The Void #32 – Unpolitically Incorrect – May 26, 2022

In this episode, we talk about how political correctness is eroding the fabric of America.  The fear of getting punched in the mouth used to be what prevented us from saying something we shouldn’t say.  Now, political correctness has worked its way into our society and is used to prevent honest conversations about truth.  If this show raised questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to email them to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the show!


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mitch what’s up buddy it’s it’s another day it’s another day it’s a tuesday and i was not in a

shit-filled ditch before this show so that is like the first time in six or eight recordings that that hasn’t

happened you know it’s weird because it still smells like [ __ ] in here i just thought it was you no

no no not you it’s just the nature of a plumber the nature you just constantly just constantly just

putting off a poop it’s a new cologne coming out mitch medley master poop smith odor day drain

pipe yeah i love it man so what’d you do today

then just hang out yeah yeah just uh hung out that’s the first time in a long time i

bet that you just like didn’t have to every once in a while schedule blesses us with a slow day and we take full

advantage of it so full advantage badminton in the in the front yard no we

have four beers we we installed a sink in the shop today and uh

we did a little bit of upkeep on some of the trucks i love badminton so it’s a great leisurely beer in hand activity

yeah i got a couple more steps before we can really enjoy the shop we got to get uh i got to get a mini fridge there i

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yeah right against the wall man true true give those guys something to do we’ll put a workout facility in there

give those guys something to do lift some [ __ ] weights yeah oh we tough

not about being tough about being disciplined ah all right so for uh what are we talking

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on the podcast we’ll we’ll read your hate mail yeah we don’t care um we also have

a uh another style of show called beyond the void and this is where we let the

business stuff take um a little bit of a rest and we talk about some more current social and

political issues that are going on uh that is what this show is today today is

a beyond the void show and it is called unpolitically

incorrect the pcbs the politically correct [ __ ]

as dave likes to say yeah it’s the pcbs yeah so the uh basic foundational principles for

this show are the fact that politically correctness is ruining

this country and uh politically correct was an idea

created by the extreme political parties on the left

and they are using it to make you feel shameful for speaking honest truth

in and they’re doing it under the disguise of air quotes political correctness right

um politically cor political correctness is the reason why

you haven’t seen good comedy in a long time

politically correctness or political correctness is why you can laugh your ass off at a george

carlin comedy bit from the 60s and from the 70s and from

the 80s but you can immediately go oh man can you imagine if they tried to say that today

like what would happen that’s the politically correct [ __ ] that we’re talking about

comedians are a great example of it because old school comedians defied political

correctness day in and day out they defied it two shows a night

five days a week all year long yeah and it’s part of what

used to make this country amazing and now all of a sudden we’re afraid to talk about it

yeah you know what drives me insane is so all the comedians they would make fun of the presidents no matter what it

didn’t matter what side they were on okay they made fun of them they made fun of clinton for being a womanizer you

know and they were all buddies yeah you know what i mean i saw adam carolla the other day

he said uh i’m gonna i’m gonna try to get this right he said joe biden’s teleprompter has the worst case of

asperger’s disease i’ve ever seen i mean my stomach hurt i mean i was

laughing so hard but it’s like why i don’t understand why are they so afraid

yeah all the time is it because of the political correctness or is it because of wokeness and they’re afraid that

they’re going to get canceled and not be able to be out there anymore i mean what is it i it’s taken a huge nose dive i

know yeah well it’s because snl sucks so bad now that you can’t even watch it right what happened right it used to

like snl is a great example they used to mo you know crack jokes at the president no matter who was in office republican

democrat it didn’t matter they were cracking jokes at the president right um and that may not be so much not to

interrupt you but i’m gonna for all the guys that send us those emails um i completely lost track oh look at that

here comes an email interrupted me for no reason here comes an email oh my god that’s not politically

correctness that’s just they’re just scared to death that that’s well that’s what it used to be right

yeah it used to be that way um and and now all of a sudden um under the disguise or under the false

pretenses of political correctness we were perfectly okay of making fun of

trump for saying whatever he wanted to say but then now all of a sudden when we make fun of biden for one of his many

gaffes that he has it’s well he’s got a stutter he’s got a condition like

they’re standing up for one president when another president who literally said anything that came to his mind they

were chastising him for as if like as if what he said he really meant

everything in the direct contents that he contacts that he said it whereas like

you’re holding presidents to different standards and the reason why is because your mainstream medias are

owned by the extreme left and yeah they’re trying to push their narrative

all the time right you know they’re trying to i mean the guy’s a complete buffoon yeah he can’t

what irritates me most is that he holds the highest office in the history of

mankind yeah he should be held to the highest standard by everyone equally

absolutely and they don’t even care that he is completely ruining this country and can’t even complete a holding

sentence hold him to the exact same standards you held trump for if trump said one word out of place in a sense

it was in the news for a week yeah right got destroyed this guy can’t say one [ __ ] word right in a sentence

and and the media just oh well it’s because he’s got a stutter well maybe if we’ve got somebody with that

kind of mental issues going on maybe he shouldn’t be maybe he shouldn’t be running our [ __ ] country yeah let’s

just call it like it is yeah let’s get him out of there we’ll get cackle britches in there we’ll see how [ __ ]

up she can be that’s her name her name is [ __ ] cackle britches when you ask her a tough question she cackles like an old hand

and then just deflects whatever on to you know what else is going on yeah the people that are leading this country

right now are complete [ __ ] and this this isn’t necessarily like a pro-trump

anti-biden thing no trump drove me crazy this is love me some trump but the goddamn guy just i mean this is asking

for a consistent level of accountability yeah if we’re going to chastise one guy for one word out of place in a sentence

and we’re going to ignore the fact that another guy can’t put a single word in place in a sentence that’s a [ __ ]

