The Void #20 – How to start your own Body Sculpting Studio with Claire Borja – April 10, 2022

In this episode, we invite Claire Borja to the show to discuss how she started Platinum Body Sculpting.  Claire saw an opportunity to leave her career in the medical field to start a business where she gets to have a direct impact on her clients results.  Check out what Claire has to say.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!

[Music] hey everybody and welcome to the void a

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i’m your host mitch smedley and with me as always is david hilton mitch what’s up buddy it’s been a it’s been a good

day today’s been a good day today’s been a great day it’s been a pretty nice week and it’s been freaking raining all day the last two days hey rain’s good yeah

i’d rather have rain than snow yeah did marcus get the last few days off no no no he was with me in the rain

yesterday shoveling what’d you do marcus shoveling sewer stuff he had oh man were

you shoveling i wasn’t shoving the no okay well you got money i did give money give

money i didn’t get money man did you get a bonus no oh okay anyone’s looking out i’m

always looking out for money that’s horseshit and we all know it okay

we all know it all right so we got mikas marcus behind the cameras hey everybody often heard never seen we are

we are blessed to have miss mrs claire

with us today my great friend yeah she is going to inspire us with her business knowledge

right right yes yes absolutely because she’s not sure she’s a little nervous yes she’s new

into business her business is really cool gonna do it i personally visited her business last friday just so i could

experience what it was all about how was that i left in pain no you didn’t not severe pain

i was in pain when i was there yeah but it was a good pain you’re kind of soft let’s be honest

a couple of more visits to claire it’ll be hard be rock hard

oh my goodness we wanted to have claire on because uh i’ve known claire for a long time yeah like

like 20 years 18 i would say it’s gonna be somewhere around there yeah yeah yeah 17 or 18.

and she was an lpn okay what did you do as an lpn

so i originally actually back in 2003 in high school i got my cna and then

immediately after that i started working for your dad’s company oh yeah i forgot about you yeah like they really

completely you know and throughout my career and throughout my step process of moving kind of up the ladder they

continued to give me different job opportunities as i you know was transitioning between other jobs yeah um

and i always felt extremely autonomous and and felt valued so that was really cool um but between going from cna

i did all sorts of random things in health care with that um and then i became

a gi tech where i worked and helped assist a doctor in a surgery center doing colonoscopies and egds and

different things like that it was so cool it’s just for me yeah like for me i’m like no thanks

it was a really really amazing opportunity and then i got my lpn

um from there i was a scrub tech i worked in pre-op i worked in post-op i really

for what specific um education that i’ve had i’ve had above

and beyond experiences just because of the different jobs that i’ve applied for and been accepted to so i think most

lpns don’t get the same opportunities so i feel extremely blessed that i’ve been able to do all of the different things

and all of the different scopes that i’ve been able to well i’ll let you kind of you know find what you like exactly what

you don’t want to know experiences and all that kind of so vast and now so your company now though is platinum body

sculpting yes and you were going to get your rn is that correct so i was

actually um i was driving down to texas and i was doing a nursing conference for my rn

program when is this what year is this 2019 okay this is time yeah and so we are driving back because

i took a girlfriend with me um to just deal with the drive with me and we were talking about kind of our long-term

goals and i talked about how i wanted to become more into aesthetic nursing and within two weeks literally within two

weeks um body contouring came into my life and so it really just helped me switch gears and

then i just i started researching it i you still had access to all of my

college sites with all of the research papers the studies the peer-to-peer reviews and things like

that so i actually was given all of the research material that i needed to be able to start my business and feel

confident about the treatments that i was offering interesting so did you so you’re driving down the road with this

girl and you’re talking about these things um did you know that at that time that that’s what you were gonna want to do

like what catapulted you to do it i had another gal that was offering some services some non-invasive body

contouring services that came to me and said hey i think that you would absolutely love this and you would be

amazing at it so i started researching it and just kind of happened yeah it did

everything the universe just is always happening it just sometimes things like you know

megan said the same thing when she was on the show you know she was like

her story’s a little different right but you know then she was like and then i found something that i really loved to do right and i just took off and ran

with it it’s one of those when you know you know kind of thing exactly just now yeah and you just have to say yes yeah

so when you started um i mean what was the path to actually opening the business

i mean what we talked about earlier you’re an llc so like what was the process for you to get that and and to

get rolling yeah so i originally whenever i started my business i

wasn’t even thinking of an llc or an s corp or a c corp or anything like that because i was

that was way out of my wheelhouse didn’t even know that terminology and so i really just kind of started my business

i opened up an instagram account never had that social media account before so i opened up that and then i created a

a business page and i just started pushing content out of it um and started having clients book with me

and so from there then the pandemic hit march of 2020 and i was like oh i just

literally started my business and now i have to shut down and so that’s when i was given the opportunity to actually do

all of the back end stuff and thankfully my grandmother is a accountant cpa and

so she helped me with all of you know registering everything getting my ein number um going through the secretary of

state to get all of the tax id information so that’s how you did that you went to the secretary of state and did all that yeah and then you know

depending on what city you’re in it and i didn’t have a permanent location i was

renting a space and so so you were renting a space at the time yes and clients were coming in before you had

had your llc correct and then covet hit and then you kind of realize okay this could really take off right and this is

giving me pause right so i can i can set up my bank accounts i can get my licensing i can get everything set up

interesting so it started as a glorified side hustle exactly and then coveted forced it to turn into a legit thing

yeah i had my daughter and i was still breastfeeding her at the time and so i

wasn’t working full-time doing anything i was just kind of doing some agency work working

part-time at some previous full-time jobs that i was because i just love to do three to four things at one time i

