The Void #30 – Roe V Wade – May 19, 2022

In this episode, we talk about the ironic timing of the supreme court information leak and what it might mean for the American people.  As usual, you get raw unfiltered opinions from Mitch and David.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!


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i’m your host mitch smedley and with me as always is david hilton mitch smedley

david hilton what’s up man well we are uh nothing not absolutely nothing

are you just tired from the last show we just recorded a back-to-back mitch looks a little sleepy no i’m not sleepy i’m

not sleepy are you fired i still got two and a half hours to be awake so 10 30 every night like he’s a kid like i

gotta go to bed by 9 30. i just have to do it yep no my mom’s coming over and

like make you go to bed at my mom’s dinner that’d be hilarious if terry came over

here was like mitch yeah it’s time for bed time for bed oh my god put your jammies on put your jammies on

you’re not a naked sleeper i’ve always pictured you as probably naked sleeping you know it’s it’s mixed bags sometimes

it’s boxers but you know every once in a while i get hot yeah you know like the first you know the first step when you

get hot is you stick a foot out yeah i stick a foot out and then i use my foot to fold the blanket back so that one leg

is all the way out yep that’s what i did you stick a foot out and if that doesn’t cool you off next thing is the boxers they come off so you know the problem

with you get older though is like stuff’s a little longer and so like you can’t like i’m rolling

around you know you’re smashing you need a jock strap to sleep naked well then you’re not naked

it defeats the whole purpose of sleeping naked well the other key too is if you’re sticking a foot out you can’t hang it off the edge of the bed no

because then the monster under the bed gets yeah and i don’t i can’t do that anymore i got a daughter she’s nine and

you know i’m always worried like if something happens i gotta get up and run outside or you know what yeah i don’t wanna be that guy well like oh there’s

the loser dad that ran out no i don’t wanna be that guy so funny story

you know this happens to all parents i think but wife and i are in the middle of a

nice evening right and uh i look over

and my son is standing right next to the bed staring at us and i’m like

what and and he’s like he’s like six right so this is a while ago dude lock the

door bro i know well yeah so sometimes the moment gets you and you forget you

forget your process so anyway i’ve never heard this this is hilarious so anyway

i i like freeze and i like shove my wife out of bed like

i cover myself up with the covers and i just push my wife out but let me ask you this do you remember what was your initial thought like your immediate [ __ ]

that’s it yeah yeah like more advanced than that just he probably doesn’t know what’s going on he probably

thinks i’m choking mom or something like you never know right so anyway

i shove her out of bed and i’m like you deal with this and so she comes back and now

you have a son it’s your job well hold on she’s like why did you make me like she

goes and gets him back to bed and everything else she comes back and she’s like why did you make me do that i’m like you at least look halfway normal

right now he’s gonna have a million questions if he sees me get out of bed at this moment

like his eyes are just like and i mean he’s sick so he’s right at weiner level so

it’s just if you if mitch didn’t say at the beginning i really don’t listen what he said this is a beyond the void episode or we just kind of talk about

whatever the [ __ ] we want to talk about this is true i didn’t know that this is where this show was going to go yeah so

while we’re on the set [ __ ] kid is a wiener level

we have we have several types of shows for this show oh my god according to the intro

was this this was this is not a business this is your oldest success okay so this is early yeah were you guys even living

this was like oh yeah this was at this house this was like right after you moved in six or eight years ago so

okay yeah so you’d been here a few years yep so for our listeners we have several

different types of shows uh we have um core episodes where we go over despite

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and then jump back in to right where we are now so now that you understand the styles of shows that we have

this show today is a beyond the void show as you may have guessed more on

mitch’s kid walking in on him and his wife yeah so um i’m gonna have some questions for

danielle after this show well you should like did she hit the floor hard no i didn’t like shove or shove her like

i was just like gesturing like you deal with this i imagine a movie like plump yeah i imagine a movie where you

like just shove her completely out she’s like boom no oh no i was just

trying to uh i hide my excitement if you understand my drift

um so today’s show beyond the void um we

are going to be talking about what are we talking about well

the the general overriding topic is the leaked draft opinion about roe

versus wade and the dick the conversations that the the supreme court’s having about it

it’s not going to be so much about abortion gosh no and the way the things that we stand on or against or whatever

right it’s more about the insanity that has ensued yeah and about what people

think or don’t think is gonna happen and how the government on both sides tries to

manipulate people into thinking this is going to happen or this is going to happen or these things are going to

happen right and the insanity that has ensued because of it yeah

yeah frankly right i mean just in my personal humble opinion

i i have a feeling i have your general idea of a sense on abortion right mine yeah yours oh you were saying that as a

blanket statement of yours right okay but do i care no no

right that’s like a that’s like a personal thing that

for one half of the people on this earth can’t really even

wager a real opinion on because now just wait a damn minute because men

can now be women oh true okay so if you’re gonna let men be women now

they can say whatever they want and have a valid opinion right so you can’t have your cake and eat it too what the [ __ ]

do you want to do pick one and go with it i love where you went with that okay i love it well it pisses me off oh yeah literally they’re

like oh no men can be women oh men can’t say anything about can’t tell

women what to do okay so which is it yeah which is it can i be a woman and say something about being a woman or can i

be a woman and not say something about being a woman or can women just say yeah there’s there’s eight different

things to talk about there in other words they won’t allow you a platform to be right on exactly that’s exactly what

i meant by that yeah yeah it’s freaking insanity so you know my overriding thoughts are on

