The Void #19 – Beyond The Void – Women’s Rights – April 5, 2022

In this episode, we discuss women’s rights and how to protect them.  We also discuss how competition is what keeps moving us forward.  When we eliminate competition, everything begins to crumble.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!

[Music] hey everybody and welcome to the void a

show dedicated to helping employees become self-employed this show that we’re going to do today is another one

of our beyond the void episodes where we take uh we let the business stuff take a

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things to to be in the right mindset for everything uh this beyond the void episode as we said earlier is where uh

david and i take uh let the let the business stuff take a back seat and and we talk

more opinionated stuff about some of the social uh issues that are going on in the world so with me as always is david

hilton mitch buddy dave it’s been a long week it’s only tuesday it’s i’ve said

that like on six days a year episodes yeah and it’s only tuesday and yeah we hit it hard early so by the time

tuesday’s over it’s like it feels like yeah you’re almost like what day what oh [ __ ] right you know marcus came in here

dragging too he doesn’t look too good i hope he’s not too sick you okay marcus i’m okay i’m okay he’s soft-spoken i’m

okay he’s hurting he’s here though hey you know we talk about this in the business stuff hustling and grinding

yeah we talk about this in the in the business stuff you know a lot like off air about man when you don’t feel good

guess what [ __ ] still needs to get done yeah and if you can power through now listen

sometimes you’re sick and you can’t do it yeah but if it’s if you can and you’re doing it that just shows your dedication yeah

so props to marcus if you’re if you’re passing up on work because you got a little cold

you may not make it you may not make it yeah sometimes you just gotta power through yep and he’s like he’s literally

got the stopwatch out i’m sure and he’s counting the minutes he’s like okay so yeah so i’m gonna lie to these guys

59 more minutes and i’m getting the [ __ ] out of here and i’m going home i’m going home i have some chicken noodle soup i’m

gonna feel better i love chicken noodle soup there you go that’s my favorite no but i’m good you good i’m good

great good good good good better good better great well what are we talking about today we are going to talk about we’re

talking about transgender [ __ ] today transgender [ __ ] and women’s rights

well we’re really talking about women’s rights and that’s what we’re actually talking about yeah and all of the

different uh factors that go into that so we’ll probably even talk a little bit

about disney by the end of this so um [ __ ] damn [ __ ] disney man dave’s uh dave’s a little bit more fired

up for this one i am fired up and i’ll just jump in i have a daughter it drives me insane marcus has a daughter we’ve

talked about this stuff before and i know it gets under his skin when when men

um hold down women and i don’t mean physically but when they hold down women

it drives me nuts you know and i’ve got two sisters so before i had my daughter it drove me nuts then you cannot

take advantage of women in the way that transgender men specifically are taking advantage of

women you know that we we’ve had these you know the women’s rights marches and

we’ve had uh you know the women’s right we have the right we want the right to vote and they’ve gained all of this

ground um in moving forward in this country

especially in this country which has translated to all over the world and then we’re just gonna be like okay

nope that’s over guys that want to be girls can be girls and we’re just gonna take we’re gonna let them come in there and take that

away from you right what the f is up with that right you can’t you can’t do that that’s what were you you and marcus

were talking about earlier about bullying um this is exactly what we were saying i mean i wrote it down i don’t

remember what it was if you’re there are some people out there that will push so incredibly hard

for change in a certain area that they end up becoming the person

that they’re trying to eradicate and it’s so like you see it with bullies

where people are so anti-bully and so anti-bully and so anti-bullying oh that

they end up becoming bullies yeah for the anti-bullies

like yeah and so you you’ll see that on a lot of on a lot of fronts and this isn’t that’s

like pretty apolitical you’ll see it on the left you’ll see it on the right you’ll see it everywhere where somebody

is so passionate about a certain thing that they end up kind of becoming

the the the problem that they were just trying to resolve yes and it it’s just

ridiculous you know and and i’m not saying i have i have nothing against transgender people right nothing okay

if you’re transgender it’s fine but when when you start taking away

other people’s rights and other people’s passions and other people’s hard work

because you want to force yourself into this other area right and that goes with

anything then it’s wrong right okay and you can’t go out there and pretend like you’re some kind of freaking hero

because you’re standing up for tran no you’re stomping on other people to lift yourself up right okay above the you

can’t do that right you know and it’s um it’s actually it’s gender dysphoria is

is what it’s actually called and it is a real thing yeah okay but you cannot use

that as an excuse to put other people down right right i mean and

and you’re you’re gonna see it well go 20 years ago

granted you know society progresses over time and everything else but put yourself 20 years ago if there was

somebody walking around and claiming that they were the sex that

they aren’t that person would have probably been placed in a mental institution they

would have got psychiatric help and they would have gotten psychiatric help it’s a mental disorder right it is gender

dysphoria is a mental disorder you know i pulled some you know stuff off earlier you know their

definition is uh clinically significant distress or impairment related to a

strong desire to be another gender it’s a real thing yeah okay but what they don’t tell you is like uh this stat was 94 of people grow out of gender dysphoria it’s a little kid thing yeah

okay and that’s what this whole this is a whole nother deal the don’t say gay bill that they signed in florida which

has nothing to do with gabe has nothing to do with gay it it is protecting little kids rights to

just grow up yeah and just learn things on their own with their other little kid friends yeah without us doing this to

their little brains and saying no if you think you’re a girl look man we

knew when we were little kids like a a boy would come to school with a skirt on right or a tutu that he got from his

sister well no one ever and at that age you’re licking trees and it’s perfectly okay to go lick the bark off a tree at

that age but don’t don’t go up you’re seven don’t go up to that kid and say you know what you’ve started a new diet

yeah and you can be a tree licker yeah no no right no that’s what would happen when we were kids you’re just weird at

that age yeah you’re just weird like weird as normal sometimes you play with dolls as a dude and it’s okay yeah all

right it’s fine right but you can’t if a kid plays with a doll one time the government can’t come in there and

say okay we now have a new we have gender we have a this this boy wants to be a girl and

if the parents don’t deal with it and don’t take him to get hormones we’re gonna take come on right what are you