don’t like to be stuck anywhere and so yeah i just continued doing those

and just steadily started dropping them off because thankfully we’ve always with my husband

and i’ve been in a position to where he can manage all of our budget for us with his job because we live way below our

means um and so that was kind of how we were able to successfully start this business

now as you were doing all your secretary of state stuff in your ein and all of your llc and everything

was it hard um it was hard because i didn’t even know the terminology but it took 30

minutes right i mean it really it was such a breeze and the website really

kind of walks you through it and at that time it wasn’t difficult if i had a question to contact somebody they were

still fully staffed at that time so you know i mean now it may be

a little bit different if you have to contact someone and still as an artist

but everything is so automated you know the the internet is just at your fingertips

and that’s what we talk about on this show all the time is everyone thinks it’s overwhelming yeah you know and you’re like oh what am i gonna do and it

is until you just do it and then you get on there don’t be afraid to get on there you got on there oh you know what

this isn’t as hard as i thought it was right and next thing you know oh i’m legal right yeah it’s like it’s almost

like a huge weight thing every time you accomplish something like in our preparation steps that we talk

about anytime you accomplish you know the next step it’s like a little more weights lifted off right and

then you’re just getting closer to freedom every time yeah you know and just and that’s the whole point of the show is it’s not as hard as you think it

is right very interesting know you know in your so we always send out a questionnaire to

all the guests you know and one of our questions was um and i’ll just read

uh what claire put on here it says what was the largest struggle you faced with preparing to start your business and the

first thing you wrote was creating all of the paperwork informed

consent yeah and would you elaborate on that a little bit did you call a lawyer for that i mean

what was the process what exactly is that yeah so there are specific lawyers that help you with all of that business

back in paperwork however they are expensive um so there are different legal websites

that you can go to that basically have everything pre-populated all of the verbage put together you can choose okay

if i want a so say you’re wanting an informed consent and it has to specify specific

dates and whether it’s with another company or an individual and it really it’s it’s you know how to for dummies

kind of it just auto populates everything for you and so i can’t remember if legal i can’t

remember legal zoom or something like that yeah there’s a bunch of those out there yeah zoom is actually very easy to use

yeah yeah and very affordable too you can do llc on that too if you don’t want to go to the secretary of state website

but to be honest they’re about the same yeah i mean they are both very very easy to do yeah and even if we’ve

talked about this before even if you’re just going to do a side hustle um you’re a stay-at-home mom and you’re going to do a side hustle go ahead and

get your llc yeah it’s not that hard do it before and it protects

you know and then you don’t have to worry about if what if something happens exactly right and it’s and once you’re done with it it’s over it’s not

reoccurring you’re not paying a monthly fee it’s over right yeah and then you can be established for even longer

within your business yeah yeah right very interesting one of the one of the mistakes i see a lot of people make is

when they get their llc they think everybody should refer to their business with that as the title

so like you talking legally yeah yeah so when you write it out right like who do

i make this check to oh make it to platinum body sculpting llc like no it’s just platinum body sculpting right like

you don’t have to the bank doesn’t care that they don’t care that it’s just scary in a lot of the different paperwork that

you fill out afterwards specifically tells you don’t add that right little yeah extra verbiage right yeah right

it’s it’s just one of those things that you can always tell somebody that’s newer in business because they’re making sure they put an llc on everything they

want to be legit they want to they want to make sure everyone knows i’m legit yeah so yeah so once you got rolling you

see you got that stuff done what was the most difficult portion after that

to get rolling hold on real quick let’s take a step back your informed consent paperwork

why do you have to have that what part of your business makes you have like so for our listeners

out there that may be going oh do i need an informed consent and maybe they’re a sheet rocker yeah maybe they’re a

lawn mowing company right so what what like i know firsthand what about

your services causes the informed consent is it because you’re touching people exactly hey

look at me um and so you coming from the the medical background

um i remember specifically working in pre-op and i had to get the patients to

go over the informed consent however that’s the doctor’s job not the nurse’s job right and so i used to

be a little thorn in the doctor’s rear end because he is supposed to be present when they sign that document he is

supposed to be there to ask do you have any further questions right you want to know that the right leg is being

operated on and not the left one right like you have to know what you’re going in for correct like she said right and i

was like right left wood correct yeah so you want to make sure that you

are informed about exactly what the risks are to the procedure you want to know exactly what procedure you’re

getting done now i’m non-invasive i’m i’m not going in and doing extensive

treatments right um everything is very you know all natural and holistic but i’m still touching your body with tools

or equipment and you you want to know exactly what the risks to those tools

and treatments are and it can have an adverse effect yes absolutely especially if the

equipment is not used correctly if not put in the correct hands it can be it can be pretty serious yeah interesting

so that’s where the informed consent paperwork comes in is you’re basically informing your customer of the risks exactly and of the possible

side effects exactly and and all of that so correct for our listeners out there that’s why

was that a generic form that they had or did you have to have someone draw one up that is specific to you

and what you’re doing so in your i basically took multiple so whether i

took it from just googling okay non-invasive body contouring consent form and i just i just plugged and

pulled from i don’t know 20 different consent forms they all basically said the same thing and honestly

up until maybe four months ago i was still editing it yeah i think four months ago

and you might be editing it four months from now as you run into an issue or a side effect you can add something you

find something you want to add right right you know something and honestly my clients they’re like oh i want can i

take a picture of this because they’re in the service industry and they’re like this is the best informed consent i have

come across i’m like yeah that’s that’s me i did it that’s why my

consults take 30 minutes plus because man we’re reading it word for word you’re going to know exactly what you’re

saying right yes yeah they know what they’re getting into exactly there’s a lot of that when i’m