problem yeah and anybody who can’t recognize that you’re part of the problem right if you can’t see that the

media is painting one guy to be great and another guy to be a villain

yeah that’s an issue yeah and that’s political distraction yeah 101 yeah you know mega political interaction and

political manipulation yeah if the media is trying to hide things from you and

show you other things first off i don’t know if this would be a first

amendment issue or not it would be like a reverse first amendment issue like they’re telling lies to

get people to think something that’s not true right i mean i don’t know if there should be like some kind of weird

russian collusion yeah it’s it’s insanity they beat that down the public’s throat for

years yeah literal years they beat that down the public’s throat and now that it’s been

proven to not only be wrong ain’t heard about it have you but to have been fabricated

by the very party that was trying to create the issue uh now all of a sudden you’re not

hearing about yeah don’t hear [ __ ] dude right nothing so not a freaking whisper that i mean there are people that should

definitely be in jail over that oh yeah absolutely not just in jail they should

be hung for treason probably yeah i i still got to learn a little bit more about the treason thing because you see

the word treason get thrown around a lot and then he never ever gets enforced no and so because the because the the

penalty for treason is only one thing and it’s definitely and it’s death right yeah right but i mean you hear a lot of

people claim treason but i just i don’t know enough about what it actually treason is in layman’s

terms is when you put another country above your own country and sell secrets basically or

you know try to pull a rug out from your own government

you’re going to make me pull out the duckduckgo machine here and get out the gear phone no not the goo we don’t

google stuff like this we duck.go stuff like this first off i don’t even know what the [ __ ] duckduckgo is i use the

google machine so that’s all i got the google machine is what’s going to tailor all of your ads for the next few

weeks i don’t care about the ads the betrayal of allegiance towards one’s own

country especially by committing hostile acts against or aiding in its enemies in

committing such acts i’d say that’s hostile it’s on the edge that’s

so let me close let’s say this if it’s on the edge which way does it go you have to protect your own country first

oh yeah yeah i mean you know we talked about that on a couple of shows before about the like russian and ukraine thing

and you know we were only seeing what the media wanted us to see about it now we’re getting some other views from

social media and everything else like the truth can reach us through other means

um if it’s not suppressed but you know even with the limited intel we

were getting uh the one thing i admire about both of those countries is they’re

putting country first yeah i mean 100 like i still don’t know enough to make a

fair judgment to say like who’s right or who’s wrong in that whole issue however

i could admire the fact that both of them are putting country first if it were the u.s over there we would be

offering to give one of them a whole bunch of [ __ ] money and like we would go bomb them and then spend twice as

much as it takes to rebuild their country after we bombed them as an apology yeah because fifteen percent of

our country would be mad about it right so the hundred percent of the countries you gotta pay for it yeah yeah make a hundred percent of the pay the country

pay 200 of the actual reconstruction costs because fifteen percent of the country’s

upset yeah yeah that’s it’s the most upside down it’s best backwards

crazy [ __ ] i’ve ever heard in my life absolutely absolutely so all of this starts with the idea

or the the fake illusion of political correctness and

i mean political correctness is designed to keep you quiet about speaking truth

or even speaking about stereotypes for the the idea that it’s better not to

speak about them it’s designed to make you quiet it’s designed to keep your

mouth shut during times where really the truth needs to come out and so

um political correctness let’s bring up some real world examples

of where this is a problem if there is a city where 60 percent now let’s even go farther

than that if there’s a city where 70 percent of the crimes are committed by a certain race

it’s perfectly okay to say that this race commits 70 of the crimes

right if the stats prove it it’s no longer a political correct thing

it’s a fact yeah and and it’s just what’s happening right political correctness makes you pause before you

mention somebody’s race especially if you’re questioning or if you’re gonna talk about it in a

bad light especially if you’re gonna talk about it in a bad light right that’s where political correctness comes yeah and

that snuffs out the truth right right uh political correctness is also

uh making you pause when you talk about like salary differences between men and

women right because now you might get labeled as a sexist right basically

if you’re worried about being labeled anything that ends with ist

chances are you’re talking about a politically correct subject and as long as you’re

talking about that like i love candid conversations i love conversations where we can just talk about facts and we can

learn about okay here’s the facts here’s what leads into those facts and what can

we do to change those facts yeah that’s not it’s not a racist

conversation it’s not a sexist conversation it’s a conversation that’s merely

about the facts yeah and if we can’t talk about that candidly and openly without being

politically correct we’re deep [ __ ] right exactly we’re in some deep [ __ ] right so if i have an employee that

works for my company that’s underperforming the least thing i need to worry about is the race sex race or

sex or or whatever of the protected classes that that person may be in the

only thing i care about is that guy’s performance towards our company and its

customers and and if i allow myself to get distracted with political correctness

that only brings me into an area where i’m worried about making the wrong move

for fear of getting sued or for fear of getting like

ramifications right well meanwhile the company suffers the rest of the team suffers and the customer suffers because

i’m allowing a guy who’s performing poorly to stay on the team simply because

he fits one of those cla he or she fits one of those classes that might be

and you could be doing covered under one of those politically correct areas you could be doing a disservice to them too

you’re absolutely because say that person actually takes criticism well yeah but you’re so scared to be

politically incorrect that you’re like i can’t say anything when in reality maybe

you could just pull them aside and you know you’re afraid of getting sued so you don’t pull them aside but if you did

pull them aside they’re completely open and you find out later oh you know i told them this and now they’re a rock star right you know what i mean right i

owe it to the guy to be open and candid yes with them regardless of their race color sex creed religion or anything but

you’re scared to death that you could be sued or right be labeled as you know whatever right and that goes to the

point of you know everyone trying to be politically correct all the freaking time is just ruining society yeah you