[ __ ] doing right right it’s it’s unbelievably stupid you know and they talk about um you know people that are

actually born with it so males that are born with it it’s like 0.005 percent to 0.014 percent

of males that are born have this gender dysphoria and in women it’s 0.002 percent to 0.003

and that’s from right okay right are you kidding me yes so now we’re

going to make policy over people that have a disorder and that

that it affects less than one percent yeah and now listen that’s with kids and and

so when they get they think that there is gender dysphoria when you get older because they actually think that 0.6 of

adults identify as transgender which doesn’t equal the numbers that i just gave you

because they think there’s a disconnect there yeah um you know somewhere obviously it’s hard to pull children

right you know and and then but even even say that the point six percent of adults identify as transgender is a real

thing which like we said it’s fine yeah if you’re transgender if if you want to be transgender if if you think that you

if in your brain you have actually decided i want to be a man or i am a man

or i am a woman no one cares right but like i’ve said before if you really cares at all if you

start stepping on other people because of that now it’s a problem yeah if you’re gonna use that platform to put

other people down that’s a problem right yeah um you cannot i look at it i look

at it a lot like tattoos right how many kids that are 18 to 25 years

old go out and get a tattoo and then end up regretting it later

tattoo’s permanent a lot right tattoo removal is a big business it’s a big business right it’s a big business i

mean look at like tribal oh man do you remember the barbed wire oh yeah

you get warm wire man when pam anderson got that barbed wire on her left arm yeah dude everybody everybody got it

everyone had one barbed wire you’d get tribal it looks so stupid or you’d get like uh

uh asian characters and they were supposed to say something they were supposed to say wisdom and it was soup yeah it was

chocolate who knew what it was like nobody even knew what they actually were right not back then but no but at that time at that moment you were passionate

you wanted to do it you paid money to do it you knew it was the right you knew it was the right thing to do

and here you are five years later paying to get you know get it removed or you’re

covering it up you’re working you’re wearing a sleeve you’re covering it or something right you’re doing something to cover it up because you realized hey

maybe when i was in my teens or early 20s i didn’t quite have it all figured out like i thought

yeah and and and that’s the whole point 94 of those kids are growing out growing out of it right and listen

there is talking about like adolescents and here we are talking about like teenagers but still there’s a lot of [ __ ] that i did when i was a teenager

that i just thought was the right thing to do and now i know it ain’t right and i understand that so

all those numbers i gave if you added those all up and they came out guess what they don’t work

right none of that math works because you know they say 94 of people grow out of gender dysphoria but point six

percent of adults i don’t i i get it okay so before you start texting in or sending me facebook crap i get it those

are studies from legitimate places that i’ve written down right in in the research that i’ve done

just to prove the point that it’s a very very very small amount of people

that are transgender does that mean that they’re not legitimate no but you know i keep coming back to this

thing because we’re in this you know this coveted pandemic [ __ ] if it’s for the greater good for all of us to be

vaccinated isn’t it for the greater good for all of us to separate men and women’s sports

yeah and not cow you know not bow down to the

the point six percent of the population that have that issue right i mean where’s the line at right which one do

you want you can’t [ __ ] have them both right what’s it gonna be right and it just it literally drives me insane

when i see so that um that leah thomas who was william thomas before okay and he was a

pens men’s swimmer everyone if you’ve listened if you’re listening to the show you’ve you’ve seen it

i mean there is one girl that cannot swim for that college now right because this dude

thought i’m a girl now yeah are you [ __ ] kidding me dude you couldn’t make it as a men’s swimmer

okay now and i’m not saying that he couldn’t make it and that’s why he switched maybe he is transgender but you

can’t just keep doing that you can’t hold that one girl down to lift yourself up right and there’s nobody that’s gonna

deny the the genetic and biological differences

from somebody who used to be a man to somebody who used to be or that’s now

transgendered to a woman right they’re genetically superior a male is

physically genetically superior to a woman or to a woman in some areas not

all right but you go strength and you go speed and you go

power and all of that kind of stuff and yeah there’s a reason

that that there are split up is because there’s it’s an unlevel playing field

yeah it’s like serena williams so she did a warm-up match serena williams is

the greatest right woman’s tennis player in the history of mankind yep she is a badass if i played her she would kill me

right okay she did a warm-up match i can’t remember the guy’s name but he was ranked like 200th in the world or

something okay he was a nobody right all right so they did a warm-up match he i i think he beat her five to one

they played one d it was amazing she won the one he’s a nobody he’s a loser she is the best and

he still killed her right except for one set right just because he’s a male listen

it’s not bad to say that you’re a woman or bad to say that you’re we’re just different yeah okay yeah

my words that’s why they’re separated men’s and women’s sports that’s why you don’t see co-ed

sports on on some things is because there is a significant difference between there they have women’s football

leagues i know two women you know one of them i’m not going to say her name

but you know i did her work for a long time she played on one yeah she’s awesome she’s a stud yeah if they lined

up against men they would get killed yeah it’s just part it’s just real life yeah it’s just

what happens the the uh there was a mixed martial arts fighter who was

a biological male that

signed up as a female and they there was a female mixed martial arts fight and the biological

male like impaled the female like broke her skull

ugh and it’s like yeah that’s that’s gonna happen when you do that that

that’s gonna damage is going to occur great damage is

going to occur like disfigured her face yeah i saw a post that said um

when when guys go through the process of becoming a girl because i guess it’s like a lot of estrogens

hormonal or testosterone post pretty much said that that biological

advantage that men has they no longer have it or it’s dumbed down to a point where they’re trying to say that however the

problem is so they have hormone blockers is what it is but once a boy goes through

um once a boy goes through puberty all of all of those muscles have already activated all that stuff has

already happened so even if they’re blocking those and pushing those and they’re trying to say the one year

you’ve got to be on them for one year right dude the damage has been done yeah i mean you’re already yoked and okay if

we’re going to ignore the facts of like lifetimes of testosterone why won’t they allow testosterone

injections in sports right like you can get kicked out of sports for injecting testosterone

yeah so right there their argument kind of cancels itself out yeah so if a woman wanted to be a man and they’re just

loading her up with testosterone so do you do you ban her because she had

performance-enhancing drugs exactly you know i mean what do you i mean what are we doing here right and we get back to

the the whole the purpose of this show is really just women’s rights how freaking ridiculous it is one and second

is women’s rights right these women have worked so hard to get to where they are

right do not knock them down a peg or two because you just want to be

this way well look at look at rachel levine or are this way even if you are that way