signing in you got to be careful so last friday i went and visited claire so i could get a first-hand

experience of what she does and i’m she’s going through her whole spiel i’m doing everything i’m signing the

paperwork and she’s talking about you may be sore tomorrow and all this and i’m like whatever

and then about 20 minutes later i’m like i might be sore tomorrow

so in all honesty claire so claire and i had talked about her coming on the show and she’s like hey

she’s like no i want one of you to come on the show and do this and um i knew what she did a lot more

than i let on yeah and i had no clue i knew i went in totally blind i knew that it was painful and i was like i don’t

want to leave i’m going to let myself do that that’s the whole point that’s why there’s communication because it’s not meant to

be uncomfortable it’s not i just kid for effect but yeah it’s not bad it wasn’t

unbearable but it was definitely your muscles are contracted yeah yeah yeah it’s like working

work out soreness yeah that’s what it is yeah yeah because this is the same thing yeah

your muscles are contracting yeah sometimes yeah i’ve seen some of the like i like your facebook posts i follow

you and i’ve seen some of them are dramatic isn’t it crazy some people it and i’m thinking the whole time i’m thinking mine after one treatment was

not she’s not doing not crazy she’s not doing lipo no but then we’ll she’ll she’ll show like someone the first

treatment and then like you know sometimes that’s she’ll show like two three four five and then if you just

look at one and six you’re like yeah come on but i also like to show immediately after the first yeah

immediately after the second yeah you could see a difference in mine after one treatment yeah immediately and the final results take up to 72

hours to one week to show so just the immediate results are pretty cool what’d my wife tell you downstairs is it

because it breaks down and then your body flushes it out over time exactly yeah yeah would my wife tell you

downstairs yeah that you look like you were yeah much more toned so she was out of town whenever i went and saw you yeah

when did you do friday my wife went out of town thursday he said friday i was there friday my

wife got back in town sunday and she said you just work

yeah she was like no damn you know you’re you’re putting on some results

so yeah did she say finally under her breath no no we don’t know what you said

teasingly i teasingly say to clients i’m like isn’t it crazy that this actually works yeah yeah where’s my

money well yeah exactly yeah yeah it wouldn’t work i told you i told you it wouldn’t

be worth it if it didn’t work so it works and now pay up yeah all right interesting okay so can i go

back to my question yep mitch did that was a good thing you brought me back so after

after you got all your paperwork filled out i shouldn’t say paperwork online you got everything set up and you’re you’ve

had some success you had a little pause now you’re really raring to go what was the most difficult part for you

personally um [Music] i have always

unfortunately lived a very like fear-based life of the bottom’s always going to

fall out like something’s going to happen always thinking about the worst um and so i guess

the pessimistic yeah to a certain extent but always knowing i mean everything always works

out the way that it should and um i’ve been doing a lot more kind of

soul searching and things like that and realizing that no matter what i do i

will be successful at um and just getting that mindset going um and so mentally though yeah mental

aspects yes i’m doing it we’re taking off right now and we’re gonna go and we haven’t talked about that with

any of our guests yet they they usually give like a blanket statement about no i shouldn’t say blanket statement but like

getting the building or getting customers or yeah or the financial i

don’t think that any of that interesting you say hey i had to get over my own mental hump of i can do it right i’m

prepared and now i’m gonna go get it right well and i think that’s probably

the number one largest fear that stops people from pursuing self from even getting yeah to that from even

considering getting there right yeah so uh and

it is even those that do it it’s still their fear

for me uh i i think it’s funny you said that because we haven’t had a guest say that yet yeah um and very honest they

all clear they all have that experience they just for some reason don’t want to say it right right um

and maybe and for some people it’s not as big a deal but for a lot of people it is a big deal but it is now self-doubt is a big thing

it’s as big of a deal as you make it right right as long as you’re dedicated to your

craft or your product or whatever service you’re providing and you know

beyond the shadow of a doubt you’re among the best at doing that thing

then you should go into that with confidence that you’re gonna do really well that

self-image finding that balance of confidence and still staying humble right

so when we started our business i gathered some friends that were

in the blue springs area that had like service-based businesses in blue springs

one was shannon who her episode’s coming up here pretty soon uh we had her as a

guest um one was uh erica the owner of the

restaurant sandy’s yep and one was the owner of uh parenting a children with special needs

is like a magazine for small children right with special needs

well they were like i bought them all to dinner and i’m i’m like telling them like i’m wanting to start a plumbing

company i’m looking i brought you guys in because you guys have all started your own companies like i want you to i

just pick in their brain for advice and and the reason i brought them in was because they were like service based in blue springs like like i could have gone

to dave right but dave it was different with dave like dave was not really sir dave was more like

construction based he wasn’t trying to sell to blue springs residents like i was with our no i didn’t get the free

dinner to the show you know it wouldn’t have been a third wheel yeah

no and what was funny though i had the exact same fear

and every like literally a majority of the conversation was just like dude just

do it like you’re gonna kill it just do it like you’ve got everything figured out

except you right yeah you got to get over your own fear mental obstacles are the

biggest obstacles in every person you can face and that doesn’t have to just do with business that’s not everything

yeah failure of relationships everything yeah so don’t let your own self-doubts stand

in your way if you are really good at your craft and you are really good at doing what it is you do

and you’re considering self-employment just do it because you’ve got the craft piece figured out

most people don’t even have that figured out so you show up and deliver the best product

and throw in some customer service on top of that and you’re going to kill it right so yeah that’s

that’s really cool no one has said that yet well and i think also learning how to talk to people that was probably another huge

hurdle because i am very much an introvert i’m very much of a recluse to hermit right and

speaking to people new people new people right now and lots of people are like that yeah and i mean