it i’m not in that position i’ll never be in that position so i’ll never have to worry about it like

the closest i’ll ever be into that position is if my wife has to go through something and my role is to support her

decision in that whatever it may be well first off you’re wrong you have two sons that are going to be in high school soon

right and it could be knocking at your doorstep sooner than you think it could be it could be but that’s their decision

and they’re they’re the yeah but now i have to mentor them through that if your kid is under 18 it has now

become your decision yeah i guess you’re right so but i guess i guess

say neither one of them has any kind of issues they grow up they have families and then something happens

to your granddaughter right or your grandson but i guess where i’m getting at is that such a case-by-case thing

that it’s wild to me that people take these crazy extreme stances on like they’ll

sever friendships over it oh yeah they’ll polarize like

businesses will polarize their customer base over something like this yeah

it’s it’s it’s on a one-to-one level like it’s my thoughts on it shouldn’t have any

bearing on your thoughts on it your thoughts on it shouldn’t have any bearing on mine like it’s it’s crazy to me that people go

whole hog into this type of topic yeah

what really drives me insane is they will literally say so the democratic party came you know

came out and said no you should be able to have an abortion up to nine months

okay and they say in that statement

everyone that’s voted democrat believes that half the country believes that and then they bring out polls that

say eighty percent of americans believe that there should never be an abortion in the

third trimester let alone nine months so literally right off the bat the government is lying to you about what’s

going to happen you know they say oh if they if they overturn it then they’re

going to overturn gay marriage and then they’re going to overturn no interracial marriage and it’s going to be the

snowball effect and everyone on the planet is going to be impacted and we just can’t let these bad things happen

those are all lies yeah those are all lies first off roe v wade

was an unconstitutional decision at the time right okay and it took power away from the states

to make any real laws right and they had 50 years for congress could have said okay let’s

sit down and let’s figure out what these laws or rights could be and let’s make a

law about it and they didn’t [ __ ] do it right okay why because that’s not what people actually

wanted right okay people did not want there to be legal abortion into the third trimester right okay so they

didn’t make a law about it no one even back then i know this is crazy for if you’re a

democrat and you’re listening to this there used to be pro-life democrats yep you know and there used to be

abortion republicans that favored women’s right to have abortion okay and now there’s

been this knife divide and everyone’s on the left and everyone’s on the right and you you have to be over here you have to

be over there or you’re not on the right side right i mean when did that happen right for one right

you know i mean why does that happen is it media based is it fear-mongering i

mean what i’m asking you what is it that’s pushed everybody to the extreme right or left of any situation the media

i think so too well i think it’s the media and i think it’s the far left running farther to the left

it polarizes even the most centralized of people right we talked about that in

a recent episode where you you have a graphic where you’ve got a guy on the right and a guy on the left

and a guy that’s fairly centered well if the guy on the left moves farther to the left

he’s just dragging he’s just dragging that guy in the center doesn’t move and the guy on the right doesn’t move well now the guy on the right seems more

extreme right because he’s farther away from the guy on the left even though he didn’t move yeah and the guy in the middle is now

right leaning yeah even though he didn’t move in his values and his beliefs right well then the guy on the left moves even

farther to the left and so now the guy on the right is even more

extreme right because he’s that far he’s farther away from the extreme left and then the guy that was centered is now

far right yeah even though his beliefs didn’t change at all so as the left goes

crazy far left they use that as an opportunity to make

you look more extreme in your beliefs even if you’re fairly centered in your beliefs

yeah so that go ahead the far left people running farther and farther and farther

to the left are what are pushing that to the polarized you it’s one side or the other

and all of this stuff because the gray area is it’s like a big gap that’s widening in there yeah and

i forgot what i was gonna say um what was i going to say mitch i don’t know i don’t either

the it’ll come to me so what what i think is really funny about

the timing of all of this never before in history has a draft

opinion been leaked to the public while it was still in conversation amongst the supreme court right now just because

it’s the first time in history doesn’t make it all that crazy however when you add up all the timing of everything else

that’s happened in the nation over the last few years and it’s like oh we were trying to separate them on

race but they kind of figured that out a little bit and blm is kind of a sham

oh we were trying to separate them on covid and now they kind of figured that out a little bit and now they realize

that dr fauci is a sham right yeah and then oh we tried to separate them on

lgtbq and [Music]

what the hell but you know and then they realize you know oh we can we can even try to work that

through disney a little bit and oh that’s not even really working out and so

like basically these are the the puppet string pullers

of our government they’re going well they’re not fighting as much as we’d like them to fight and yeah a

population of people that are fighting amongst each other are pretty easy to govern so let’s leak a document

to make them fight about abortion again yeah as if i’m gonna change your mind on anything and as if you’re gonna change

my mind on anything right yeah it just creates the platform for everybody to go to their social

media and state their stance on this and oh i disagree with that well okay well

i’m gonna come to your facebook page now and disagree with you on your own facebook page about your stance on

this thing whatever yeah like like they’re they’re trying they’re literally intentionally

trying to divide the nation yeah and they you know one way they were doing that is

so even the basically what you know roe v wade when they overturn it if which hopefully

happens because let’s be honest that gives the states their individual right

to make whatever the laws they want for the states okay and let’s be clear here originally there were states and no

federal government and the states made the federal government okay we don’t need the federal government people right

we need state government yeah okay that allows the people in those states to vote for what they want and that

legislation to pass the laws we want for that state that’s all this does this does not tell

people and that’s the another big lie is they’re like oh now there’ll be no abortion ever