do not push women down to be next to them that’s not how it works rachel levine which one which one

is rachel levine she is a government official she’s a four-star general yeah i know you’re talking about okay okay

uh trans male well i guess trans female formerly male

1 now was a dude woman of the year did he what this is what was the other one the kardashian

right okay caitlyn jenner thank you and and listen caitlyn jenner is

one of first off he she is a republican

okay olympic medalist also says that this is complete [ __ ] will be the first one to tell you that

trans athletes have no business in sports yeah you can’t do it yeah if if they want to

do it have your own league yep that’s what they have to have they have to have their own league because

it’s unfair to women yep okay now listen when we talk about that so all the women that want to be men and all the men that

want to be women and they just are in this thing all the men are going to win okay let’s just that’s what’s going to

happen right okay and that’s what’s happening right now rachel levine

biological male woman of the year uh that’s why i brought up caitlyn

jenner right he she got woman of the year right yeah right so so that took

that took an actual woman away from being a woman a year right i get it right so they’re working so hard to

include all of this stuff that now they’re they’re actually be like

we we need to separate men and women we need to give men or give women a chance to rise and

shine well what were they not rising and shining well enough that we had to like send a man in there to do it like

yeah like under the guise of transgender like this it just makes no sense

the long term of this is they’re trying to confuse you between what is right and wrong

and a a society that is easily confused in the lines that were really blurred

between what is right and what is wrong if you start to lose your bearing there then you become more easy to control

and so uh that that’s the long-term play with all of this is the government is trying to maintain

a position of control over the population and so if we can confuse everybody uh on what’s right and wrong that

becomes substantially easier um but

and that’s we have a voice in that we have a significant voice in that we vote with our dollars every day

and there are a lot of organizations out there ncaa for example with the swimmer

yeah right you can stop funneling your dollars to the ncaa yeah you can stop giving uh you know donations to your

alma mater right you know you you can say hey look especially big donors now listen most

big donors of liber of colleges are liberal anyway right but there’s a few that aren’t you can say hey i’m not

giving you this money because of x yeah this is why because i think it’s horse [ __ ] right right i have a daughter

that’s gonna about to be going to the school now she’s not yeah and now i’m not giving you my money right not only

tuition no more donations i’m out right in in uh disney we talked about it later

earlier that we’d probably bring it up yeah disney is making i mean they’ve it’s come out on the headlines that

disney has openly their executives have openly said that they are

shooting to have over 50 percent of their characters represent an lgtbq or

minority party they had minority group they had one of their board members literally say

in a taped discussion i am happy that i’m indoctrinating kids with my beliefs yeah they’re [ __ ]

children yeah let them grow up yeah i mean you can’t it it just drives me

insane when i when i hear her actual words were not so hidden agenda yeah she’s able to plug in her not-so-hidden

agenda their children yeah so so you know before you know when disney

would put out their movies 70s 80s 90s okay there was no politics

right there were um there was no religion right there was no anything they were just

innocent cartoon movies yeah that were to entertain and they did inspire

children and it already did a remarkable job bringing in people from all races yeah they already did and now

and now you’re gonna say okay we’ve got all this audience so now i’m going to indoctrinate your children right with my

agenda what the [ __ ] is that yeah so how do you fix it

well stop going to disney you cancel your disney plus yeah you cancel your trip to disney oh you

can cancel your disney cruise you know what let me bring this up real this it hurts me so my daughter is just turned

nine yep and now listen we were gonna take her we’ve been talking about for the last couple years coveted [ __ ]

you know not i am not taking her to disney now right so in the in i’m hoping she’s old enough

that she’s you know kind of she hasn’t really been asking i’m not taking her well okay and it hurts me because i know

she wants to go in the last beyond the void episode we were talking about some businesses that make decisions and it’s

not really like that’s a business decision it doesn’t affect whether i buy their product or not right yeah however

this is not a business decision their decision there has a direct effect

on my children right now thankfully my kids are old enough to where they’ve kind of

cycled out of the disney phase and they’re boys it’s a little different a little bit different they don’t want to be princesses right

um uh we mine have cycled out of that however there are millions of people that

haven’t right yeah and so and and more being born every day yeah so uh that that is not only a business

decision but it has a direct effect on the end user and so you know it would be different like like

we used last time we used the example a carhart carhartt was making the vaccine mandatory for all their employees well

that doesn’t affect the quality of their product and that doesn’t affect the fact that i enjoy their products so i’m going

to use their product it’s going to make it more difficult for them to find employees yeah right so that’s a challenge they’re

going to have to overcome that doesn’t affect me as a user of their product disney on the other hand

i don’t want my kids going to watch toy story 17 in a couple of years

and now we’ve got you know bisexual characters

doing bisexual things we’ve got trans characters doing trans things or whatever the case may be that has no

place in that age group of children no and that’s that’s the whole point is that let the kids grow up when they get

older and they can make their own decisions okay yeah you know what i mean okay but

don’t try to force my child into accepting or

they’re already confused enough as children yeah okay they are super confused

if you sit down with a small child and ask them actual questions about hey what did you feel about this what did you

feel about that sometimes their answers don’t make any sense right okay because they’re confused and they’re trying to

they’re trying to filter their emotions you know my mom passed away and my daughter’s eight and i’m asking her

you know okay you know this has been three months ago what you know how do you feel i mean

just the blank look on her face because she couldn’t she didn’t understand it she couldn’t process that

this is the same exact freaking thing right okay let the kids grow up on their own and

when they are mentally stable enough to process information then we can have

those talks right about transgender about gay about about whatever why

russia’s bombing right all of those things but when they’re little you cannot indoctrinate

them right their brains aren’t developed enough to do that no right let us do that stuff at home right and quit

knock your [ __ ] [ __ ] off i had shared something on my facebook recently you guys are going to get

canceled what are they going to cancel we don’t [ __ ] have anything we have no advertising we make no money from this

we aren’t bought by anybody yeah it’s kind of hard to cancel us you can’t cancel something that don’t make no money yeah right

uh so the usda they could probably try to figure it out there right they’ll go to the extent yeah

so the u.s department of justice the office of sex offender sentencing monitoring apprehending registering and