because i am a one-on-one service base versus i’m not servicing an entire class

at one time right it’s much easier well and hands-on like you’re

yeah exactly you’re up close and personal with your people yep yep so that could be intimidating yeah from

your point of view i’ll tell you what’s going on that part isn’t the intimidating the hands-on part once it starts you’re like

yeah when it comes to the treatment the actual uh hands-on part that’s the easiest thing

because that comes very natural to me i mean i’ve been very hands-on providing treatments providing different um

services my entire life through your lp and background right through my entire work work

right career yes that work sometimes they get stuck in there i just look at mitch sometimes i’m like dude i

lost hot me out bail me out i don’t know what the hell i’m saying what do you come on dude come up with something

so what was what was the easiest part yeah providing the actual treatment just doing the treatment yeah it’s on the

table with claire and you just lay out your entire life to me and i listen i don’t have great advice but i

listen and do the treatment and i try to hurt you so in a good way i don’t know how long most

of your treatments are mine was what an hour yeah and it was an hour yeah so 30 minutes

so 30 minutes of it she has these two electric paddles like strapped to my stomach and she’s focusing on my abs

and she these paddles deliver electric impulses

into your abs right and they make them contribute yeah that’s right and constrict constrict

contract contract those words don’t want to come out yeah and uh contracts are that right so she’s testing it all out

this is this is her hands-on part where she gets to laugh at people all day long so she’s like testing out the level

yeah exactly exactly she’s like all right tell me a comfort level that’s that’s okay like we want to

do some work but we don’t want to hurt you and and so when she’s testing it out this thing’s like popping once at a time

just like pop pop pop and so you feel it like but then the pain lets off it’s almost like flicking your muscle it’s not

actually like constricting it right like it’s almost charlie horse but it never gets to that point right and so then she

actually turns it on and this thing is just like and it doesn’t let up and i’m like oh

i didn’t know i was signing up for this you know like it’s wanting me to like bring my knees to my forehead like it’s

most of my clients are women and they and but the men that i do have as clients just have much less of a pain

tolerance they they just can’t tolerate the intensity of treatments as much

yeah it’s so interesting but you know women were meant to bear children like yeah our bodies were geared towards one

thing you guys were geared towards being able to lift heavy things and stamina

and well about five minutes in i’m trying to like maintain a conversation with her and this thing’s just going to

town on my abs and i’m having a hard time talking while it’s going and she’s like do you need me to turn it down platinum body sculpting got it got it it

might be nice we’re gonna get some abs on that yeah working him yes we’re working it’s a

good work so customers um not just to completely change so when you when you started you said the easiest

part was the was getting cus was working on the customers was it tough getting a lot of customers

in your business or did you get most of them from like no like facebook and instagram and just people you know so

originally i started out um doing different um basically just providing a service with

trial clients so they got a discounted service i you know i got to

work on your craft a little bit yes exactly get my routine down because it’s not just about the actual treatment it’s

like where am i going to stand where am i going to put my equipment you know getting the layout yes exactly that’s

why a restaurant does a soft opening they’re trying to figure out what walkways work exactly so um yeah so i

basically did that for i think maybe six clients and tried to get different body

types different skin types different needs you know different goals that they had you don’t think about that but

everybody’s different absolutely like you know what i mean yeah i mean you could get two sisters in there and there

could be completely different absolutely yep so um that

that part of it was um probably the the easiest part just

because it just it flowed and it came very naturally i mean everyone is very happy to receive

free body contouring services right right that’s not a hard sell right so um

yeah that’s how i started out and they consented to me being able to post their before and afters and gave amazing

feedback and testimonies and still i have you know i try to ask every client how

can i make your experience different better what can i do because i want to make

yours better next time and the next customers right clients so a lot a lot of word of mouth yes so the majority of

my clients are word of mouth and when you focus as hard as you do on

and you’re so front asking your clients what can i do to make this better what kind of clients pick up on that and they

are more apt to refer you out because they know that you are dedicated to making sure

that you’ve got the right referrals are everything right yeah yeah yeah and we talk about that a

ton we beat it to death right about if if if you’re in the service industry and you’re good at your job

you’re gonna get referrals right and if the referrals are coming in that’s that’s a feedback right that means you

know that you’re on the right track and reviews leaving a review is huge especially on google well yeah and so

there’s a there’s a lot of people that will ask for referrals or ask for reviews but they’re not as genuine or

authentic with their approach to customer service and so if i mean if you literally take

it by the bull by the horns and and you focus on delivering the absolute best customer service you can so much so that

you’re asking like you know you delivered rockstar service but you’re still asking them hey is there anything i could have done

better because everyone’s perception is different exactly and so just simply asking them even though you know they’re

going to be amazed by it simply asking them is enough for them to be like holy cow they really do care about giving the

best service they can that’s going to be somebody that i want to refer my friends to yeah so

um you’ve got a really cool product too because there are some people out there that

want to buy results rather than work for results

this is not a replacement of the gym it’s not a replacement of diet and lifestyle changes or any of your other

self-care methods it enhances them it adds to your existing regimen yeah

but there are enough people out there with discretionary income that can add

to that that can add to their work out there so many of my women are

and nothing that they do no matter what changes they make they’ve been to the doctor they’ve done complete lifestyle

changes they’re working out every single day of the week nothing is changing that lower belly fat those extra three inches

around their waist it’s hard to break out and what’s beautiful is that i don’t i focus my treatments more on the health

and wellness benefits than the aesthetic the aesthetic is just the cherry on top but what we’re doing to your actual

insides of your body is where it’s at that’s where the actual benefits come from your mental health your your gut