[ __ ] i read a study before we did the show last cause we thought we were gonna do the show last week

that said they only think abortions will go down 13 right by this being turned down yeah i

mean i personally would like to see it go lower but you know i don’t get to make the laws i think i think that the

state should get to make the laws because we have elected those officials in our state and that’s where we live i

think that’s how everything should be done that’s how states are getting away with legalizing marijuana because it’s a

state issue they’re allowed to do it yeah but what they’ve done is they’ve come out and

they’ve said you know to scare people they’ve said okay so now

there’ll be no abortions if you get raped you can’t get an abortion if you if there’s incest you can’t get an

abortion if your life’s in danger you can’t get an abortion they’re just gonna let you die no they’re not no

at all so all these really harsh extreme red states that have made these

new laws there are passages in those laws that already allow for if you’re a

rape victim if there’s incest if your life is in danger at any moment yeah you

get to choose if you want that baby to live or if you want to live right okay

and and they’ve they’ve pushed this lie of no those red states are going to pull all that out of there no they’re not no

because people have hearts nobody in their rational mind would pull that out of there no and they’re not going to you

keep seeing these posts on facebook they’re like oh it’s going to go to this and it’s going to go to that no it’s not

and that’s that’s because we we like to use fear as the basis or like our

guiding beacon for how we decide to do things right and so fear takes you to worst case scenario

and then it puts you in a position where you’re trying to make a decision on this thing about a worst case scenario possibility

yeah you know it’s it’s very similar to like uh the the food stamps or or the snap

program as they call it now because apparently food stamps was like derogatory so

um you’re on food stamps it’s helping you get over it yeah it is what it is use it as a use it as something to help

you up yeah but but it’s like food stamps right there there’s a lot of people in the in the us

that need them there’s a few that take advantage of it you don’t abolish the entire program because if you take

advantage of it you try to amend those few but you keep the program in place for the people that need it same with

abortion you don’t eliminate abortions 100 percent you’re trying to carve out the people

that are habitual offenders or consumers of abortion yeah

you’re not trying to carve out the rape victims or the the people that have a health reason or whatever the case may

be a medically necessary abortion yeah so um i had heard a study here recently

or it wasn’t a study i had heard somebody’s opinion recently and it got me thinking a lot

and and they were pretty convinced that the whole creation for planned

parenthood was to limit the population growth of the black community

it’s because the lady that started that is an extreme racist

okay i’m i’m she’s ignorant on this like she actually i’m bringing it up as a talking point there are there are

um proven statements things she said things that she’s done she is a racist okay and that’s why is

she like she’s she’s white okay okay and and everything that i’ve read has

basically said oh she’s a racist and her whole deal was i and now listen i’m not saying i think that that’s what it

really is right that’s just what i’ve read and i don’t know but i wouldn’t be surprised because people are nuts well

so the guy that i was hearing it from i mean he had some fairly logical points right like the the you take the the

the race with the majority of planned parenthood like the the majority of planned parenthood customers i don’t

know what you would patience patience yeah whatever customers it made my stomach turn it makes a lot

to make my stomach turn so you take a majority of the planned parenthood patients

are black yeah so i mean it stands to reason that if like for one if that is

the case that’s [ __ ] sick it is sick oh my gosh first off it is the majority

are black women yeah and you know what i i hate is they just try to pin all

uh right-leaning people as racists okay but now in this situation

we are trying to limit black abortions and somehow we’re still racist right you

know what i mean yeah like it doesn’t make any sense you want to allow more black women to kill their own children

because you want black kids to i don’t understand the logic behind all of it like we

talked about at the beginning of the shows i can be a woman now so don’t i get a you know a vote also right i just

and it drives me insane it it doesn’t drive me saying it makes me really sad yeah when i think about that stuff yeah

it makes me very sad well the sad part is it’s that culture of never allowing

somebody a victory right never allowing somebody to be right never allowing somebody to have a correct opinion yeah

so um and when you drive that wedge based off of extreme analogies

under literally every hot topic out there all it does is is boil the pot yeah so

um did you see that uh you know they talk about and this is just a little side tangent

about something they talk about being able to um

so if you get raped you know you’re a young girl you can have an abortion did you see that state senate race in

pennsylvania so it’s dr oz that trump endorsed somebody else uh

some millionaire dude that’s got tons of money coming in and then a lady that was her mother was raped when she

was 11. okay and they decided to keep the baby and then now this is that’s this lady

that’s running for senate and she’s kicking everyone’s ass and has like no money and is just a

product of the great american system you know when you talk about great american system

you’re raped at 11 decide to have the child and there’s enough support around that family and or

community and all this other stuff that raised a child that’s going to be it’s trying to be a senator in pennsylvania

right you know and then people just you know they act like oh i’ve been born america’s just so awful and give me a