trafficking uses the following definition of grooming

you mean grooming children group okay grooming is a method used by offenders that involves building trust with a

child and the adults around the child in an effort to gain access to the time alone

with him or her in extreme cases offenders may use threats of physical force

to sexually assault or abuse children more common though are subtle approaches

designed to build relationships with families boy if that doesn’t exactly spell out

disney do you mean disney movies right is that what you mean right i know what marcus is saying they may come down on

us yeah they’re going to sue us the offender take out nothing we the offender may assume a caring role

befriend the child or even exploit their position of trust or authority to groom the child and or the child’s family

these individuals intentionally build relationship with adults around a child

or seek out a child that is less supervised by adults in his or her life you mean like while

children are watching movies and their parents are in the other room yeah ben shapiro said something the other day he was like hey okay

so listen parenting’s hard i got two kids i think he said he had two kids yeah he has one or two kids

sometimes you need a break and you used to be able to put a disney movie in yeah like

snow white and seven dwarfs right you just be able to put it in frozen frozen okay you got a little break you got to reset

you got to do what you needed to do say you had a zoom call for work and and you got it done now you can’t even freaking

do that right you’re telling me and he was saying and look i love me some ben

shapiro so i’m not trying to take credit for anything um you know he said now i have to pre-screen

every freaking show that they oh that they put out no you don’t you just don’t buy it well

and then i thought you know what i’m just not even going to freaking jack with it and you put that post on there

the other day and i put on there just disney boycott yeah and i got i just i

might have got a little crush on a few things i don’t care disney boycott that’s where i’m at yeah i mean and tons

of people are and i i love how you know disney they have disneyland in

california and then worlds in florida i can’t remember but disney world is the big one you know the first one and they

think they’re going to go to war with florida really yeah good luck good luck dude right you know there’s there’s one thing

you can’t [ __ ] with and that’s people’s kids and when you start screwing with people’s kids

they don’t care they don’t care if you’re right if they think you’re right in the back of their mind but you’re messing with

their kids they don’t care yeah so a lot of them dude right that a lot of the topics that we talk

about usually are going to kind of center around the fact that is it in the best interest of america to move forward in

that direction right and this is definitely not um because it eliminates competition

right when you do transgender in sports transgender and female sports especially

it totally decimates competition and without competition we go back to the

uncivilized days right you know who’s gonna win those battles

who parents with kids oh yeah republicans with guns well

if we’re going to move back to uncivilized [ __ ] which is it’s crazy how they they always want to push we’re

we’re being more civilized no you’re not no you’re trying to be more civilized but you’re pushing us backwards right

right so i mean competition drives the world it drives business it drives athletics it drives everything it drives

everything right without competition literally everything falls apart i mean there was a space race back in the 60s

right race to get to the moon race to get to orbit you know all of this stuff like literally competition is what

drives the world and so this uh inclusivity push

is in direct contradiction with competition the moment we try to include everybody and you know every the easy

thing oh participation trophies and blah blah blah right well we don’t part of it we don’t do that here in missouri right

but the moment you try to include everybody and you negate competition guess what

all the boats begin to sink because what is the point in even trying anymore

if everybody is going to get a crack at the top this is the big healthcare discussion okay so everyone wants you

know world healthcare like uk and canada you know okay government healthcare blah blah blah

all of the major advancements that happen in health in healthcare as far as like cancer research and you know kids

health research all those things they come from america do you know why because american health care is for-profit and what does that do that

motivates people to be the best right and to get the [ __ ] out there yeah so the second that you are just go to uh

you know whatever guess what that research stops yeah so all of you leftist [ __ ] that think that

you know government healthcare is going to be the way it’s not now is there a balance

yes there is a balance and we and and no one has been able to figure that out

right you know you know medicare was it is kind of a balance you know when you’re 65 you can

you can get that free health care and they’ve kind of there is something there that no one has figured out but there

has to be competition especially in health care i don’t know why i took that side tangent no that’s

all right but that’s it’s just the truth but it is the truth and so a very similar circle to that would be like the

fuel from the 70s right the fuel yeah yeah fuel shortages right well what spawned all that was the

government was trying to put limits on what people could charge for fuel well when you put limits on what you can

charge then all of your for-profit businesses are going to struggle with producing enough or quit doing it and so

then you don’t have enough supply and so that’s where all these fuel shortages came out and those long fuel lines and

everything else so toyota corollas they got 30 miles to the gallon right i mean you would only do 45 miles an hour but

were like that’s remember what they were that’s what happens when you eliminate

competition when you eliminate all of that competition everybody loses there’s not a single

winner in that program when you eliminate competition no imagine like literally just last night the ncaa

championship was on i didn’t watch it but it was on imagine if they went into that going

both teams are going to get a trophy at the end so it doesn’t matter what the score we’re not actually we’re not likely going to keep score we’re going to put

it on the scoreboard imagine what imagine what would happen if they said okay every player on the team gets 100

grand if they win all of a sudden people are going to try harder even a little more competition right

isn’t reduced and the outcome could be could have been completely different you just competition breeds success yeah it

always does if you have a plumber move in deck next door to you over here that’s got a freak his van outside yeah

but guess what happens all of a sudden mitch is a little more motivated right he may go over there and talk to that

guy they may be buddies right but every time something happens just a little bit more spur in

your ass to hey right well and i’m i got to beat this guy and i mean we run into it all the

time in the business world right you’re competing for the best talent you’re competing for the best team you’re competing for the best

position in the marketplace and all of that kind of stuff competition is what drives

success stay on that mic mitch yeah setting my drink now uh competition is

what drives success without competition you have no success you have complacency let’s bring that back to what we were

talking about about transgender so there’s competition right so if now they just let

say say everyone all of these leftists get their way and now it’s just uh you know what men and women it’s just we’re

gonna combine it all why would why would women even participate right why would there be any

scholarships why would there be there wouldn’t be right okay so just to tie it all together

knock it off right what are you doing it goes to the like the equal pay for equal play type of thing right right well

as as an as a professional athlete you are part athlete and you are part

uh actor right not to say you’re faking it you’re an entertainer you’re an entertainer

you’re a performer right when tyree kill catches a ball and he’s literally on the 50 and it trust me it pains me that he’s

no longer a kansas city chief right and he he literally runs by two guys and is running at another