health your lymphatic health your everything yep yeah interesting like one of the things in her informed consent

form talks about like you might have diarrhea after she does these treatments yeah and it’s like symptoms yeah she’s

like working on your skin right but like that’s a testament to how effective her

treatments are detoxing all of those toxins out of your body yeah it’s it’s legit and that’s

man i can’t really want to say this so like if i okay so if i get up

and i work out and um go through and then go throughout my

day and then i get home like i can’t really want to say this do you have a good bowel movement when you

yes yeah yes but if i don’t and i’m slack for three days

it’s not the same see my intestines and everything that’s going on it’s amazing

what your intestinal health the the string between your intestinal

health and your actual working out and your regular health is so you don’t realize until you’re older how much that

stuff is tied together wait till you start taking some pre-workout it’ll put that sucker on a clock

i’m not kidding you it is crazy no it’s it’s extremely important it is and when

i go through and i i read claire’s stuff um you know because i start i’ve followed you for ever since you started it thank

you and and i mean we’ve been friends for a long time so you know when a supporter and i share stuff um but it’s just like and then i would read it and

then i would go on google and i’d be like lymphatic you know like i’m like people don’t even know

what that word i didn’t and i was like is she completely full of and i know we’re getting a little off the business topic here yeah yeah you know i

would go and i would i would look and i’d be like oh and i’d you know see something else you put go on google look

at it yeah it’s it’s amazing how important that part of your health is

we’re off the business topic but we’re on the show the on authenticity topic yeah and that is huge right people can

see right through people somebody who’s not authentic or somebody’s not genuine or somebody that

doesn’t really care they’re just kind of going through the motions so when you take it as seriously as you do

and you take their care as seriously as you do it’s just a recipe for success yeah and

i was gonna say something um earlier that was closer to that a lot like this business usually when you see people do

this business there’s a lot of people that aren’t genuine and they’re like okay this is an

easy way for me to make money yeah on the side yeah like my old stepmother is

a great example of this they did it in their business oh really yeah they tried to open an office but their their care

and their attention to detail and and and all of that was not um to your level so you can tell

really um if someone’s genuine about this right like claire is

yeah i mean it makes a huge difference in your life so don’t think oh this is just another

you know person trying to get fired it’s like cvs and walgreens they’re everywhere and they just keep popping up

because there’s no certification there’s no schooling there’s no license you can work at mcdonald’s go watch a youtube

video and that was going to be an expert yeah that was going to be one of my next one of my next things was the fact that

you don’t have to have a license you don’t have to have a wild west it’s a little bit of the wild

wild west however that doesn’t mean anybody can do it right there’s a lot of people do it

correctly right there’s a lot of people that can get into it and try but because they’re not authentic and

they’re not genuine and people see right through that they’re going to fail really quick yeah and i get a lot of clients from from those yeah right yes

and that’s where i was going with that is if you’re gonna um like we talk about all the time you know vet the people

that you’re having come to your house you know like i would vet claire okay i’m going to go there i’m going to

google i’m going to look up her google reviews how long she’d been in business right when you find those people

and you can tell which ones are fake and which reviews are genuine right so there’s

even authenticity and reviews that you find on that subject for anybody that’s getting google reviews

do not have your friends and family leave an unauthentic google review on your

business yeah google knows yeah who’s been to your business and who hasn’t yeah because

they’re tracking our phones they know like they know i stepped on foot into your location exactly they know if i

leave you a google review they know if it’s legit they know if your buddy in two states away

has never left his state and now he’s giving you a google and that i see that so much i’m like oh this

is the body contours leaving a review on another body contours yes so y’all just like

you just tag each other and everybody goes to your page so that day it leaves you a review i see some of that

horse on some of like the plumbers that i’m on it’s everywhere it’ll be a guy that just started up in business and

hey here’s my google my google my business link like guys can you go leave me a review and help get things going

and i’m like that’s freaking super for one it’s lying and for two it’s freaking suicide because google knows exactly

what you’re doing they start and then they can take half of your authentic ones and just you know i tried once that

algorithm starts it’s tough to slow down i tried to get my yelp page up and going yeah and they won’t they won’t

acknowledge any of my reviews well so so here’s here’s the part about yelp and i’m going to call yelp out on

this right now yeah don’t don’t use yelp no they call me every day yeah i’m going to start

blocking off we told them we told them that we were going to file harassment charges on them if they call us again they email me they

they call me yeah it’s yeah we’re saying here’s the here’s the part about you they’re they’re no they used

to be here no they’re and now they are they were never even up here they don’t know google’s i like yelp yep’s here i

like yelp for finding like restaurants

yelp was built for people to and complain about businesses why would anybody with an upstanding business want

to go put their business on a site that was literally founded yeah to complain about businesses it makes no freaking

sense yeah it’s just a bunch of trolls here’s the other part about it if you advertise with yelp they’ll show

every review you have they literally extort you for advertising money just to be honest and

that for for that reason alone i will never use yelp we don’t have a yelp account we are killing it on google i’m

surprised they haven’t been sued they they’ve tried by more than a couple of people right yeah like some people was

like okay you know what but i’ve had enough but here’s the thing like you can’t it to to go into yelp and then about

how they do their services you’re just like cutting branches off the tree you gotta you gotta solve that problem at the root and that is you just don’t do

business with that company that company sucks that and and now they’re like

in bed with angie’s list yeah and and it’s even worse yeah that angie’s so i found a contractor on

angie’s list and took out a home equity loan and he had like 34 plus uh five

star reviews and he took everything every penny of my home equity loan and left me with a gutted bathroom and a

basement that the drywall uh stickers that you put on around the

drywall peeling off i mean and paint he painted my floor yeah why would you

paint my floor it was supposed to be epoxy not freaking house paint paint and then he he was pushing it all