[ __ ] break right america is the greatest country on the planet let’s try not to [ __ ] it up yeah you know that’s

what we should really be working on right so in my own family uh my grandma and grandpa on my parents my mom’s uh

side of the family my mom’s side of family my mom’s mom and dad

he was in the military she was uh always bouncing around from military base to military base um i mean they

spent time in germany they were like everywhere right so my mom grew up on all these military bases

well later on in life my mom learned that her mom

had been raped and chose to give the baby up for adoption

oh really and this was when my mom was very young not questioning the

belly and you know yeah that kind of stuff right yeah little little yeah so um

um and there were there were times where my mom wouldn’t see her mom for longer periods of time and stuff like that so

um my mom actually reconnected with her half sister half brother

brother yeah um and so somehow through all of the maybe stuff or i like i i have no clue how that all worked but she was able to

find him and reconnect with him that’s crazy and it’s pretty wild because they look a lot alike i mean obviously really

yeah half half there but um it’s pretty neat and still an uncle for you

i guess technically yeah it would be still an uncle right yeah like a half uncle but uh uh ironically we’re in kansas city he

lives in st louis he’s only four hours away [ __ ] pretty well people in st louis are nuts yeah but um um

yeah it’s it’s just wild that they use that to

the people that are using it to drive the wedge they’re not they’re not trying to push one way or the other they’re literally just trying to divide the

country with it yeah to to gain power on one side or the other yeah yeah and let’s be honest it’s

mostly the left trying to retain power right is what they’re trying to do right you know you

it’s funny i was listening to the radio today and there is actually so you know

the senate just had a vote on trying to nationalize rights for abortion before

this comes out or whatever i didn’t know last fall there was a vote already

in the house right that passed in the house i don’t think it was the same or exact or whatever but i like how that

wasn’t all over the media yeah that wasn’t all over the radio that wasn’t all over everywhere they can’t divide

you on multiple subjects at once i know right that’s my point and yeah that’s what i’m saying like is

it is it ironic timing that this document got leaked like no they were they realized hey there’s not a whole

lot yeah there’s not there’s not a big division thing right now and people are kind of upset about the fact that

inflation’s over eight percent and and they’re seeing us you know before we we

mentioned it’s just part of the rebound effect it’s not actually inflation and now they’re like well okay it might be

kind of here maybe he’s part these people are a little smarter than we think they are let’s dream up some other [ __ ] we can divide them let’s divide

them with something else let’s distract them with you know maybe they won’t notice that they’re paying four dollars a gallon for

gas and and that’s in case like kansas city’s got low gas prices and we’re at four new york’s like six bucks or 605 or

something crazy even higher than that that’s insanity you can’t afford to drive at that point yeah you just can’t

afford to do it it’s it’s nuts it is nuts so yeah they’re they’re taking all of that

you know okay they’re mad about this and even the guys on the left are mad about high gas prices and

blah blah blah well let’s let’s get them divided again let’s throw something out there yeah and and i wouldn’t be

surprised because again they kind of just hit on these things in order you’re gonna see some racially charged

mass killing soon right and i’m not saying they plant one i’m not saying that they do this on purpose

but they’re gonna take a tragedy and spin it and spin it as a racially motivated thing yeah right you’re gonna

see that it’s gonna happen we’ve got an election coming up in the fall i can almost guarantee you you’re gonna

see that it’s just part of their playbook yeah right they always do stuff like that so like you

know when this came out it’s been a week now it’s probably been a full week for us um i think they realized it wasn’t gaining

as much traction now there’s people coming out like there was a i think she was a congresswoman she

literally said that um well if if

women can’t have abortions then they may have to quit college and they won’t be able to make as much money and they won’t have as good of a

life like that’s literally what she said yeah and then she was like and then she translated that into to see you think so

highly of women yeah and then she she literally went on to say that oh and that helps

the economy because there are more people out there making more money this is literally what she said i heard it on

ben shapiro’s show today oh my gosh he was playing the clips on there right and i mean i i literally

just i thought what the [ __ ] is a matter with people that they literally try to take

this and twist it into well they basically

will use any excuse necessary to push their narrative right no matter what it is and they literally spout the most

racist random crazy [ __ ] that they can think of sometimes i don’t know if

they’re doing it on purpose oh hell yeah if they’re completely stupid or i just i don’t i don’t understand and it just

works it’s crazy and so they realized like racism worked right it got it got enough of the public’s view off of trump

to make him think that maybe he’s a racist what was it the proud boys thing right like nobody had

ever even heard of proud boys before but somehow they jumped on that bandwagon yeah they have 20 members and they’re

gonna take over the country yeah come on like again if it works do it right so

they’re they’re trying to divide them on that or the you know he’s a womanizer or whatever for

for whatever activity he was so they’re they’re they moved off of that and now they jump

on the racist thing and even though trump’s out they’re still hanging on to well conservatives

must be racist yeah and so now any conservative stance

once they try to establish that just in general conservatives are racist well now any conservative opinion becomes

racist yeah and that’s what they try to push on everything yeah oh you’re okay with with women

not killing their children you must be racist yeah how does that even tie together

yeah and they will just phenomenally find the words together and yeah oh you’re racist yeah what and then and

then you get a lot of public pressure from uh i i had a customer the other day ask

me what are my thoughts on this whole supreme court thing with roe versus wade

there’s a customer asking their plumber in their house and i’m like i don’t think my thoughts matter that

much and she’s like well surely they do and i said no because my thoughts aren’t going to change whatever they’re going to do

like i’m i didn’t want to tell her you didn’t want to get into it yeah i didn’t want to get into an argument with her right yeah and really because

like i have a very old like this is one area where i’m like you can think whatever you want i’m gonna think whatever i want like

i think it should be my choice to make that choice for me based off of the circumstances for me and i think it

should be your choice to make that choice for you based off of the circumstances for you right now

with all that said that doesn’t mean i think you should be going and getting knocked up two or two or three times you

know and and like planning on that is like a as a scapegoat like yeah it’s

like a a backup proactive oh man right ouch you

know yeah but but uh you know i i don’t think i can make it like i’m

glad that that stuff doesn’t come out to public vote because i don’t know if i could make a public vote

for something like that that i mean that’s such a case-by-case thing it would have to be so clearly spelled

out for me to even like well yeah it would never be a vote of allow until they’re nine months or

you know it would never be something like that it couldn’t be and that’s why the states have to be allowed to make

their own laws right and all these people are like well i live in missouri and i’m never you know if something

happens i could die if i know you illinois is three hours from here

right you know i want i don’t want my tax dollars going to pay for killing babies

right so the state i live in i’m going to choose to be that way and if it bothers you that much move the [ __ ] out

of the state yeah you know and people say oh you can’t just tell people to move out of the state people you can people in california new york are