guy who can tackle him but is so fast that he just gives him the peace signs he’s running before he passes he’s

running towards him and then past him yeah i mean it’s entertainment it’s

entertainment right and he’s a performer and he knows and all those and all those top

uh elite athletes they know right okay peyton manning and eli manning are

geniuses i mean they’re done and they’re doing all these great commercials they’re doing all this i

mean come on right right so you know the equal pay for equal play initiative

is unfair when not unfair it’s unrealistic yeah

because they think i play on the court for the same time as a man i should get paid the same as a man no

you should get paid for performing and this is against the women’s rights

movement right and and i know that this is weird twisting this stuff all around you remove competition from like finances in

women’s sports and you have complacency yeah and who wants to watch complacency

nobody right so the the if if women want to like

i hate to say it if women want to figure out how to start being paid better they need to be find a

way to entertain better so i i will say i will bring up women’s soccer

so the net our national women’s soccer team holy [ __ ] they’re awesome right i watch

every game yep every game that i can watch i watch you know why first off they’re the best

yep it’s entertaining to watch okay now if i wa if i turn on soccer and watch

japan and japan’s a great team watch like japan brazil women’s team now i don’t have a dog in the fight so it’s a

little bit different but it’s not as entertaining as watching even just an mls game right but if

if the usa if usa canada’s playing and that competition is up and they’re raring to

go in there it is just as entertaining yeah and they need to figure out a way for you for that to all be as

entertaining well i mean because canada’s just as good as them right it’s entertaining to you i shouldn’t say that th this club

they’re it’s not entertaining to the masses right right and so you can’t force that entertainment on the masses

so you can’t just arbitrarily ask for equal pay like you see in the wnba

so those women actually make a high it’s it’s beyond equal pay so those women in

the w you mean per people that are watching yeah so and and not total revenue not total but per person

watching per person watching they make more revenue capital they make wnba yes the players make a larger percentage of

the revenue yes than the male players in the nba yes they do so you can’t

you can’t do the equal pay for equal play thing because you aren’t as entertaining as the male players and

let’s and let’s not get off track because we’re trying to you know we’re talking about you know

transgender athletes taking away from that so there are mitch’s point there is they’re already on an uphill battle

right okay now when you start introducing males into their uh their sports it makes it even tougher on them

yeah okay they are already on this trajectory and they have made so much progress and they’re moving up

and these transgender athletes are just trying to beat them down yeah yeah because they weren’t good enough against

it listen and when i say that i’m not i’m not doubting this william thomas as a swimmer i couldn’t go out there and

beat him right okay right you know what i mean it’s okay yeah i’m not as good as him all right

now if we’re in the ufc fight that’s different yeah i can’t beat him as a swimmer yeah but i mean it would be

like a arbitrarily some some professional it would be like tiger woods all of a sudden deciding

i’m now an amateur because i in my heart and in my mind i just know i’m an amateur yeah and so i’m

gonna go sign up for an amateur tour let’s don’t even say that say he decided he was gonna be a woman

right so if tiger woods even at i don’t know how old he is now like 45 marcus crush a 400 yard drive is he 45. it’s

tiger williams tiger williams he’s up there let me check marcus’s last name is williams

tiger lebron go take lebron yeah lebron all of a sudden decided he wanted to be a woman

right is everyone going to be like okay let him go play with women’s basketball [ __ ] no they’re not right kill them all

right and what would happen the league mvp would be lebron james yeah is that is that fair

36 40 he’s 46 46 i’m 40. i guess i shouldn’t be that

surprised right tiger woods is a badass i don’t care what anyone says he’s the best he’s the [ __ ] best yeah you you

can’t lebron is 37. he’s only 37. that dude looks 52.

he doesn’t is it just the is it just the basketballs i mean just it’s hard on you

i can remember being a senior in high school when they were talking about him lebron would have now he’s a sophomore in high

school well he went freshman well he went from 17 or 18 years old to straight to the nba right so i forget well i

remember being a senior in high school he would have been a sophomore or freshman and they were already talking

about him oh yeah they were like look it was like every two-year conversation whenever he wants to go he’s going

that was that’s what it was he’s gonna he’s gonna go and he’s gonna be the best yeah which is amazing because in some sports

it just doesn’t it doesn’t translate that way and why hasn’t it in the nba lately

you had jordan you had kobe you had

who else derek rose you had i mean you had all these great nba players and they knew they were like

hey these guys are gonna be the best i’ll tell you why how come that hasn’t been lately you know why why money

oh you think so i know so because the contracts are getting so incredibly

high now they’re not trying to hype them you don’t have to go in as this i’m going to

be the best to have ever done this to make a ton of money to make a fair

living or make a good excellent amount of money that i need to make yeah and so you’ve got guys that

are that are doing above average they’re doing top level but they’re not in a league of

their own above everybody else yeah because a league of their own above everybody else and high level

like top 5 of athletes still pays the same yeah well i guess cousins was going to be one of the big names and then he

was hurt the first year and then you know i mean some of those big guys get hurt yeah i was uh i don’t know a whole

lot about the mlb strike that was going on or not strike but the the it was the

lockout the talk the contract ended and then they were just trying to get a new one yeah so one

of the guys that i work out with game day is thursday two days one of the guys three hours three ten we watching over

here uh mitch doesn’t watch sports by the way i have an option to get some opening day tickets he’s a uh you’re not

going why would you get them i might go you ain’t gonna go you don’t like to take afternoon off you

don’t like you do like cheating we couldn’t podcast on thursday night if i went but that’s all right why anyway

by the time the game gets over i’d be late yeah i guess we could do it it would be late podcast a three-hour game would be 6 10 yeah

it’d be seven o’clock four start it was seven o’clock tonight well that’s because marcus was late he’s not feeling

good but um i blame me i blame you one of the guys one of the guys that i work out

with was talking about um one of the big anchor points now i’m kind of speaking out of my ass here of

course one of the big anchor points of that lockout and the pause from the players half of things is they were

trying to get the younger players into the money earlier yeah because by the

time they could finally get into a position where they could be into the money they were already on the downhill

side of their career yeah and and that has to do with it so uh bubba starling uh-huh and i can’t

remember the other guy’s name um for the royals same thing you know so

these teams were these low budget teams like us right um they were

keeping these kids as long as they could in the minor leagues because then they would have control over them longer right and they were trying to get that