know if i want to create a company of high performers who am i doing the disservice to if i’m

afraid to have that tough conversation with one of those protected classes right yeah like now

all of a sudden i’m actually doing them a disservice under the guise of political correctness yeah

um where you’ll see this a lot is the extreme left loves to do this um

you can’t bring up an obvious topic on some things without being called an

ist oh yeah you know um george floyd

yeah george floyd right um the guy was sky high on drugs yeah he was

breaking the law at the moment right no i’m not saying he deserved anything he got and i’m not

saying the officer did not act out of line or that first off that officer needed to

go to jail absolutely and he’s in jail yes yeah i’m not protecting the officer

or standing up for the officer in any way shape or form however political correctness

makes it difficult to even have the conversation of hey how could george have protected his

interests in this case maybe he doesn’t do drugs how about maybe how about maybe he

doesn’t commit the crimes how about maybe he just not even any of that maybe he just

doesn’t resist arrest right and he’s alive today right you know what i mean listen i’ve done wrong things in my life

and i’ve gone to jail mitch no mitch i’ve been standing next to you when you got arrested mitch has been there so no

let me you just keep your [ __ ] mouth shut he’s i mean i’ve been to jail but you

know what when when the cops show up you do what the [ __ ] they say right

because they have the power right and guess what it only takes two of them to smash your ass on the ground even listen

even if you’re right in the situation you don’t want to get your face slammed into the [ __ ]

concrete right so it’s usually easy to just for all of you there are listening i’m raising my hands sometimes it’s easy

to just say yes sir right and to put your pride aside for four [ __ ] seconds so you don’t either either get

shot slammed into the [ __ ] ground or you know oh well i’m being harassed

look i’ve been to parties and the cops have showed up and i wasn’t doing anything wrong was i being

harassed no no i wasn’t being [ __ ] harassed yeah simply because the cops show up

does not mean you’re being harassed exactly right you know and what you know this where this conversation is going is

another example that is the blm protests oh yeah you know okay so

they’re allowed there now listen the blm protests were white and black people in the protests

burning cities to the [ __ ] ground and when we say city they were mostly mostly peaceful yeah they were mostly peaceful

fiery but peaceful those people were burning down americans

businesses people that they had these families had spent their entire

lives making these businesses profitable and putting their heart and soul into them and you were burning into the

[ __ ] ground for no reason yeah okay now if i go to a forum and say

that was wrong blm was wrong they say i’m a racist yeah i’m not a [ __ ]

racist god no you’re not i’m saying you shouldn’t be burning people’s businesses to the [ __ ] ground right

you can’t do that and then at the same and none of those people get in trouble and then there’s the capital six riot

and all these [ __ ] are being run through the ringer and they’re going to jail for breaking a couple glass [ __ ] doors yeah why these other

[ __ ] were noticed billions of dollars worth of damage but i’m a racist because i

pointed out that hey if these people are doing this shouldn’t these people have gone to jail

too right right and you’ll notice a lot of the january 6 people are coming out of jail scot-free right now they

basically inconvenienced them for a long ass time yeah they took you know a little over a year of their life away

and they’re coming like one guy defended himself and got off with no charges he’s

been a little over a year in jail and then they point two one here one there and they’re like nope you’re going for

you know whatever whatever right but but yeah you’re exactly right it’s not it’s a matter of not holding one

accountable whereas the other we should be also holding accountable and they’ll use the loophole that

well because they were at the capitol and because of the issue that was going on

on january 6th it’s actually a different crime than it is going to your local

neighborhood you know downtown area and burning businesses to the ground and then the

one that chaps my ass the most is the people that use the excuse of will those businesses have insurance

uh not all of them well not for one not all of them and for two show me one insurance company out there

that is perfectly okay with you going to businesses and torching them to the ground yeah like show me one insurance

company out there that loves to rebuild businesses after a riot fire well let’s talk about this first off insurance is

the biggest scam in american history two um mitch’s parents sell insurance yep

three i don’t know where i was going with that but i just wanted to bring insurance up no insurance those are businesses also

yeah okay yeah insurance companies that have to sacrifice right okay and

even if insurance covers it like i had my truck stolen it’s a fight to the death to get him to [ __ ] pay for

anything yeah okay and for their personal items that if they had them at that business maybe they don’t get those

back maybe they can’t even put the business back together and get it to where it was before right okay maybe

that maybe the business was one of six units in an entire building that got burned to the ground and so that

business only he insured one-sixth of the building and his policy ain’t enough to restore

that building obviously yeah so now he’s got to go set up shop somewhere else and

meanwhile he’s losing profits daily profits for every day that business isn’t in

in business yeah and i mean so you know people that say oh well that

was just one business and that was the capital well guess what the capital they got money to i’d rather see my money go

to rebuild that than give 40 million dollars to ukraine well it rebuilt it and put a big ass razor sharp

barbed wire wall around yeah or or maybe send 38 million to ukraine and spend 2 million on redoing the capital

oh you don’t want to deprive those people in ukraine you know what we got problems here too that we need to

be spending on we got we got plenty of problems here this is totally sidebar did you see that congress passed a deal

where all of those [ __ ] get free peloton in their house no it cost us that it costs us

thirty thousand dollars a month so that people in congress can have [ __ ] peloton we’ll have to look it up

is that [ __ ] unbelievable or what yeah 130 grand we can’t put [ __ ] baby

formula on the shelves because of government red tape but these [ __ ] can i got to buy my own

damn peloton if i want one yeah no [ __ ] oh it [ __ ] make dude it makes me so

mad these they’re all you know what they are when you have an eight thousand dollar freezer with ten thousand dollars in ice cream in it you probably need a

peloton just miss pelosi yeah [ __ ] that [ __ ] that was that was one of the most

atrocious things ever when the pandemic was going on you know oh yeah nobody’s allowed to go to work

and she’s bragging about her ten thousand dollars in ice cream yeah she opens up that sub-zero freezer and you’re just like

yeah okay politicians crooked are in hell right every one of them

what i don’t understand is you know the media is run by a handful

of people the main media groups right yep but the people that work there

are low-level people yeah not necessarily level but average americans for the most part maybe

upper average americans when do they pull their head out of their ass and say you know what

we’re going to show this instead we’re going to show this we’re going to do this and show the truth their job you

know what find another [ __ ] job exactly i can tell you right now if i was in that position

i would do every snakey sighty schemey little [ __ ] thing i could do to get truth out there yeah no matter what the