[ __ ] leaving you know why because they’re tired of the [ __ ] state right and they’re packing up and moving and they want to go somewhere else right

okay and listen if you got to go three hours because you think your life’s in danger and it’s that important three

hours isn’t a big deal how many cancer patients travel to md anderson in houston every [ __ ] day for cancer

treatments yeah right it’s a life or death scenario yeah and you know what it does is you know they

they try to twist it as well if it’s a federal then every state’s equal and blah blah blah and this and that why

don’t you try to think of it as if it’s not and the states can decide it’s like having the laws of two

different countries under the same umbrella which gives you more options as a citizen right and maybe pull your fat

head out of your [ __ ] ass and think about something for two minutes before you go on facebook and just obliterate

everybody about everything right and just and just put yourself into a hole somewhere yeah

you’ll you’ll out of the box thinking you’ll never see me spout an opinion on roe versus wade on facebook because

there are so many [ __ ] circumstances of where it you know all of that stuff and and

outside of all that you’re not gonna change anybody’s mind no like i literally half the people no

matter what you say what if you’re for it or you’re against it or whatever literally half of your friends are gonna

be like idiot or the other half’s gonna be like more power to you yeah like

nobody’s gonna be like oh well since you said it that way i agree yeah no no that’s happened never i so

when it came out one of uh i think we’re both friends with her she put something on there that said i can’t it literally

said i can’t believe this is happening dash dash dash i can’t breathe like she was upset yeah and i i all i put on

there i didn’t put a stance i didn’t put anything i just put listed the facts of hey

everyone needs to calm down this is just all this means is that the states get to vote on it and then make

their own laws based on that and that’s it there’s no need for everyone to be panicked all the time right about little

things and literally like the next post on there was some girl in there oh yeah we need some man on here to calm us all

down and i was i put on there i i didn’t say anything about calm i

didn’t even say i was for or against it right all i said was this is the facts and this is

all that it states right and that’s it yeah and i’m like

literally people are losing their minds well over the dumbest stuff and they

don’t they don’t think about anything they don’t want to be open-minded to learning more

no because then they’re they’re wrong right they want to say their opinion and they want people to validate their

opinion yes that’s literally yeah all they’re doing when they post that crap on social media

is is validation they’re searching for validation hardcore yeah so even like

you see it all the time with the pity stuff too like the um

it’s kind of a touchy subject but like depression you’ll see people that will

vaguely discuss the fact that they’re depressed and they won’t it’s not like i’m

depressed anything else they’re like oh [ __ ] my life oh just when things

can’t get worse this happens and blah blah blah for a pity vote they’re looking for that pity

reaction that pity participation right and and

what they’re hoping for is like they literally they make that post and then they’ll like watch it and see

who reacts and how much reaction it gets and everything else and it validates to them that okay this is normal

okay i’m okay right and and you know keeping in mind

most likely the scenario that they’re bitching about is probably one they created for themselves yeah but they’re

giving themselves the excuse of it’s okay because 15 people reacted

to it and they’re feeling sorry for me or whatever and chances are most people are

like yeah i don’t want to sound cold shoulder so i’ll throw that a like but

that’s your own [ __ ] fault yeah you know yeah i i don’t i don’t quite understand the

whole bitching on social media thing no it drives me insane it just doesn’t there’s

there’s zero productivity that comes out of griping on social media yeah so you

know and only a couple people like i i posted that on there and then someone else said something and then someone else said something and i said another

thing like just explaining the facts and stuff and then no one else put anything on there yeah

so either facebook took it down or maybe people realized uh you know what well

maybe there’s a little more truth here maybe i should do some research you ever notice on facebook like facebook baits

you all the time they will bait you all the time they’ll put

uh they’ll give you a notification like if my facebook started doing this a

ton they will they will put a notification in my notifications that somebody who

i’m friends with commented on somebody who i have no clue who they are post

and it’ll show me like if i click on the notification it’ll take me straight to their comment well guess what happens

every time i do that yeah it’s literally it’s it’s a divisive post with a divisive comment yeah they’re

literally just reactions yeah they’re baiting you into getting into that right yeah so trolling literally every time

for the first few i would click on the notification and i’m like why the [ __ ] am i even being notified of this right

well then there’s an option where you can say remove notifications from activity from so and so well yeah i don’t care i don’t

need to see a notification that one of my several hundreds of friends commented on somebody else’s post like

that’s yeah [ __ ] stupid yeah but so they do it that way the other way that they do it is as you’re scrolling through your news

feed you’ll see some comments of your friends um i see i see this all the time

i will make a comment on somebody’s posts and my friends who aren’t friends with this person i commented on

