks that stuff up you know

and it was all because those kids decided they wanted to do that well some of it and it’s just it’s

we can if you’re 35 and you’ve never come to that moment of

self-realization that i can do it all i have to do is change my own mental

aspect of where i am and and my attitude of i can do it

you can still do it it’s never too late yeah you could be 65 it’s never too late dude that’s why on there to get there on

the recent show we talked about the law of averages and how to win the law of averages and i was encouraging people to

do the 75 heart program yeah yeah i mean i don’t i have no affiliation with that

program at all however i’ve gone through it and i know exactly what it takes and if you’re if you’re contemplating

whether you have the discipline or you have the control or you have the power to change yourself you go do a program

like that or anything similar to that you go do that and put in that much effort and that much dedication and that

much discipline for that long there’s nothing you can’t do and and we all have breaking points in

life we all lose the final game that we’re like that clicks in our head that we’re not going

to lose anymore or we’re not going to lose repetitively anymore yeah and or if

we do lose it’s because i still gave my all right i gave it all and i gave it

everything i had yeah you didn’t let the system beat you yeah it may have won but

you didn’t let it beat you you gave it everything you had right and that’s a successful loss because you’re still learning from that yeah

and that’s what we talk about on the show there’s just you’re in control you’re in more control

than you think you’re in yeah yeah and and so uh to to kind of wrap things up here

with with the beyond the void show we’ve got we’ve got a thousand things that are

going on every day in our world that can affect our direction in life

if we let the media tell us how to think and we let the media tell us how to feel

and we let the media tell us what to think we will never ever be in control of our

own lives if we want the life that we expect if we want the life that we dream of

we are in control of that yeah and there is nobody that can stand in our way

so stop allowing others to tell you what to

think stop allowing others to tell you how to think start listening to those

that are coaching you and teaching you how to get done what you want to get

done in this world and then just go do it there’s literally nobody standing in

your way and the moment you think there’s somebody standing in your way it’s yourself standing yourself exactly

exactly so um guys that about wraps it up for this show um dave thanks for thanks for

getting emotional with us damn sorry uh you know usually like i’m just gonna say out loud i’m a pretty emotional

person like i cried at mitch’s wedding give him my best man toast and it was pretty embarrassing but but usually you

can anticipate those things that they just snuck up on me man sorry that’s perfectly fine so guys if this

show made you think about something in a little bit different way or it made you uh made you consider things a little bit

differently or if it gave you some insight do us a favor and share this show with somebody else who might need

it there are tons of people out there in the world that need a little bit of encouragement and a little bit of

guidance to help them understand that they are the key to themselves kicking ass in today’s

world so um if you know of somebody that’s wanting to start their own business or just needs a little bit encouragement

and a little bit of guidance through life send them a link right now to this show go hit the share button on this

show send them a link and and tell them hey check these guys out they’re pretty cool so pretty honest

um we’re pretty transparent we’re pretty honest um there’s there’s not much that’s gonna get under our skin

and and uh even with our views we still come to our decisions with a fairly open

and honest viewpoint we don’t have our views simply because we were told to have them we have our views because

we’ve been proven through life that these views result in the most success so

until next time guys we’ll see you later [Music]