[ __ ] the truth was we’re seeing it right now we’ve got local political people here in the kansas city area that are

walking away away from their media jobs to take up a political position yeah um

there there’s one here a very prominent news anchor person that has walked away from that position mr mark alford to to

pursue a seat in congress right and um you know mike thompson

from the same weather from the same uh was it fox yeah he was on fox 2. he

retired and he’s a congressman on the kansas side yeah still there yeah

so um i mean your media people see it there are some that are totally blind to

it there are others that see it very very transparently i’m friends with somebody who

uh they walked away from the media because they just could not stand it they can’t stomach it anymore i mean

they were having to read the teleprompter and be like oh my gosh i can’t believe i’m actually even having to say these

words yeah and and it’s like i could never do it yeah we could never do it we’re not giving people the news we’re

telling people how to interpret the news yeah and that’s a whole different ball

of wax yeah and if you can do that with a straight face you’re psychotic yeah

something’s [ __ ] wrong with you you’re a special level of person that can put up with that yeah not put up

with it but the fact that you’re okay with manipulating people and lying to people yeah you’re [ __ ] up too yeah

even if you know deep down it’s wrong and you’re like no i believe this but then that’s that might even be worse if

you if deep down you know it’s wrong and you actually believe this but then you can actually say this and convince other

people of it i mean that’s that’s a special kind of psychotic yeah yeah it’s it’s a problem

it’s a real problem all of this starts with the illusion of political correctness

it all starts with the idea that some things are okay to talk about and some things aren’t

and then they spin from that the ability to now make you feel shameful about talking

about certain subjects simply because it might involve race or it might

involve sex and if if it does those are just facts of

the situation right if a man walks into a shopping mall and guns down

10 people it doesn’t matter what skin color the shooter was and it doesn’t matter what

skin color the victims were it is a shooter and it’s a tragedy and it’s a

victim and it’s a tragedy and it doesn’t matter and the shooter is a sick minded individual and the victims are helpless

victims or possible attempted heroes maybe they were trying to stop it and they got caught in the

crossfire or whatever the case may be and that’s all the farther it needs to go we don’t need the media injecting

race or sex into any of that yeah and before people think oh well he’s you know

if it’s if it’s someone in a car that runs into a christmas parade it doesn’t matter the skin color of the person

right but it doesn’t matter the skin color of the victims it’s still a tragedy it is it’s the exact same thing

you just said yeah and no one in either one of those situations

should take that and politically spin it to hold power over people that they lead right and

that is what’s [ __ ] happening in our country on a daily basis and even it so

in some of those cases where it’s racially motivated right that’s still

that doesn’t mean that mitch is a racist because a white guy killed a bunch of black people right so so you can’t just

say that white on black crime is a horrible thing right right it’s a sick individual that

committed a very sick act against helpless victims i misspoke there white on black crime is a horrible thing

i meant to say it’s not any more horrible than black on white crime or black on black crime or mexican on

mexican crime or you know asian on it doesn’t [ __ ] matter it’s still crime and it’s still

awful no matter what it is but you cannot take those situations and pull on

people’s heartstrings to try to get them to believe what you want them to believe or

to control them in the way you want to control them right so that you can get what you want yeah we all start out

really pure we all start out with the ability to love somebody for

who they are rather than what they look like or how they dress or the color of their skin or whether they’re man or

woman or anything right a prime example of this is um when my

oldest son was in kindergarten it was early in the school year they had a deal where like your parents could

come to lunch with you or whatever and so my wife goes to lunch with him

and he he’s sitting at the table and my wife’s

asking like who are your friends and and he’s you know saying well it’s it’s billy and tommy and you know i’m

just making these names up because i can’t remember their names and and my wife knew a couple of them but there was one she didn’t know and

she said oh who’s who’s this guy and he says oh he’s sitting down there at the end of the table

well which one is he oh well he’s the guy with the brown hair well there’s like three kids with brown

hair and and my wife’s like well there’s three with brown hair

and he goes oh well he’s the one in the blue shirt well there’s two in a blue shirt

and then finally he goes oh he’s the one on the very end of the table and and he’s the only black kid at the

table he didn’t say blackhead it was the easiest way to to differentiate him from

anybody else at the table because they don’t know man they don’t know it they don’t see it at all right children and this isn’t like me patting myself on the

back for how i’ve raised my kids this is children in general yeah they don’t know they don’t have a [ __ ] clue yeah

right they have no idea it’s taught and it’s taught in the schools it’s taught from bad parenting and it’s

taught in the media the moment the media says a white man shot a black man or a

black man shot a white man or a black man raped a white woman it doesn’t yeah it shouldn’t the moment the skin color

of any of that the moment they assign a race to any of it is the moment we’ve taken a horrible

turn in the wrong direction yeah because morgan freeman i love his stance on this

he’s got a very clear stance on how do you end racism he’s really good stop talking about it yeah it’s no longer a

white man or a black man it is a man yeah it is no longer a white woman or a black woman it is a woman he’s an