yeah this happened literally today post stuff on it yeah we have a we have a viewer of the void

um and they they follow the void and they listen to our podcast and they uh i’ve

become friends with them on facebook they were asking for a little while ago they were asking for some input on coming up with a logo

and so i said you know they had a couple options i said hey i like this one it’s nice and clean and clear and it it looks

good and memorable like it’s good well i i can’t remember if they ended up

picking the one that i liked or not but now they i follow their their page on on facebook

and so now they’re like wanting to hire somebody and so it has their logo on there and

everything else well it’s like an ad like a yeah we want it you know we want to find a new employee ad well i made a comment

on it i said you know great logo nice and clear crisp and clear easy memorable right

we’re on the job today and one of my other plumbers like we’re taking a break

um we just got done backfilling we’re kind of sitting out in the shade chilling one of my other plumbers was scrolling through facebook

and it comes across his news feed that mitch smedley commented on this post and

he’s like why am i even seeing this yeah well facebook’s clickbait baby yeah

facebook’s baiting you into that like and this one wasn’t divisive i mean it was i was encouraging the guy

and congratulations yeah right but but facebook does that all the time how do

you think they pick which comment to show you that’s a good question right is it an

algorithm well hell yeah it is and if you’re spouting off truth and fact and ration it ain’t that one they

ain’t gonna show that one right what if we what if we started

what if you started so at the very the very first line is just a hundred percent lie and you don’t

know anything about don’t care it’s just all it is is a bunch of crazy ass talk and then there’s two

spaces and then okay this is what i actually think your post would not be viewed by very

much at all you don’t think yeah i mean i’ve we’ve talked about that on the show i can make a post like do you hear just

recently um last week um last week was the first week of the month

for those that don’t know we dedicate the first business day of each month to taking care of members in the community

who can’t afford plumbing repairs we put them up on our schedule we take care of those repairs free of charge it’s it’s

my favorite day of the month it’s [ __ ] awesome and um it’s it’s a big risk in business to

do that but we take it every month and we wouldn’t know a month without it because that’s what we always do

so we do that on monday um monday was the first business day of the month

uh you’re literally starting in the hole when you do that because my guys still get paid i still have material to buy i

still have fuel for the trucks i still have all of my expenses only we’re not seeing revenue on that day right

tuesday tax write-off yeah i mean once you get so big you got to keep

track of that stuff yeah in a roundabout way that’s the only business that i’m saying about this show but uh

literally the very next day we start on a sewer repair job for a house

flipper and we don’t like working with a lot of house flippers but no because they want

everything cheap cheap cheap they want everything cheap cheap cheap they won it yesterday and even when you give it to them cheap they still want to [ __ ]

about the bill right so we still on tuesday literally the day after our

family first we call that program family first and so the day after family first day we start the sewer repair this this

house flipper had a collapsed sewer line we know nothing other than it’s collapsed at this point we run a camera

down the line nothing goes past it it is completely collapsed

it’s like five six feet from the road so we told him

we don’t know the condition of your line after this it could be damaged under the

road and we don’t know it so we’re gonna dig this up and fix it for this amount of money

but we might discover that there’s more damage and at that point you’re gonna have more repairs and they

say okay so we give them a price we dig it up

we open it up it ain’t draining we run our augers my auger gets stuck in

the mud okay that’s a problem yeah right so we run our cameras camera only goes like

under the road like it goes like seven eight feet in won’t go any farther we bring in a

jetting truck it shoots high pressure water down the drain line to try to blast out all the debris in there

jetter goes nine feet in and gets stuck and ripped their hose in half which

means that the line is collapsed under the road and the sharp clay tile pipe cut their hose okay so we go back to our

house flipper customer and we tell them hey this is collapsed

and we kind of warned you that it might be like we didn’t know they took the opportunity to royally

[ __ ] us over they they tried acting like we didn’t do what we were supposed to do we were

supposed to do a spot repair and get their sewer back in service and because we our spot repair wasn’t

going to get their sewer back in service they took that extreme left liberal approach of we’re going to twist words

around and and say well you didn’t do what you were supposed to so we’re going to kick you off the job

and then they said well because we kicked you off the job and kind of fired you off the job we don’t have to pay you

nope that ain’t how that works right so thankfully we have everything nice and documented and all of that stuff

however it does bring to reason that they know exactly what they’re doing and

they know exactly what costs it takes to go to court and so they know that they can short the

bill enough to find for where you find the sweet balance between what am i willing to

accept versus how much am i like how much am i willing to concede to not have to deal with court and all of this

[ __ ] and she’s flat out telling us this yeah in like in our face like if this

were to go to court how much do you think you would get so what i’m offering you is a little bit better than that if someone says that to

me i instantly think i will spend whatever the [ __ ] i have to to make my point right so literally i’m not

rational when stuff like that happens i’m completely irrational i’m like okay i damn near back to cement truck up to

the hole that we dug but so literally the day after we donate

the day to the community we get [ __ ] out of about five thousand dollars yeah from this dirtbag house

flipper and then she had the balls to give me our first

and only ever one star review we’ve ever had we have 390 google reviews

we have 387 five-star reviews we have two four star

reviews and now this douche bag comes in with a one-star review and initially i thought about like trying to get it

removed you should have right and then i thought nah i’m just gonna reply honestly so i made

a reply i said you know hey i would have to say our experience was you with you was also one star worthy

you know and and i named the the company that was we were working for yeah and i said however we have found that the