down my floor drain all of the glue and it was yeah again

angie’s list yelp all of those like don’t try to sue us that’s no they can’t sue you for being honest

that’s true it’s not liable or slander if you’re being did you crush the guy right there i did and i don’t yeah i

don’t ever leave bad reviews and i took pictures i posted every single picture i

could yeah it was insane i rely on google reviews a lot and and we ask for google reviews a lot

in our business and the reason why is because google is the most transparent out there yelp it all up whenever

they charge you they’re literally fired up about the

imagine having a hundred no let’s let’s even go smaller net imagine having having twenty five star reviews and two

two star reviews yeah and yelp shows four reviews for your business the two

two stars and two five stars yeah they they do that like this is legit yeah and

they’ll release the other 18 five-star reviews if you’ll only start advertising with them every month yeah it’s got to

be illegal right how no because you’re agreeing to it yeah well you’re agreeing to sign up for a yellow

informed consent that you didn’t read yeah oh get real now and and yelp

will claire learn earlier they’ll get super clever they’ll be like oh somebody left a review for you on our

page and so you know now that you’ve got a review we need to start like you need to start

advertising with us and all this and like we have one on yelp and i guarantee you it was yelp that

wrote it oh i guarantee they used it as their like pathway to entry i guarantee it it’s the most ambiguous

thing ever and it’s not of one of our customers yelp is sabotaging is that what you well

i like yelp man yelp is cool they’re not sabotaging but they’re trying to set up they’re trying to set up yeah uh they’re

trying to create their own advertising that you want to buy they’re they’re leveraging you into advertising is what

it is yeah that’s that’s it’s exactly what it is they pull you down a rabbit hole for a while and then all of a sudden you get

so far in bed with them that if you want people to see your true transparent self

now you have to start paying yelp a whole whole bunch of money you’ll never see me do that ever so

side tangent well crazy side tangent no okay it’s not a side tangent that’s a legit thing for anybody wanting to start

their business or already has a business stay far away from y’all yank your yelp account just don’t even do it anymore just abandon the whole freaking thing

so we don’t like we have no shortage of work and we don’t even touch yet a lot of people think oh i gotta get on yelp

that’s how i get work no you don’t no word of mouth and you don’t want the customers that come from yelp customers

that are picking businesses off of yelp keep in mind that customer went to a place that is built for bitching about

companies right you don’t want that customer you don’t want a yelp customer yelp customer is somebody that is going

to be a pain in your ass did you say nor groupon yeah groupon yeah groupon similar

now now they’re not shady with their reviews no it’s just the mentality of a person that uses groupons as a discount

based customer yeah they’re wanting districts yeah they’re they’re wanting discounted services retail may not or would have to

well [Laughter] services service businesses don’t do well on

groupon right i i worked for a plumbing company one time that tried to sell toilets off a groupon oh

and and it was like a you know 650 toilet install for 400 bucks or something and it flopped like we didn’t

sell a single one yeah so groupon’s great for pasta or movie tickets or something like that axe throwing yeah

yeah it’s it’s not you want to try it one time it’s not good for a hands-on person-to-person massage no i’m not

going to massage therapists right it’s on groupon yeah really why not

uh that’s like gas station sushi man you just stay away from that oh yeah yeah

i don’t know i think i had a groupon for massage envy one time so i’ve been there a handful of times

maybe a little different because they’re really nice they’re a nationwide chain yeah yeah so every time i’ve been there i’ve

had it’s been good a franchise location might be a little different yeah you don’t want to get a groupon massage envy

is basically they pull people straight out of school they basically you get a

significant discount on your massage therapy tuition to guarantee that you’ll

go there 30 months or something like that at massage envy whenever you graduate so you get you get very new

which isn’t a bad thing but you also don’t get the experienced providers i don’t need an experience i

need someone with that wants to get in there deep like you know what i mean it still has all of their energy

yeah young they’re strong doesn’t have joint pain i need someone to try to hurt me i’ve only had like three massages in

my life ever they’re awesome the first one was a complete nutter joke the next one we got back from a ski trip just a

couple of months ago and i had taken a big tumble and then like four days later my neck was all stiff so one of the

girls that i work out with is a masseuse and she’s like a legit masseuse does she

want to be on the show and give free massages to me i don’t know i don’t know that they like being called masseuses

yeah maybe

is that the dirty side calling it calling a paramedic an emt or calling an rn an lpn well you just say emt because

it’s quick yeah you don’t say it to be disrespectful you say because you’re you know well you’re just i feel like

because i’m not in that i wouldn’t know exactly what the uh offense is i got corrected one time so that’s the only

way reason why i got burned

i got a problem with my neck can you come you know fix it and so she’s doing like all things around the neck and my

shoulders and everything else and like 10 minutes in she’s like how long has your the left side of your back been

bothering you and i’m like uh what like it happens

she knows exactly and i’m like damn like she is in tune that’s yeah really are

they are they really like oh she had it they know where the muscles are supposed to be and if this one over here is they

know where your ribs are supposed to be this one is a solid knot they know something’s been happening

yeah it is wild so the only like massage that i’ve had was the elms i don’t know if you guys

ever love that legit so that one’s those are gonna be like uh they’re exactly

like seeing these luxury yeah they have different styles though i’m sure because there are different there’s deep tissue

yeah there’s you know this one was like problem solving yeah swedish there’s a lot of them yeah dude asian

when i first stopped arms and lane we got plenty of those around here you

get a groupon and it says asian massage five bucks do not go

or or go that’s how adventurous you’re feeling don’t take any money with you

don’t take your wallet with you you don’t know what’s gonna happen take an uber 20 bucks is 20