out of this right out of the deal right i don’t know how we got on the baseball well contracts talking about

keeping competition up and yeah thank you why don’t you see incredibly stellar athletes today is because the contract

values are so incredibly high and yeah we were talking about basketball yeah there’ll be another i mean we’re due for

another stud to roll through you know yeah i mean uh what’s the guy’s name that plays for the bucks

giannis giannis that dude is a stud yeah onto the kempo

adjective he is a stud yeah if he played in a big market

i mean they would just be all over him right he’s a stud yep so how are they gonna do how are they

gonna do this year they’re doing good now one last year yeah how are they doing the i hate their number one

i like him dude he’s awesome to watch he is a beast yeah i don’t know if he’s ever gonna

you know that first year that they made a run at the championship it was like if he wins one like right

now right off the gate [ __ ] watch out yeah he could still be great right i mean he

is great but i mean i’m we’re talking all the time is what we’re talking about yeah yeah i don’t know i’ll be curious to see

what happens with tyreek hill stats tyreek hill’s got some impressive stats and he was on pace to be a hall of famer

but he has all hall of fame he has top five hall of fame stats

through his first is it five years right six i understand but yeah he’s going to but it takes two halves to be a receiver

right yeah you got to have a qb to get you that ball downstream tua can’t throw on the ball i know

two can’t two can’t throw the ball from the laces and i mean uh you know under i’m grant and i were i

hope he does good because i like tyra hill i think he’s just he’s one of the greatest i grant and i were out throwing

a ball last night how many ducks did you throw i’ve seen you throw no i’m pretty good i’m probably are you with a little kid football yeah yeah well yes

it’s with his football but i could drop her right in the basket right so i told him i said go run it you be

hill you go run a fly route and i’ll be tua and he’s just so he takes off and he’s like two houses down the street and i

just threw it halfway to him and chris like what the hell man

i just threw it out of the ditch over here like oh [ __ ] that’s that’s exactly what’s gonna happen

oh my god that’s exactly what’s gonna happen uh so back to women’s rights back to

women’s rights so if if 0.6 of the population is transgender

i mean women’s rights are more important than 0.6 of the population

absolutely and and what do we have i mean what do you have to do for people to realize that i guess is my

question right i mean what’s the what is the hold up what’s the problem

why are people so blind to it i guess is my question they’re blind to it because inclusivity seems like a good idea

it’s like socialism seems like a good idea politically correct socialism and what was the word you used inclusivity

and socialism of the same word fairly close yeah yeah so inclusivity seems like you know if

you’re in a group of people and you see an outsider you want to include them right if if you

are uh one of the coolest photos i’ve ever seen in my life i love it every time i see it it’s it’s like

um it’s in a crowd like at a lawn like lawn seats in a crowd

and there’s a guy like sandstone like yeah yeah yeah like a big amphitheater yeah like amphitheater it’s like nice

seats and then you go to the grass and it’s the rest of the hippies smoking weed in the top yep well here’s a whole bunch of i’ve been there yeah here’s a

whole bunch of hippies and they’re holding up a guy on a wheelchair oh nice okay everyone else is standing

there with their arms up they’re screaming and they’re yelling and doing their things and and there’s a guy in a wheelchair being held up by everybody

why because he can’t see he’s in a wheelchair right yeah you put him down on the ground he can’t see [ __ ] so everyone’s like no we’re going to

include you you get to be part of the experience too and this guy is obviously disabled in some way

um his legs are very thin so it’s obvious he’s been you know

paralyzed for a long time um which is awful he’s he’s rocking out there with the devil’s horns and

everything else i mean he’s just enjoying his concert right so inclusivity is

it’s nice in theory and then there’s however and there’s four people behind him that can’t see well right because

they’re freaking holding them up or 12 people right and then so one guy’s happy and 12 people are sad and everyone’s

like yeah right right so you do have really you do have a little bit of that but

also i mean maybe they’re moving them around and you know i don’t care still horseshit if i gotta miss five

seconds of a concert while he’s getting crowd surfing let the guy go up and be on the side of the stage and let him watch from there right

this is what we’re talking about in this when you’re when you’re standing on other people’s shoulders or you’re standing on top of

someone’s neck to lift yourself up it’s wrong and you can’t do it right

and and so that that can be kind of hard to navigate right because something can be some people look at look at that

photo like i do and they see joy right there’s a guy who probably couldn’t see and now they’re helping him out you look

at that photo and you see 12 people behind him who now can’t see because he’s in the way yeah so that’s the crazy

part with our society the way it is right now is social media allows information and opinions to travel

incredibly fast and also there are bright sides and dark sides to almost everything out there and

you can’t you can’t fail to act simply because you

can see both sides you’ve got to make a decision and you’ve got to march right so

um the the idea of inclusivity the easiest way to navigate when when

that problem comes across the easiest way to navigate that is does it support competition

or does it stifle competition and if it stifles competition then it needs to not be in place it’s

that plain and simple i would give another example that if if everyone in the scenario is not 100 equal

or fair then it doesn’t work just like you said so if one if if one

person’s being lifted up but it takes away from 10 people that’s not fair that’s not

equal right okay you can’t that doesn’t balance on the judgment scale yeah and

that it just doesn’t work so i’m sure you’ve seen the photo uh it’s a it’s the difference between equality and

equity yeah and so um a lot of a lot of ceos have those up in their office yeah

right right well so it used to be we’d push for equality yeah and now they’ve trained they’ve

changed it and they are pushing for equity yeah well it’s a quality what equality

is so the picture that i’m referencing um is like a six-foot fence

and there are three different heights of people that are trying to see over the fence yeah well they all they each have a

wooden box and the tall guy stands on his wooden box and he can see over just fine the medium

height guy stands on his box and his eyeballs barely peek over the fence the

short guy stands on his box and he still can’t see over the offense well that is equality everybody has an equal sized

box right now equity means same outcome equal outcome yeah so

equality is equal input so the middle guy keeps his box the middle guy he has to switch their boxes they take the box

from the tall guy and give it to the short guy simply because you know what they call that

well social socialism right it’s it’s socialism right that’s what that is yeah it’s it’s that’s equity right so that

way equal outcome everybody can see now right it’s socialism so on the surface

inclusivity yeah on the surface you think okay well in that scenario i don’t like