extremely enlightened individual yeah yeah he’s very well spoken and when you and when people ask him specifics about

things he has answers yeah he’s but good luck going to your local news

station and getting them to remove race from the teleprompter oh yeah they ain’t going to do that if it bleeds it leads

right and that’s the whole problem they’re trying so race would largely

disappear if they simply removed colors from the teleprompter if they

removed the color of a person’s skin from the media teleprompter racism would 98

of the way disappear you’ll never ever eliminate racism there are sick

individuals out there who have sick brains and sick thoughts and unhealthy fascinations

and they do very sick things yeah those are outliers

you will never stop that you will never ever put a halt to those random and few

individuals that does not mean we need to be making policy and presidential decisions

over those outliers for the for the same reason you mentioned i mean um the

was it wisconsin on the christmas parade yeah after you said that yeah right yeah the guy was black so mitch you know

brought up the buffalo shooting okay so a crazy white person a [ __ ] nut job

went into a supermarket and killed black people and i think three white people or

was it one white person and some uh well i can’t remember but it was mostly and

and he has a manifesto that says he’s a racist right okay he’s a racist he’s a sick individual with sick fascinations

yes and there is no like you just have to remove that person from society yeah

you don’t model society around that person you don’t shape every other good operating individual

yeah to that person’s sick decisions yeah you simply remove that person yeah and i believe i’m a stiff believer in

the death penalty yeah and i don’t understand what this whole if you kill someone it takes a hundred and ten thousand dollars and we gotta do this

and we gotta no you don’t do old school take the [ __ ] out back and just shoot them yeah okay there

are people that deserve that and that guy deserves that absolutely okay he killed those innocent people he deserves

to be shot and killed he filmed himself doing it yeah he’s like he’s not even like oh well we need to get proof no he

[ __ ] live streamed the thing yeah and and the guy so last year in i wrote it down because i couldn’t

remember was it wisconsin i think it’s what you said earlier uh i wrote it down yeah wisconsin um

a black guy got in his car during a christmas parade with children around

drove into people kill i think he killed six wounded however many other ones well

mr biden didn’t go up there and tell those family members that he

was sorry right you know because that didn’t fit their narrative right well guess what that [ __ ] should be

taken out back in shot too yeah okay but for some reason we have this uh the sick

disgusting we way to view things where we have to

pull it in and twist it and and make it fit our narrative and these people should be forgiven and he’s this way

because we live in a horrible society and no that’s not no that’s not how you correct

our problems yeah that’s not how you do it yeah stereotypes are based off of

real life experiences and in for the large part statistics right

um uh if if we were to go look at the nfl

and we were to put statistics to the nfl right now i’m going to contradict what i was just talking about

about removing race from conversation but to to just use the left’s logic

against them if we were to put statistics to the nfl and we were to identify

the percentage of white nfl players versus black nfl players

i’m fairly confident that we would learn that a majority of the nfl players

are black yeah and it’s okay and so we could make

some stereotypical uh judgments off of that we could make some statistically

based assessments off of that that would not make any of those a racist comment

right it’s you’re talking candidly you’re talking factually based you’re talking the fact that one race in

that particular field one race might be superior to another when it comes to

that style of athletics yeah right and it’s and it’s the black man and it’s perfectly okay yeah listen i i

understand that black guys are better athletes than us white guys it’s okay i’m all

right with it right it’s just a fact right you know what i mean i can’t dunk this is what it is i can’t dunk a

basketball okay because you’re five foot two i’m five ten i used to be five eleven i’m 40 now

i think i’ve shrunken it i don’t know that’s hot but you know what when someone comes up to me and says oh

you’re white you can’t dunk yeah you’re right dude i can’t right i can play golf like a [ __ ] but

no i can’t i can’t dunk it’s okay right you know what i mean i don’t and i don’t take it super personal and

get all mad about it you know look um so my uncle

his wife my aunt is chinese right okay and their daughter

is i mean one of the smartest young ladies i’ve ever met in my life yeah she can

sing she could play piano she guess what she’s probably smarter than me and she’s aging yeah guess what i’m okay with it

yeah that’s just how life is yeah all right i don’t have to get all mad because someone said the asian person is

smarter than me yeah it’s probably true it yeah okay it’s okay yeah it’s okay

it’s not a it’s not a politically correct issue if it’s true yeah it’s not okay it’s not a politically correct

issue if it’s stereotypically true either like stereotypes and comedy go hand in hand i mean i can remember as as

recently as 10 years ago comedians had some banger

banger bits about stereotypes comedians would just i mean chris rock

what was the what was the what was that lady’s name um lisa lampanelli

yeah her entire comedy routine was all race she made fun of uh asian people

latino people black people white people she made fun of all of us equally yeah

now she can’t do that well she can i mean she can but she’d be canceled immediately and won’t

you know what has she done any stand up lately no no probably not in the last three years right she was hilarious and

and that’s because we as a society have allowed our guard

to get let down on this whole politically correct [ __ ] yeah i mean remember the kings of comedy

oh yeah oh yeah how many racial jokes were in the kings of comedy tour yeah

right like that was i mean there were a ton yeah

but now all of a sudden oh you couldn’t even do that you can’t say that right richard pryor oh my gosh

oh yeah he’d be killed yeah he’d be killed i mean and that’s the deal with like with dave chappelle yeah all those

people trying to cancel him over i mean they’re trying to cancel him be i

and and if you haven’t figured out too nobody gets canceled

like no the media shuts you down for a while the media everyone that wants to get you back or

wants to see your everything they will go through whatever channels they got to go through to get there yeah

you you take uh morgan wallin you know i have no idea who that is you don’t oh he’s a country singer he got he

got killed on social media yes i do okay yeah i didn’t know that i didn’t know that was his name yeah