experience goes a lot better if you do if you pay your bills but you probably wouldn’t know anything about that

so i’m just leaving it on there right i mean it’s it’s honest it’s fair it’s everything but

those types of experiences where people have the ability to come in

and try to twist words and twist fact to try to get their way yeah they know

exactly what they’re doing the entire time yeah the entire time they know exactly what they’re doing so

to get back to where we started i made a social media post about this right and and i i just said you know

summarizing our week about how we started off with family first which was great we take care of the community

and then we wrapped up the week by getting [ __ ] by a contractor and and you know

we’re gonna take the high road we had a massive like it i found that when we do these family first deals like the bigger

we make the day of family first the more work we do for the community like the more success we see later in the month

uh through the business and so i’m like i i have no doubt we’re gonna see some really great success we had a massive

family first day and you know whatever and so i make this post that post has like 90 freaking reactions on it yeah

people like that [ __ ] right yeah i can go make another post that’s got really good great information that will like

change somebody’s life get five and get five yeah right and it’s because facebook’s choosing what they’re

allowing your listeners they’re trying to spit that drama they want that drama out there right to spur more drama which

spurs more people to look at it which makes them more money in the long run yeah if that’s not business manipulation

i don’t know what is yeah i mean it’s got to be illegal i mean well it’s a gray area right there

you get into the whole user thing like you signed up for it yeah that doesn’t mean that okay so it’s not illegal but it’s

shady i mean can you can you imagine a social media world where there were zero

algorithms where you saw everything in real time i’m hoping that’s what mr musk does that’d be pretty cool like he’s

just like okay this is what’s gonna happen you put your stuff on there and that’s it if you saw everything in real

time and literally everything your friends posted i mean i’ve got like

a lot of facebook friends i only see [ __ ] from like 50 of them yeah right it’s bad i see so i see ads

you know group ads uh stuff that they’re pushing towards me and then like so i’ll

have to sit there and go through i if i sat down and went through it for an hour

i might actually see what my friends did for the last day right like you know what i mean it’s

like what the [ __ ] can you imagine how endless your news feed would be if you

saw everybody’s every single post of every single friend of yours on facebook you know what i’d

like that if i could not see ads and all that other stuff because you know when you first sign up so i had to make a new

one so i got locked out of mine right literally i couldn’t remember what my password was i hadn’t been on there in a

long time and i thought you know what i’m gonna get back on there and see what’s going on what people are saying and stuff couldn’t get on there well

they locked me out of it right so like a week goes by locked out two weeks locked

out three weeks locked out four weeks i’m like you know what i’m just making a new one so i make a new one and

literally i invite you know all my other friends say hey i i can’t get into my other one this and that blah blah and then like

three days later they unlock my old one oh of course yeah yeah but literally for the first two or three months that’s all

i saw was like just my friend because there was no algorithm built on my new platform right

they didn’t know how to add advertise to you but now it’s like i can’t even i can’t even go on it if i want to go on

there and see what people have done i have to go to that individual and click on their deal and to see what actually

is going on right like i haven’t my wife post stuff on there all the time i haven’t seen a post from her in like two

months right it’s it’s the it’s almost become where you can’t even

use it yeah it’s ridiculous yeah they’re controlling what you’re thinking by simply showing you certain people’s

posts versus other posts yeah so and what’s so here’s another thing that’s crazy like i’ll go to tag my wife in a

post it’s my [ __ ] wife well i’m friends with other danielle’s

my wife’s name’s danielle i’m friends with other danielles and other daniels okay

i will start i’ll i’ll type at d-a-n or d-l would she like the 50th one down

no they only show you like five or six you can’t scroll like i have to start typing out her full

[ __ ] name and it’s like really i’ve never once tagged any of these other people yeah

but but they’re trying to you’re telling me you’re so smart but you can’t actually make my wife pop up first they

don’t want you to they want you to click on someone else accidentally tag somebody else yeah to create more

it’s oh man yeah they want me to make a post saying god look how hot my wife is and accidentally tag some wrong danielle

in it yeah exactly uh what uh what right that happened to me uh just two weeks ago on

instagram i got tagged in somebody’s wedding such a beautiful wedding with mitchell smedley

and i’m like uh i wasn’t there that’s not me yeah but congrats by the way yeah so

um it’s nuts man it’s so dumb it’s just it’s it’s dumb yeah and anybody that

can’t see the fact that okay things have died down with everything else nobody’s scared of

covet anymore nobody’s scared of of the government shutting down your business everyone’s

numb to the fact that gas prices are through the [ __ ] roof and that you know everyone knows shelves

are empty yeah everyone knows joe’s an idiot right they’re not even talking about it because everyone just knows he’s a [ __ ] right so they they’re like

well what do we got to do now well let’s inject something right let’s let’s

let’s release a draft opinion that’s never been done before yeah let’s let’s tell you what the supreme court’s

talking about like can you imagine how much this [ __ ] the supreme court’s talking about right now oh yeah it’s

unsealed that’s unleaked yeah 200 things that’s that they’re meeting about right

they could literally like literally they could literally be taught like having conversations on is it good or is it not

good if we consider covet concentration camps in the future right yeah like i have no

doubt they’re actually having that conversation not because i think they like they would or they wouldn’t because they need to have because they need to

have that conversation right like they need to know they need to go into that prepared can you imagine the freaking outcry that

would happen oh my god like there’s a lot of conversations the supreme court has yeah but this one’s out there but