they didn’t offer that at the elms [Laughter]

next topic yeah look at it we got them all flush we’ve been talking for a while let’s let’s just get a little back on

track again um so you’re up and running everything’s going good what

what’s your next step now um putting together education um

packages where i am teaching other people that would like to do what i do like do like do what you do

and work with you or do what you do to be on their own or like you want to get bigger or whatever you know i don’t i

don’t see myself as running multiple other

other employees i don’t i don’t think that that’s my passion i think i would like to teach people to

do it on their own and then go off on their own interesting yeah

interesting i wonder if you could you know hairdressers we talk about this all the time yeah marcus’s wife is a

hairdresser um

um i wonder if you could do a booth rental for stuff like that absolutely yeah i have two extra rooms

in my space and everyone always says why don’t you rent them because i want it to happen organically i do not want like if

you but if you had a couple buddy that has a totally different energy than me coming in and just wrecking the place

but if you trained them and then you have you could just say hey this is your room right for every you know you know

you work here that’s it you know or you can even go the other way with it anything with that you can do all kinds of stuff you could have somebody train

your you could have somebody that’s wanting

to start a business doing what you’re doing and they travel to you and they literally pay you a tuition

for you to go through everything right so now you’re getting paid by the client and they’re working directly under your

supervision and they’ve had some training so they’re not going to like damage a client or hurt a client yeah but it’d be interesting like you could

almost get double paid exactly right yeah and i i have had

multiple people reach out to me and i usually just said i’m not training at this time but the last time um someone

reached out to me i said you know what i would be open to it i don’t have any specific book that i’ve created i don’t

have an actual like agenda or anything like that but you’re going to get the

best damn hands-on training and we’re going to go through everything and you’re going to be able to take your own

notes and and pick up whatever you want and so yeah i’ve discussed that the the

problem is is that well it’s not a problem but body contouring is like um

because it doesn’t require any any schooling um it’s a very everyone wants to do it for fast cash

it’s like lash text um there’s no schooling you don’t have to be a cosmetologist first you don’t have to

have any type of background you can just go take a 99 course and be a certified

lash tech right but there’s actually no certification for it right um and so

that that’s one of the biggest things is that i don’t want to start teaching um techniques when when they don’t even

know the different layers of the tissue they don’t know where the organs sit inside of the body they don’t actually

understand um what the liver does and its purpose and so forth and so

um it’s just a tricky situation it would just yeah and so um for me being able to teach

someone that i mean we’re starting at anatomy and physiology we’re starting at the circulatory system and the lymphatic

system and and really getting a broader understanding that goes in depth beyond the actual protocols of the treatments

well and you could add that it ended up being a lot of money because i’m not yeah

what i’ve said is that you know if you want to train with me you’re going to pay me what i charge my clients per hour

yeah because i’m not going to lose money training someone that may end up being my competition right you know i never

look at it as competition everyone is so incredibly different i shared a space with someone that offered some of the

same services that i did but we are totally different people and

so clients that would come to see me would never come to see her and then vice versa so

um but yeah it’s not about competition but at the same time they you know it is competition it is

and there’s nothing wrong with creating a set of standards or prerequisites for somebody to enter into training under

you yeah so you could take somebody because it’s i mean it would it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg to take them to

court because non-competes and um whatever the other one is called

non-solicit where they take your work basically on solicit would be them taking your

customers non-disclosure um basically where they can’t work within so many

miles of my business they can’t open up their own they can’t take my clients or their clients with them if they’re

specifically working those are actually really easy to put up but implementing and actually having a

judge because i’ve had i’ve had countless clients who i’ve talked to about it and they’re like yeah it

doesn’t stand up in court you know and that and that could be one of those things too that

so you like what you’re doing now and um and as long as it’s not broke don’t

fix it and then say 15 years from now exactly when i am

well established and i don’t have any room on my schedule and i’ve got clients booked you know six months in advance

and just do the schooling then you know if you wanted to just say hey look you could be like hey look

i have 15 years of experience yeah well here’s this is what qualifies me this is what i have done these are my

pre-prerequisites of what i want you to have and i’m going to train you in these areas it’s going

to cost x amount of dollars and then i’m i’m taking on 10 students yeah you know and when you’re tired of of actually

doing the work you know maybe that would be something oh absolutely later and here’s how you implement that it’s

really simple you you list your prerequisites you don’t take on any people with a

missouri residence like just that plain and simple and if you have a missouri id or address

you don’t get to train there yeah you don’t even offer it to missouri residents um and then you still have

them sign a non-compete to where saying they will not set up shop in missouri for so many years within so many miles

of your location and all this stuff and and those do hold up in court they very much do because it’s very black and

white they signed it you signed it and and they agreed they will not offer any of these following services

in missouri and here if you catch them offering those services i mean it’s very black and white yeah i think what the difficult part is is um the miles the

mile radius that you set like it it won’t be valid if you set it past

like three miles or five miles it’s a very very small radius yeah but it can be done the

easiest way you fix that is you just don’t bring them in from missouri right and and they’re going to come and stay like they have to have all these

prerequisites and then they’re going to come in and like get a hotel for a week or two weeks and they’re it’s going to be

and what we were talking about so um i have a building a workshop on my property that has its own utility just

need it plumbed um and talking about creating a like an airbnb

style um add-on to it to where because i do i have out-of-state clients that come to see me and they do they stay with

family or they stay in a hotel to get their treatments done and then they go back to wherever they’re from yeah and then they would just be able to stay

right there on the property yeah yeah it would be that would be a really cool way to