he he said the n-word he was drunk and i’m not saying this is an excuse he was drunk and he said the n-word

and he got a like really oh yeah there was a whole bunch of shade about it right got crushed he’s stronger now than he ever

was before because his true following realizes that hey i’m not perfect i’m going to allow the guy to make a mistake

we all make mistakes right we all there is no such thing as

a perfect person i think about 80 million people made a mistake here about six months ago yeah

i guess a year and a half ago yeah a year and a half ago we still have how about this [ __ ] up your whole day we

still have two and a half years left of this [ __ ] psychotic nut job who can’t tie his own shoes or

read a teleprompter but you can lick an ice cream cone better than you to make our economic decisions

let me ask you just a general question if trump was president right now

how great would the economy be that’s a tough one no it’s not a tough

one it’s well no it’s it’s not tough to answer it’s tough to recognize it’s tough to

swallow yeah right uh here’s here’s one that’s even farther than like our economy is pretty obvious

yeah trump was still president if trump was still president do you

think russia and ukraine would be duking it out no they wouldn’t be right they wouldn’t be because they knew that trump

would be like we’ll just send everything we [ __ ] got and we’ll see what happens right

right that’s exactly what would happen you know i we talk about this a lot on the show people probably know i think i

like to read a lot about finance so before the election and not really

before but even after the election in the first three or four months when we were really coming out of kovan there

were all these economic factors that uh these guys way smarter than me

um study that that said okay the economy is literally ready to explode because it was on an

extreme uptick before covet then it took a v recovery and was literally on the same track and

this son of a [ __ ] just came out and was like up no more energy independence yep boom

that’s all it that’s literally the one the first straw is all it took for that

to be on an uptick to be a flat tick and when you’re on a flat tick and you’re not growing you’re dying and that’s i

mean again another problem with our mainstream media if the economy went flat for a moment

and quit in improving that was trump’s fault yeah right yeah because flat is a

downturn yeah from improvement right yeah so now all of a sudden that was trump’s fault

well here the economy takes a dive and what do they do they play the classic line of oh that’s still trump’s

fault and people have been in office hadn’t been in office for a year and a half well it’s trump and putin they bring in putin whenever they can’t blame

trump yeah right yeah they’ll do anything blame blame they’ll do anything but blame biden meanwhile

when trump was in office like literally like okay so biden’s in office for a

year and a half now and uh they’re still able to blame stuff from a

year and a half like he’s been in office for a year and a half and they’re still able to blame shortcomings on trump yeah right even though he repealed all of his

[ __ ] right like day one out of the [ __ ] gates right yeah it’s still trump’s fault but what the what when trump was in office because the media

hated him so much literally day one like day actual one he hasn’t had a moment to

do anything yet and the moment something happens well this is part of the trump economy this

is part of the trump america yeah like they’re holding him accountable for

literally everything yeah you know the the prior president could have

mailed a letter that got postmarked the day trump took office or the day before

trump took office and if that letter contained anything bad in it that trump was blamed for it oh yeah i mean there

was literally no overlap but here we’re still going to blame trump a year and a half later you know what i can’t decide

is why i mean why did he take so much flack

what oh he could i mean he no no no no no i mean why were was everyone on him so heavy

well is it because they just they didn’t air quote unquote like him

first off for the record every president that’s ever been president since like 1980 and forward

they were all worthless pieces of [ __ ] so compared to the rest of americans

okay part of this is party alliance and echo chamber phenomenon so

i deal with this like a lot of times in my own circle of friends and everything else you get some people

you know i i i’m i’m very centered but i tend to go right okay

you get some people that are hard right and if i go to call them out on stuff and be like ah

i’m not i’m not roasting their ass or anything i’m just like ah hold on i take a little pause with that for a second

because you get your essay well not not necessarily getting my ass in a good way but

yeah we’ll we’ll stay off that topic uh but

but you’ll see them be very very um uh they’ll put a lot of friction in that

conversation people don’t like being told they’re incorrect people don’t like being told

there’s room for improvement people don’t like being told you’re doing it wrong and you know that and you should

do better yeah that’s a very uncomfortable conversation to have trump was very okay with having that

conversation with anybody didn’t bother him at all and and so when he flamed up the media from the

get-go yeah fake news this fake news that right yeah he wasn’t wrong no he

was telling the truth he was calling him out on a lot of [ __ ] however all it did was infuriate the media and so it

put them like if you want to win an election you have to win the media well

that’s why he didn’t win the re-election is because he spent a lot of his campaign

torching the media and they honestly needed torched they were distorting the facts they were they were you know

showing the small little piece that showed their agenda rather than the big little piece that showed what’s actually

happening yeah and that’s all trump ever wanted from them was honesty and accountability and they weren’t doing it

yeah well the moment you lose the media you’re gonna lose the election yeah i will say that and if that’s if biden’s

not physical proof of that i don’t know what is i mean yeah the guy can barely lick an ice cream cone without [ __ ]

himself and he’s now running this country yeah well he i can’t decide if he’s running it or

not i don’t i don’t know if other people are running it i don’t know if he’s just a puppet like is he actually doing it and

it’s a [ __ ] show because i can’t i can’t decide no matter what the is actually happening it’s a train wreck yeah it’s a

freaking train wreck and people see it you know so even if if there is one uh

one good thing to come out of it is that people’s eyes have been opened

partially to the media’s influence

and i think some people maybe 15 20 of the population have realized i have to

find it the facts on my own you know whether it be

another social another media platform whether it be i do some research on my own right you know not everybody let’s

be honest the people that are way on the right and the people that are way on the left don’t care but the people that whose votes

can swing from one way or the other have realized uh maybe i ought to

do a little research on my own and find out the truth i hope you’re right i hope i am too i i don’t know if i have enough