this one’s out there yeah i know holy [ __ ] it’s crazy man it’s crazy and you know what i’ve noticed too

is in the last three or four days so like roe v wade stuff was all over it

and now it’s like now you’re not seeing it as much right are they hiding it from me because they

know that i’m this way instead of that way unswayable or are they

realizing people aren’t as divided as they want everyone to be so they’re just

not even showing them to people so they can’t react to them yeah i mean what are they i mean what are they doing yeah they’re

well i mean as we come around we’re still months out from the midterms but as we come around to the

midterm stuff watch you’ll start seeing your social medias suggest

posts to you it’ll be uh it’ll be like oh someone so commented on this what do you think

yeah you know and it’ll all be politically and it’ll all be divisive yeah and and they’re literally baiting

you into getting into an online argument yeah which makes them more money to

to to this day i don’t think anybody’s ever won an online argument so if they do that

if it’s politically motivated and they do that isn’t that lectioneering is that the

right word yeah aren’t they manipulating an election are you considering that social media

might have an impact on an election no i’m saying that they do and that they

are [ __ ] with election results that’s what i’m saying absolutely they are it’s freaking insanity absolutely yeah and

and to get back to um we’ve gone a little off topic here because we both hate social media

um you know and them twisting words i love it for the purity of it i love it for what it should be used for i like it

yeah i hate how it’s used by corporate yeah like when you like when i see someone that i haven’t seen in a long

time and they post hey my son’s baseball team won their tournament i’m like oh [ __ ] yeah man cool

i love that part you’re right but then i have to go through eight other posts that are all either ads or [ __ ] or

stuff they’re trying to push on me right and i hate that part and i wish that we could get back to

you know just seeing your friend’s stuff what this was four years ago i think four or five years ago

um it was i was building a hot car and i was buying a lot of stuff off ebay

okay uh so i was getting a lot of suggested posts you shouldn’t ebay you shouldn’t

say i was building a hot car because that would be stolen no i built it like a building a hot like a fast car okay a

hot rod yeah hot rod um a hot car that i stole replaced parts in

the vin number one and then sold for cash i was buying a lot of performance parts off ebay and um

uh so ebay was coming up in my advertising on facebook all the time right yeah

check out this on ebay check out check clutch check out this rebuilt transmission all this weird [ __ ] right

so it one time ebay posted up a photo like you could buy a portrait a poster of a

topless woman and it showed the topless woman and it was like from the 50s or the 60s you

know it was like a vintage topless portrait right yeah like that you would put up in your garage like your shop

maybe your hot rod this was even more tasteful than that oh nice yeah it was like it was i mean like art right

like well i mean she’s topless in the photo and it’s on my suggested feed

interesting i screenshot it and share it on my personal page and i’m

like how wild is this if i were to post a photo of a topless woman i would probably get banned for

seven days yeah ebay is suggesting like ebay is paying facebook money

yeah and facebook is pushing this my way yeah right i got banned for seven days

for showing a screenshot i literally got kicked off for seven [ __ ] days for scrolling machine

screenshots that they brought up they yeah they put in my feed yeah right and so i went through my seven day band

i took that exact same photo and i took two little fire emojis emojis and put it over her nipples and put it right back

up there yeah but i’m like that right there tells you the [ __ ] i i just got uh two or three days ago

i don’t remember when the nerd like i was put on like a semi-band for a post i

made four years ago okay really yeah and i get a lot of notifications and so this

one kind of went down well like the next day i get another notification from facebook that says oops we made a

mistake your privileges are back on or you know whatever they tell you like you’re not you’re unrestricted now yeah

and and your post is viewable again and so i click on it to find out like

what post are they trying to pull me down for it’s a video i shared a video that has

millions and millions of views of uh these people gat they hacked a gas

station tv and they basically convinced people to sing karaoke while pumping gas

it is one of the most pure honest amazing videos ever and you get these husbands and wives out there that the

wife’s like pumping gas and she’s like oh no he’s the singer honey get out here you know and they’re like doing a duet and

there’s good right like it is a good wholesome video and somehow facebook tried banning me for that how stupid

like it is the weirdest [ __ ] ever yeah so i mean they don’t want wholesome no they

don’t they they want divisive yeah they want you divided as as divided as you can be yeah so

hopefully the country gets their [ __ ] together yeah you know yeah i mean step one is just recognizing that social

media and that your mainstream media wants you divided the moment you recognize that you can change your

mindset that you go into social media with and and it totally flips the script so

i don’t know how we got off yeah that was like two shows rolled into one well maybe i like it i mean it was

it was it was kind of everything so um guys if if you liked what you heard

today if it taught you something if it made uh made you think about things in a different way do us a favor and uh send

a link to this show to a friend of yours if anything the story at the beginning of the show about

about getting busted by my kid that’s worth a share right there right so you want to laugh for five minutes

send it to a friend and say just listen to the first five minutes that’s all you gotta do right so

uh ole mitch we’re not alone in there we should start bringing up mitch has a lot of stories

that are just only weird dudes come up with these stories and i know a lot of them maybe

we’ll just have a mitch story day yeah that’d be bad i’d be halloween embarrassing it would be embarrassing

there’s a lot of embarrassing stories yeah i’ve got a few of my own but i’ve

got another really funny one that we’ll tell one time it’s about skinny dipping in a lake so we got busted

so cold out there maybe uh that about wraps it up for this show so uh again we’ll uh

we’ll catch up with you next week alright man see ya [Music]