i can still see so i don’t mind now change the box to a stack of money yeah

well it’s it’s i knew where you were going with that it’s just like so if i go out

and i work super hard i mean i’m i’m 40 i’ve been working

since i was 14. my first job i got was 14 was washing windows now listen 14 for a little while odd jobs yeah 8 16 when i

got my car boom i mean i was working 20 hours a week yep graduated 40. i mean it was it was almost instantaneous okay

there’s just this i’m not worth 40 billion dollars

okay but i’ve been working that whole time does that mean i deserve 40 billion dollars because i’ve worked that whole time and elon musk didn’t work that

whole time and he’s no no not at all no yeah okay he chose a

different path he took on more risks yeah it was those were my decisions yeah and you know

and my work ethic and and that’s that’s where i am that’s where i got that’s what i deserve yeah you know as

as people would say you can’t just say oh well i’m a person and i’ve been on

the planet as long as everyone else i should be getting what this guy gets no right you shouldn’t be right if if you

decided that at 20 you were gonna drop out of college and go live in your mom’s basement and work

at pizza hut i worked at pizza by the way right and i i worked at pizza hut and

i decided i wasn’t gonna go get a job that paid anymore right i was happy with doing

this and there’s nothing wrong with that you just kept working at it you kept working at it that’s what you’re doing and then you bought a hundred and ten

thousand dollar house and you got a lot of problems with it and that’s your life you decided to do that in a free

enterprise system don’t be mad because your buddy decided i’m gonna start i mean i’m gonna

use mitch my buddy started a plumbing company and now that son of a [ __ ] is making a

this is not mitch that motherfucker’s making 150 thousand dollars a year he owes me right because he’s making

that money and we’ve both worked the same amount of time right no right that’s not how it works dude

competition competition right if you want to make that money especially in america

if you want to make that money you can make it yeah the only thing stopping you is you yep

it’s unbelievable how many people use it as a crutch right or oh well

i talked to a guy today i do hvac and plumbing this guy did has

done hvc he’s 61 years old he’s still roughing in houses okay we

got into an argument today because he literally told me he was a socialist and he was all mad because billionaires

don’t pay enough taxes and this you know this and that and blah blah and he says to me he’s like

well you know i just you know working here i don’t make enough money and i shouldn’t do this and i was like dude

you’re telling me you’ve been doing this for how for 40 years right for 20 years

for 30 years yeah so why didn’t you just go get another job for another company doing the same

thing that was but you expect me to change my whole life what yeah yeah dude yeah you have to

make a move you have to do what’s best for you this is america right we’re not here just to suck up what life gives you

there is nothing but opportunity in this country get off your ass yeah i mean

dude he was so offended yes and i told i told him some of my story

like dude i ca i came from my parents were poor right okay we i remember the duplex

your dad lived in when i met you my dad didn’t have air conditioning in that farmhouse until after i moved out so

when i moved out of my dad’s house and moved in with mitch was the first time i had had air conditioning in like seven

years we okay this is 2 000. dave does not still live with me now

yeah i do west daniel yeah when when dave and i moved out of our parents house we got a duplex together yeah we

lived in a duplex together for and it was the most almost a year it was the most crazy train wreck i’ve ever been a part of and it was great one of these

days we’ll talk stories about what all women no we won’t play no we are right that’s probably better no we won’t but

but it’s like you know i didn’t come and i took you know i was just telling him my story i was like dude

he knows where i live and i was like he was like oh you know your parents i was like no dude yeah no my parents were

poor i said and the only thing janine’s parents ever gave us so they paid for her two-year

education which was great yeah her first car that she had when we got married she owned because of them

that was it yeah the rest of it was us so working [ __ ] hard yeah and and

realizing okay you know what the american dream is still possible and you can go get it and don’t use

don’t use your situation as a crutch right you know and this gets back to what we’re talking about here

don’t this guy’s saying i’m a woman now that’s

that’s a crutch yeah you know to lift himself up and and it all surrounds around your mentality and your ability

to keep marching forward keep challenging yourself and keep

seeking better for yourself yeah you do those things you will have

an amazing life if you do those things you won’t be confused about your gender either because

it’s it’s complacency it’s it’s being happy with yourself and when you’re unhappy with yourself then you start

trying to blame society for your problems yeah

and listen it’s no different than that guy he was he’s unhappy with his situation so he’s blaming oh he he was

blaming everybody blaming everybody in the government everyone he ever worked for he was blaming [ __ ] everything it was

everyone else’s fault right you know that’s really the democratic platform is just blame everybody and don’t take

personal responsibility for your own actions right right well and what did he say about your scenario oh it’s daddy’s

money or mommy’s money or whatever right like yeah and i told you he thinks it is because he is so out of touch he can’t

even fathom the level of work that it takes to get to that level yeah and i mean this guy’s taking so with this no

one is going to even know what i’m talking about so a three-bedroom raised ranch home you know

he’s taken a week to a week and a half to rough it in by himself doing hvac when i was 25 i could do one by myself

in one day right i’m 40 now and i can do it easily in two days well

and let’s be honest okay so at his age he should have probably started a company and have he should be employing

people or just went to do all of that or just went to work somewhere where he could get into the server side and

wouldn’t have to be busting his back every day right or just and you know why he probably didn’t go

anywhere because he knew that they would fire him because he wasn’t putting any effort out right you know i mean let’s

let’s be honest that’s probably the deal yeah he’s one of those guys that’s going to work just hard enough not to get fired but that’s the thing about he does

not get that’s the complacency thing yeah complacency is okay i can be here i’m fine i’m doing this and then all of

a sudden you wake up one day and you’re 60 years old and you’re like oh i didn’t take personal responsibility for my life

and now i’m in trouble what am i going to do i’m going to be a socialist because now i can be like the government needs to pay for everything yeah well

guess where government money comes from you idiots it comes from all of us that are working yeah him me mitch everyone

that’s out there working is paying taxes and that’s where that money’s coming from right and it’s just it’s like

there’s this huge disconnect between reality yep

and what they think yeah and it’s just it’s insanity yeah yeah it’s literally

insanity most definitely so one of my plumbers he thinks that i’m like independently wealthy

and you’re like dude like half jokes with me about it but um he’s like yeah i mean you live in