faith in the american people i i think so where i think that honestly lands

is you’ve got people that are centered that have the ability to see both sides but

still voted for trump they feel that way very much so because

they were already in a position to see both sides beforehand and now it seems painfully obvious that you should be

able to see both sides very clearly however you’ve still got a large amount

of the population that is far right and you’ve still got a large amount of the population that is far left that has

those [ __ ] blinders on and you’ll never ever change their minds yeah you’ve got

people that are going to vote are down the entire ticket you’ve got people

that are going to vote d down the entire ticket and there’s nothing you can do to change that yeah

i’m talking about so i know two people specifically that are veterans

that voted for biden simply because they were sick of trump mean tweets

i don’t know but then when i ask them like dude seriously

i mean when you say you’re tired of them and you’re you know you’re this and you’re that and you’re whatever i mean

what do you mean you’re tired of him right you’re tired of the country being great you’re tired of the economy being

great and we’ve talked about this on other episodes are you telling me that you can’t

emotionally check yourself out of the way you feel about someone versus

the job that they’re doing right this gets to business too oh yeah we try to tie this stuff back to business if you

have an employee that literally you can’t stand

what they say or what their viewpoint is or anything but when they go to a customer’s house they’re a rock star

employee and they do every job and don’t have callbacks and aren’t making you tons of money if you can’t seriously just be

like you know what i need to figure out a way to deal with this your business ain’t going to make

it because you when you get big and you have say you have 10 employees you’re going to have two of those yeah at some

time at some point or you may have three you may have none you may have one

but you have to be able to seriously think okay i’ve got to step out from my emotions

here and make the right business decision yeah and people did not make that call when they voted for captain

[ __ ] and cackle britches right because they just i mean they didn’t like the guy who cares i

didn’t you know what i don’t like the guy either he’s an arrogant [ __ ] but when i look at my 401k and i look at the

gas price and i look at what’s going on in the country as a whole i can think you know what this guy’s

doing some right [ __ ] he’s a whistleblower he’s calling out the irs he’s calling out congressmen he’s

calling out senators he’s calling out other countries he’s trying to right the ship and you guys want he’s trying to

turn left and you guys are trying to turn right what the [ __ ] are you guys doing right

it’s unbelievable that just goes to show you how corrupt the government is as a whole

because there are people in the government that are right republicans in the government that

wanted trump gone because he is so good at calling out the bulls he was a whistleblower right right so

you’ve got you’ve got career politicians that are republicans that are just as bad as the

democrats oh yeah that are like oh i don’t want this guy in here yeah he’s gonna point out what the [ __ ] going on

and we’re gonna we’re gonna lose our gravy train here yeah yeah and so they didn’t stick up for him and that was

part of the problem too is that they weren’t you know lots of people weren’t sticking up for him because they were like

he might ruin this for everybody right and by everybody i mean all us freeloaders all the paul yeah the freeloading politicians they got free

healthcare for life they get a pelvic floor pelotons now free pelotons in their living room i’m gonna have to look that one up free secret sorry it’s dude

i mean i don’t know what has to happen for people to finally say

something needs to be done it starts with midterm elections coming up this fall oh i get yeah i mean

you can’t you can’t get the right seats two years from now if you don’t have the right

seats this fall yeah so you’ve got to do a lot of deep diving and figuring out who exactly you

want in the mid not not who the media tells you you want you’ve got to put in like this is your american duty is you’ve got to do the

research yourself and you got to make the decisions for yourself and don’t research off google

or facebook right or ask your buddies reward watch tv you know what actually

you go to a non-biased source like duckduckgo or something else that is not going to filter the results they’re

giving you and you do your research that way you know you can actually go on the government website and see which way

people voted on all different bills oh yeah and you can actually look and see okay this is what’s the truth yep and

then make a clear decision well you’ve got a lot of privateers that are running in this midterm elections oh yeah um

you’ve got a lot of private individuals that had their businesses wrecked by covid that are now all of a sudden

getting into the political realm yeah and and this is how like this is the american way this isn’t somebody who

wants to be a career politician this is somebody who saw firsthand the negative

effects of bad politics and they’re going to go into politics strictly to change it this is what our founding

fathers did they didn’t want to be politicians they went in there to do their duty to the country yeah they were

like we have got to do something and i’m gonna i’m gonna do my part it’s just like you know i don’t know if we talked

about this on the show or not but like in our area um like one of the uh school districts had

two people up for re-election and a city council member they all got switched out you know why because it was a [ __ ] show

in there yeah and people are finally and think you know what if kova did one good thing you know it was opening people’s eyes to

what’s actually going on with the education system you know in their area and they were like oh oh man oh right

this isn’t what we want i don’t want my kids to learn this i don’t want the teachers unions to be

manipulating what’s going on yeah and literally like i’m serious i so

in november you had i think it was december 1st you had to go up there and say hey

you know i want to put in for to run right and then election was like in

april i think i went up there i was thinking about doing it and

there were had been like 10 people come up there yeah i was like oh we’re good i’m good yeah you know and then

you know you get to looking around and doing a little research and realize you know what i’m not the only one that thinks it’s a bunch of [ __ ] those

people that uh the three people that they wanted out they’re out yeah you know and they they

talk about it all the time on local radio um you know politics starts at the local level yeah and if you can control

the local level then you can move to the next level yeah and it’s so true we we’ve talked about it on this show you

can’t affect change nationally until you can affect change locally you can’t affect change locally until

you can affect change in your own neighborhood or your own home yeah right so

don’t think that you’re going to have that big of a decision-making ability or that big of a change in the direction of

things nationally if you don’t have your house in order if you don’t have your

relationship with your spouse in order or if you don’t have your relationship with your kids in order so