uh share your expertise with others so i mean ultimately

like dave and i are passionate about that that’s the whole reason we do this podcast right so any anytime somebody wants to come on

and help grow and build others that’s going to be right huge yeah so we’re knocking on the door here i

have one last question yeah fired up if you could give any

general i shouldn’t say general any business related advice to someone that wanted to

start their own company what do you think that would be the first thing that comes to my mind is network

get out in your community network with other small business owners be involved in the community exactly connect with

marcus’s wife who you could have a referral based program with she refers her clients to me i

refer my clients to her meeting everybody in the community getting on eventbrite which is i don’t

know where you can find it besides facebook it’s probably its own entity but that’s kind of how i found it and

just search like networking groups um whether it be female or male or all-inclusive or your specific um

industry um networking groups i am a walking advertisement everywhere

i go i’m i’m in my work attire which is like workout clothes mitch is the same way yeah yeah i always it says follow

platinum body sculpting kc on the back of my shirt it has my logo on the front my pants even say stuff on it like so

always i’ve got business cards in the little side windows of my vehicles so even at the grocery store people can see

what i’m doing when they park next to me um i haven’t got to the point to where i’m plastering my car with it

um but i’m working on you know but be proactive yes in every area yeah comes to free advertising and i don’t think

yeah build your voice so when someone says hey what do you do don’t

don’t be shy yeah um don’t say please and i’m telling this to myself walk around the corner

oh no this is what i do yes i help men and women build their confidence through non-invasive body sculpting where i

tighten your skin and i get your circulation and your lymphatic system boosted and you know just really amp up

your own yeah your own energy because then they’re gonna be your own brain walk

walking yeah you’re a living walking creating a brand and don’t automatically think that your

family is going to be your support system no yeah because they’re not no they’re

not and that’s not a bad thing it’s just they’re they’re doing their own thing they’re doing their own thing right

right and and if you’re going to be successful it’s because you’re successful not because your family handed you a bunch of work right yeah or

because they believe in you i think that’s kind of where i was going there are so many people that i talk to that

that feel like their family was the last to get on board with supporting them right that happens a lot yeah and we’ve

talked about that yeah a ton on all our episodes and we talked about that a lot we talked about that in the core

episodes about like you’re going to want to develop a list of what you’re going to do to get work and it’s like this

bottomless pit of ideas that you’re going to use to get work yeah your shirts that say adopt a street i was at

city hall today talking to them about adopting a street right and and doing cleanup because

not only do i want that advertisement but i want to get my kids more involved in community and showing them that

don’t throw your trash out on the side of the freaking road because this is what happens and it destroys our planet

and you know yeah showing them real life situations and giving them the that experience

involvement man yeah advertising one-on-one it is huge it is very huge so man that’s huge yep

well more questions for claire i no i had all my questions answered last friday when i

she gives you some really cool boxer shorts to wear yes they’re like mesh yeah they’re black yeah i don’t like

it’s like a hair net yeah it’s like a hair net for your private parts yeah so

you know what i’m not gonna say anything i’m not gonna say you’re covered it’s it’s yeah i

i don’t know i finally stopped giving the men the thong and started giving them the box it’s like a boxer i was

hoping that so all your thong pictures of the of the ladies for doing that i was

i was like i i hope to god nothing’s given me i should have called her milan you need to give mitch one of those

thongs and i did i didn’t do it but i was like

why don’t we try these i don’t think it’s going to work because everything’s just going to flop everywhere right but

right so then i actually bought actual yeah i bought some some boxes and it’s

still on the flop everywhere yeah it does there’s it’s not a boxer brief it’s yeah i love it it’s just a cover for you

but i cover you with a towel as well so yeah

boobs are flopping too so i mean something’s always flopping what you’re doing you’re flopping everything yes oh

she’s working on it if there’s something to flop that’s going to flop with whatever you don’t get a workout i get a workout

flopping flopping boobs are flopping but everything’s flopping because she’s working it’s twerking underarms

working on it yeah oh my god i love it so you’re on you’re on instagram you’re on facebook and

you’re on tick-tock yes and all of them have the same name and they are platinum body sculpting kc yes sir all right oh

is it casey at the end yeah platinum body sculpting kc yeah oh yeah platinum body sculpting was already taken on

instagram so

well that that pretty much wraps up our show for today guys if you if you have any questions for claire um or or any

questions uh if this show’s prompted any questions at all feel free to send them to ask mitch and we will

uh we will get them forward if it’s a question for claire we’ll get it forwarded right over to claire um if it’s a question for us obviously yeah

we’ll answer it whatever her answer is we’ll tell you yeah yeah we’ll we’ll maybe get you guys

in contact about that too so um follow her on the socials too it’s a pretty fun

model to follow um because of of what you’re doing and and it’s really cool that it does not

take licensing and all of that stuff there’s no there’s no permission so to speak required before you can

jump right in well and when you follow her you see the results she has the um the clients that let her take before

and afters you see him right there right i mean it’s it’s completely obvious yeah so if you have doubt

all you have to do is look yep yep it’s right there and i’m a walking breathing testament as well yes

just wait your pictures will be there as well oh great you signed that consent form didn’t read it you’re going to blur

out my face nope no there’s no faces she’s got a line specifically they’re saying i allow

you to use my photos yeah there’s no faces on there though no i don’t ever post no it’s there’s no faces well my

lower back stamp tattoo is going to be a tell-tale sign that it was me i’ll tag you in it

yeah i’ll take the void we keep your face out of it i’ll just

tag you in it instead guys remember uh if you like what you’re hearing on the show please do us a favor

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um again uh claire thanks for thanks for being on this girl so yeah yeah we’ve

had a lot of fun and uh we will catch up with you guys next week right man love y’all