that nice house and and you you know all this stuff and i’m like yeah it’s a lifetime of good decisions and good

choices that have led to this first off mitch doesn’t live in some it’s i would call mitch’s house

a nice house in missouri well it’s a nice middle-class home yeah it’s a nice four

bedroom four bathroom house yeah so now in missouri this four bedroom four bathrooms you can get you can get for a

lot less than you can get for in california right you know what i mean right yeah it’s it’s it’s different there but

um you know i said well it it came with like a lifetime of decisions right i’m

i’m still with the same girl i married 15 years ago we chose

to stay together right yeah like i say marriage is easy but we make the conscious effort and choices does

danielle watch these podcasts no because that girl is crazy as hell [Laughter] that’s hard we chose he thinks the same

thing about you i guarantee it we chose to have kids after we got married kind

of old-fashioned kind of crazy these days right now baby mama and baby daddy’s daddy is thrown around like it’s

just common natured stuff yeah and here we are and i’ll give i’ll give you another one

better so when mentioned danielle got married he lived in a thousand square foot house that was

i mean i could fit three of them in the barn that i have now it was a four room house it had two bedrooms a living room

and a kitchen it was literally a thousand square feet it might have been nine hundred it was twelve hundred square feet it was

including the one car garage so 800 square feet yeah yeah it was a shack no when i say shack

i don’t mean it was a bad home it was a shack it was a good quality helmet it was tiny it was tiny it was a tiny home

now they call them tiny homes and it’s all this the rage oh yeah it was just a small house that mitch lived in so but

they lived there for a while i lived there for 10 years to so that they could amass some wealth so that when they

moved out of there they could get something nice that they could be in for a long time we moved straight from that house into this

house and we were still house poor for a year yeah and people people think oh oh i you own a business and you have the no

dude it’s it’s regular life i owned this house for 12 years before i started the business yeah yeah so but and it’s just

a regular it’s just a regular house well now and another thing too like to that to to his point is like i don’t have

crazy expensive hobbies i don’t go out drinking all the time right don’t judge so well i mean drinking is expensive

alone but a lot of the people who go out drinking all the time usually have a dui or two that yeah they’ve racked up right yeah so there’s there’s 20 grand we talk

about that in episode three about right your friends and right what you should be doing if you’re going to be

prepared to be successful yeah and and so you know there’s there’s little decisions that you make every day that

change the outcome of your life dramatically yeah and and it’s all about the habits that you take and everything

else we’re gonna do an episode in the future on exactly what it takes to turn your

life around and i can guarantee you that your life will turn around within

three or four months if you do this so we we’re not going to talk about it now we’ll talk about it in the future but

most people won’t do it i’m going to say 90 percent of people won’t even do it anyway because they would rather just

take the life that that complacency yeah the life of complacency and just take whatever comes to them but uh we’re

gonna we’re gonna do a show uh we’ll probably record it next

um about thursday yeah about the law of averages and what it takes to beat the

average so um interesting is that is that pretty much all we’ve got to talk about about

women’s rights and transgender you know what i have i have one more thing i want to say is

as the father of a daughter right i am one million percent for women’s rights

absolutely i know 1 million for transgenders rights as well unless they’re stepping on women

okay that’s right exactly you took my point that’s where i was going with that i know um

gay men and women that i’m friends with okay and they think it’s horse [ __ ] yeah okay

and i’m not gonna i’m not dragging them into anything but you know especially a couple of the women i know

that are um that play sports that are die-hard women

they’re just die-hard gay women and they are and they they don’t want men stepping on them

right okay and what i what they don’t want is um and i’m not speaking for all of them

i’m only speaking for a couple that i have personally talked to they do not want

everything that’s happening with trans transgender men and women moving into sports they do not

want that to affect what they’ve worked so hard to get right you know what i mean their rights and

their equality that’s been on this trajectory uh poor trajectory for the spotify listeners as mitch says

you know they’re on that upward trajectory in gaining some sort of equality um

they don’t want this to be affecting them because a few idiots want to step on women’s rights yeah and

it’s just you know to be frank i try to be kind of

the longer the show goes on i try to be you know politically politically correct but the longer it goes the more i realize it

it’s that i’m not it’s it’s [ __ ] [ __ ] is what it is yeah it absolutely is it’s just this this entire

attack on everyone to say it’s an attack on 300 million people to save 10. well and and

if you want to talk socialism that ain’t how it goes either right right it’s just it’s it’s complete horseshit

and and when you want to if you want to really fire some [ __ ] up when it comes

to division and the way people act um within small groups and the way the

country is between left and right things like this are what cause

division and that’s exactly why they’re doing it yeah i think so too and i don’t we

haven’t really been on a whole track of we think the government’s doing this and we think these groups are dividing us

this way we think right but you know in my heart i think that’s what what is happening and as soon as the ones of us

that have a freaking brain can step outside of ourselves and realize okay this is what they’re trying

to do to control us right if we can group together left and right those of

us that have those same views and realize these rich idiots that we’ve been

electing for the last 50 years are screwing all of us injecting division

exactly and and i’m not saying right or left they’re all screwing us

they’re all voting for freaking raises every time it rolls around right you know what i mean they’re not voting for

term limits are they right they’re the ones that are trying to hold their foot on our neck all the freaking time and

this is just another example of that they’re taking one little thing and they’re saying okay nope we’re going to

do it and they’re just driving that wedge a little bit farther and they’re like hey if we can divide them we can control them right because these are

going to be doing what these people say and these are going to be doing what these people say we’ll get them arguing so much about transgender and blm and

everything else that they won’t even know we just voted ourselves in a race yeah they won’t even know that we just paid ourselves you know 400 million

dollars this year to do [ __ ] absolutely nothing while covets going on right right you know and then and and i don’t

want to be beaten on young kids but when i was a young kid i had no freaking idea no you don’t realize till you’re 30

you’re 35 and you’re like ignorance is blue oh [ __ ] and then the next kids that are 25 they’re saying the same thing

right it’s just it’s unbelievably ignorant it is it is i’ve made marcus go way over our

time he’s like back there he’s like this hey waving us off [ __ ] you’ve got to stop he’s like i’m ready to go home i

don’t feel good yeah so guys that that uh pretty much wraps up our show for today um again stay tuned for some more

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