fix that first and you’re going to see dramatically better impacts from that than whoever is

in office right but once you have that scored away then move one circle outward and look at

your neighborhood and look at your your city council right yeah and once you

have that squared away then you can move on to the state side of things yeah and or county level if you want to you know

anybody can run for county office right if you live in that county right and it doesn’t take a lot of jack to do it yeah

yeah that’s i mean politics has a bigger effect locally

than it does nationally and we allow ourselves to get distracted a whole lot by the president

when i mean we’re seeing it now we’re seeing all of the areas where the president can

have a big effect on us however our ability to change who that person is

is you know one out of 80 million right yeah so that that gets a little bit different

um and and although there might be higher fuel prices and there might be a

i’m not even convinced there’s that big of a shortage on baby formula um

or the maybe not um the uh the perception is there right um but

every time i’ve gone to the store it’s been on the shelves uh every time i’ve i mean hell i’ve seen photos where it’s

not only on the shelves but it’s on sale so i think the whole formula shortage

thing is just a talking point by the media to distract you into thinking

that oh here’s another area where biden’s royally [ __ ] up and i’m not so sure that i mean

i i think they’re just hot buttoning on a topic like we’ve had we’ve had shortages and

plumbing supplies that were a lot more drastic than this baby formula thing it’s just plumbing

supplies affect your plumbing and not babies yeah i can pee outside not single mothers right and so they’re really hot

buttoning this one because it can trigger a lot of people yeah and who doesn’t have sympathy for single

moms with babies right so um

you can you can see the effects of the president however there’s not a lot you’re going

to be able to do to change it however your local city council has a lot more to do with your property values and has

a lot more to do with your tax rates right and you’re paying those local city tax rates

every day yeah so you’re talking nine percent on some sales if if they’ve like

over at uh i-70 and adam’s dairy yep there’s that so where all the shopping

is yeah there’s a whole sales tax there that’s extra yep just for if you shop there just in that comment and it puts

it at like 10 percent yeah because the city said yeah you can do that but if we’re going to do it it’s going to be this

yeah and they were like yeah okay and literally i mean if you don’t like that kind of

stuff try to get on city council yeah you’ll have a say you’ll have a say you’ll get

to fix it right yeah there’s no shortage of people that are willing to [ __ ] about what the government does but there is a shortage of people that are willing

to put their money where their mouth is and go fix it yeah and it’s listen it’s not easy like as a person who has a job okay okay

so we’ll just use mitch as an example he’s running a business and working for the business and doing this podcast

which by the way i’ve said 100 times we make no money on this right so he’s doing all of these

things for him to then decide i want to be on the city council

he has to sacrifice something right what’s it going to be we talk about this all the time

it’s a sacrifice that’s why a lot of the times people that are on those councils

don’t have a touch with reality because they are either silver spoon people who have had money

their whole lives from their family right don’t have a job retired people

that i’m not saying because they’re retired but maybe they’ve lost touch or

trust fund kids that don’t have nothing to do and they’re on there look and it only takes one

say it’s 50 50 on that council but it only takes one jackass to screw it up every time yeah that’s all that’s all

you need yeah and and for now and it’s a suffice i don’t have the time to put into the city council like i would like

to when i retire i’m on it i might yeah i might be there um but for now i just stay very closely involved with those

who are on the city council talk to them and and i get you know i don’t want to say privy information but it’s the

information that anybody could get if they were asking the right questions at the right time and it’s in it’s the duty

of as a citizen to the the city to to go in and say hey

what’s going on with this land over here so i can learn about how is it going to affect my property values how is it

going to affect my taxes you know all of that kind of stuff i’m an informed voter

and and that alone carries so much more weight than just

sitting back and voting for whoever had the prettiest sign or whoever had the biggest sign yeah whoever had the most

signs i was gonna say the most right you know oh i saw it’s crazy to think that half the people

think voting is a popularity contest well when when you go to the ballot if you’re not informed if you don’t look

i’m a [ __ ] i make a little list yeah oh yes because i don’t want to teach you i don’t want to forget yep so

i look um it may make me look stupid i don’t care i got my little sheet and i

know who i’m voting for because i’ve done research on those people and i’m like okay this is what i’m gonna do yeah

people don’t do that no they go in there and then they see the name circuit court judges by who the who they like their

name the best yeah oh i like smith my last name smith i’m gonna vote for this guy well they go in there and they’re

like okay i don’t remember this or i don’t say they want to be semi-informed i don’t remember this i don’t remember

this and oh this is familiar wood may be familiar because there was literally 75 signs

that they saw on their way to vote yep i mean that is not

that is not the american way right you need to be personally respond we talk about personal responsibility on this

show all the time yeah you need to be personally responsible and know who you’re voting for yeah you know what and

they say well if you don’t vote you don’t you voiced your vote if you’re not gonna look it up don’t vote don’t make

me wait in line another 20 minutes because you’re a [ __ ] you know what’s worse than wasting it voting for somebody you don’t want him

casting an uneducated vote yeah because now all of a sudden not you didn’t waste it you actually worked in the wrong

direction that way yeah so it’s better to waste the vote than to cast and uneducated yeah if you’re not

gonna if if you’re just gonna look at your phone and be like oh well social media all my friends are voting for this and

you’re gonna go vote on that don’t vote right you know people won’t say that don’t vote yeah okay if you’re just gonna vote

just just to pick a name like it’s a freaking flip of a coin then don’t vote yeah because you’re an idiot yep

you’re wasting everybody’s time oh it makes me mad yeah [ __ ] idiots man we we could do a whole show on just

that yeah we’re already over an hour yeah wrap it up mitch uh

i lost track time got away from us on this one fellas so um yeah that we’re gonna let that wrap up our show on um

political correctness or unpolitically incorrect correctness so

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